It’s Not My Job To Educate You


Just a short entry to say wow! What an exciting 24 hours it’s been on the old blog front! Yesterday I wrote my views on the feminist movement and the world it is creating and as a result it turns out I’m a misogynist that is hell bent on stopping equality in the world. Here’s the definition of misogyny that I took from my interactions yesterday: “I’m a woman and this man disagrees with my opinion therefore he must hate all women the world over”. In my blog post yesterday I wrote nothing that was derogatory or offensive but apparently I did try and undermine feminism by making everything about men. I received a lot of negative feedback discussing points that were all covered in my original post. It seems that because I’m a man I don’t understand the struggle for equality. On this front I asked a simple question to a few women yesterday who interacted with me, “In what ways is a woman inferior to man in 21st Century Britain?” It seems this question was a bit of a stumbling block for all the warriors out there because not one person gave me an answer. Well they did answer but it went along the lines of “it’s not my job to educate you” and “I don’t have to explain myself to a man”.

I found this equality issue to be an interesting one, I was told that I need to “stop telling women what they should and shouldn’t be and let them be.” One woman said the views I expressed were petty so I asked her why is it my views are petty whilst hers were seemingly of world importance. To this she said I needed to stop crying and whining. Then when I pointed out her logic was slightly flawed she said she wished she could count the ways she did not care. I found this contradictory thought process to be very bizarre.

I go running almost daily down a canal near my house and on the canal there are two swans with a nest. One is male and the other is female and at the moment every time I run past the female swan is in the nest watching over her eggs. Now is she a victim of repression or is she simply fulfilling her role in nature? Should she be out on the canal constantly chasing off the geese like the male to prove she is capable? Am I being sexist for asking this?

I found this article to be very insightful of the end goal of “feminism”. The breakdown of the family unit is the root cause of almost all of the Western world’s social problems. We live in a world where an incredible amount of people, male and female, live very hollow and empty lives but compensate this with materialist goods that unfortunately don’t fill the void. People can fool other people about how happy and brilliant their lives are but there is no kidding yourself when your head hits the pillow at night. I found it very sad that most women seemed to put their blinkers on as soon as they saw the word feminism and automatically went on the offensive, to most of them I wasn’t a human being expressing views, I was a man. An evil man trying to spread his evil ways on the world. All in all I think it is a very sad state of affairs.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The British Education System


More distraction stories were thrown at us over the weekend when it emerged that Michael Gove has sacked Labour Peer Baroness Sally Morgan as the chairperson of Ofsted, the school inspection body. This has caused upset with the Lib Dems who have accused Michael Gove of trying to politicise Ofsted as an independent body. Well seeing as we are now in the run up period of a very important election this should come as no surprise, everything is going to be politicised in the coming months. There are rumours that Michael Gove has become angry at criticism of some free schools by Ofsted, in particularly how they are allowed to employ unqualified teachers. It’s a distraction story because the aim of it is to get people to think within the accepted boundaries of education and politics. Don’t question the whole system, just worry about this little aspect of it.

Ofsted are a joke, they don’t get the true picture of schooling in this country, they get schools on their very best behaviour because the schools know when they are coming. They are just another suit coming to town to decide budget allocations. I think as a whole society has forgotten what the word teacher means and just what a teacher is, a teacher is a person with knowledge and wisdom to impart onto others to help them achieve their goals in life and become the best person they can be. What we have now in this country is robots who have been dragged through the same dysfunctional education system as a pupil and then come out the other end as a teacher.

I’ve talked about my schooling previously, it was a joke. In my radio show on 22/12/2013 I discussed how my old History teacher sent a diary he kept during my time at school to the national newspapers and it was published in the Daily Mirror under the headline Inside Hells Classroom. Apart from the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic the only thing I can honestly say I learnt at school was taught to me in history by a teacher called Mr O’Brien who taught me to know the difference between primary and secondary sources of evidence. In five years of secondary education that is the only thing I can say I got taught, I didn’t learn any languages, I didn’t learn any skills and I didn’t learn how to apply myself. Everything I have learnt since I left school has been through self education.

My learning time was wasted because the teachers had to spend too much time dealing with disruptive pupils who didn’t want to learn, in 9 out of 10 cases these unruly pupils came from under-privileged homes. This type of scenario in turn leads pupils like me to resort to dicking around themselves to keep themselves amused because being bored six hours a day, five days a week for five years is not very healthy. School was not inspiring, in English we had to waste our time dissecting literacy classics, but very boring books like Of Mice and Men when there are books like Malcolm X’s autobiography out there, books that literally change your outlook on life because they are so real. In Geography instead of studying Geopolitics and the world’s economy we tediously examined river formations. Science, possibly the most interesting subject there is to learn, was made into a joke because the school didn’t have any competent science teachers and we learnt in science labs from the 1970s. I learnt nothing in I.T. because our computers were ancient and operated on Windows 98. We didn’t learn any Foreign Languages because all the Foreign Language teachers left, my French teacher was the actor who played Kenny Senior in Phoenix Nights, he couldn’t speak French!

And It wasn’t the teachers fault it was the structure of the whole system, I felt sorry for them really because they have chosen a path to help others and they end up being in a nightmare scenario everyday where chaos reigns. I didn’t realise how much the education system had failed me until I joined a large Manchester law firm for work in 2007 where I first came into contact and started mixing with people who were educated at private grammar schools and the best universities in the country, that is when I felt firsthand the class divide of this country. I never felt inferior but I just realised for the first time that because they had a better start in life the better opportunities came their way a lot easier.

As with a lot of things my main disappointments in the education system is that we are miles behind, it churns out factory workers instead of geniuses. Children enter the system with talent, creativity and imagination that is then smashed out of them and by the end and they come out a drone, their talents have been suppressed by the one size fits all system our classrooms are operated by. It seems like we don’t want visionaries, engineers, writers, scientists, in other words, greatness to come from state education, as long as there is a continuous supply of fodder for the menial jobs this country has to offer then the powers that be are happy. We aim for the lowest bar possible when we should be shooting for the stars with the knowledge and technology available to us.

I would love to hear the experiences of your education or that have your children share your comments below.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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I Think The Puppet To The Left Is More To My Liking


“I’ll show you politics in America. Here it is right here, ‘I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.’ ‘I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.’ ‘Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding out both puppets!’”- Bill Hicks

The principles of that quote also apply to UK politics. It doesn’t matter if you vote for Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, UKIP or The Monster Raving Loony Party you may as well bend over when you drop your piece of paper into the ballot box because no matter who wins you are going to get shafted. And deep down everybody knows this. How can any politician represent you when the  party they belong to is paid millions and millions of pounds to represent somebody else? Politics as it stands is a charade, it’s sole purpose is to stroke your intellect whilst behind the scenes power is consolidated and the world is robbed blind regardless of what the people want or believe. And again deep down everybody knows this. But we choose not to fight the system because that would mean rocking the boat, you see the powers that be play the game very well, in Roman times they pacified the masses with bread and circuses. Now they use Sky and KFC, Football and McDonald’s, people are paid just enough money to survive. People are paid just enough to keep off the streets shouting for a revolution but not enough to actually prosper without submitting to the system.

At the moment Labour is on the offensive for the run up to the 2015 election and like every other election in history the people of this country are going to be forced to pick between the less of two evils, how long is the system going to last as the corruption becomes more transparent and our standard of living continues to decline? Labour have already promised to cut energy prices and yesterday they promised they will refer the high street banks to the competition authorities as soon as it is elected in 2015 which could lead to a breakup of the larger high street banks. Now we all know that is never going to happen through any political party, it is finance that funds these people in the first place. The governor of the Bank of England put the brakes on this non-plan straight away yesterday, he said “Just breaking up an institution doesn’t necessarily create a viable or more intensive competitive structure.”

It is clear to see how the money powers view the people of this country and the people all around the world, we are fodder, we are just numbers on a spreadsheet to create and protect their wealth. The 2015 election is going to be like every other election in history, it is going to set everybody up for a fall. Let’s flashback to 2008 in the USA when we all believed change we can believe in was finally here, turns out the hope was false hope and it was business as usual, the only change that came was a change for the worse. Let’s flashback to 2010 in the UK and Nick Clegg was seen as the UK’s answer to Barrack Obama, sounds like a bad joke now but it is a joke that everybody fell for.

Whilst we are looking back at Super Nick let’s have a recap of some of his election promises for the Lib-Dems. They promised tuition fees will be scrapped and pledged to vote against future tuition fee increases, once in power the Lib-Dems voted to treble tuition fees to £9000. They promised tax cuts for everyone, however once in power 13,000 millionaires got a tax cut worth an average of £100,000 whilst the minions and workers of this country saw an increase in their taxes. They promised to vote for a “Mansion Tax”, once they got into power they voted against it. They promised to protect Sure Start but once they got into power they backed cuts to Sure Start which has seen 558 centres close as a result. They promised to put 3,000 more police on the beat but once in power they backed Tory plans to cut more than 15,000 officers. The list continues as it does for every election that has ever taken place, you could write a book on broken election promises that is as long as the bible.

The purpose of politics is to keep the people under the illusion they have freedom and democracy whilst they slave away as the life force of a system that represses them and benefits only a small minority. Behind the screen of “entertainment” that is rammed down our throats is a world of tax havens that siphon money into private pockets. Behind the screen is a world that is ravaged by war so that a select elite can profit from bloodshed.

Let’s get real, whilst everyone pretends they are living in prosperity we have nine million people in this country who are using credit cards to cover rent or mortgage payments and one million people using payday loans4. Notice something there? Credit card and loans which equal financial bondage to the same corporations that are the puppet masters over the politicians put in front of you to fool you. This country has £1.4trillion worth of private debt and people still believe themselves to be free? It is time to stop falling for the same old lies, in the age of information ignorance is a choice. The writing is on the wall, it is time for the people of this country to put up or shut up, it is time to take action or to continue to submit with no resistance because X-Factor and Big Brother is more important than the wellbeing of ourselves, our planet and our future.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The PR Machine & Authority







On Wednesday 8th January 2014 the Royal Courts of Justice (yeah right) ruled that the killing of Mark Duggan in 2011 by the Metropolitan Police was lawful. I have already written briefly about this verdict yesterday, and I’m going to expand on that train of thought in today’s blog. Above is a picture created by myself at 10pm on 08/01/2014, it is a screen shot of the last tweet sent on the accounts of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition. It seems that for the establishment the hot topic and talking point of that day was not the Metropolitan Police “lawfully” killing an innocent man with no consequences rather it was the news that a man, who just happend to be a former football player, announced he was gay. Now I’m fully aware that some people feel that homosexuality is being promoted and pushed onto people by the powers that be as some kind of hidden agenda. To which I would agree with to some extent, and an amusing way to see this in action is the South Park episode where everybody becomes Metrosexual.

However that is going beyond the scope of this article, what I want to highlight today is the mechanism behind how these tweets came to be. What has happened behind the scenes for our “leaders” (couldn’t help but chuckle as I wrote that) to each tweet about something seemingly irrelevant to the lives of the majority of the people in this country? The PR machine has been sprung into operation, that is what happened.  Because ultimately that is all politics is, it is the PR branch of the global banking/corporate elite.

Politics is there to pacify the masses, to continue the illusion that we live in a thing called a “Democracy”. Each of them has received a memo that morning and they have been told, or rather a person on their PR team in control of the twitter account has been told, to tweet about this “coming out”. The PR machine has decided this is something that is worth the time and attention of the leaders and would be leader of this nation. I wouldn’t be surprised if this “news” has been orchestrated to be released on the same day as the Duggan verdict to add to the list of endless distractions from the real issues of the world. Because as long as you are still going to work and paying your taxes and not taking any action to change the corrupt ways of the world then everything is hunky dory for the powers that be.

To help people see what level of thinking I’m at and where my point of view on this issue is coming from here is a excerpt from the first chapter of a book called The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose:

“How many millions have gazed upon the brutal horrors of history, with its countless examples of man’s inhumanity to man, and wondered aloud how such things could happen? The truth is, most people wouldn’t want to know how it happens, because they themselves are religiously attached to the very belief that makes it possible. The vast majority of suffering and injustice in the world, today and spanning back thousands of years, can be directly attributed to a single idea. It is not greed or hatred, or any of the other emotions or ideas that are usually blamed for the evils of society. Instead, most of the violence, theft, assault and murder in the world is the result of a mere superstition – a belief which, though almost universally held, runs contrary to all evidence and reason (though, of course, those who hold the belief do not see it that way). The “punch line” of this book is easy to express, albeit difficult for most people to accept, or even to calmly and rationally contemplate:

The belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self contradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in “authority” is the arch-enemy of humanity. Of course, nearly everyone is raised to believe the exact opposite: that obedience to “authority” is a virtue (at least in most cases), that respecting and complying with the “laws” of “government” is what makes us civilized, and that disrespect for “authority” leads only to chaos and violence. In fact, people have been so thoroughly trained to associate obedience with “being good” that attacking the concept of “authority” will sound, to most people, like suggesting that there is no such thing as right and wrong, no need to abide by any standards of behavior, no need to have any morals at all. That is not what is being advocated here – quite the opposite.

Indeed, the reason the myth of “authority” needs to be demolished is precisely because there is such a thing as right and wrong, it does matter how people treat each other, and people should always strive to live moral lives. Despite the constant authoritarian propaganda claiming otherwise, having respect for “authority” and having respect for humanity are mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed. The reason to have no respect for the myth of “authority” is so that we can have respect for humanity and justice. There is a harsh contrast between what we are taught is the purpose of “authority” (to create a peaceful, civilized society) and the real-world results of “authority” in action. Flip through any history book and you will see that most of the injustice and destruction that has occurred throughout the world was not the result of people “breaking the law,” but rather the result of people obeying and enforcing the “laws” of various “governments.” The evils that have been committed in spite of “authority” are trivial compared to the evils that have been committed in the name of “authority.”

Nevertheless, children are still taught that peace and justice come from authoritarian control and that, despite the flagrant evils committed by authoritarian regimes around the world throughout history, they are still morally obligated to respect and obey the current “government” of their own country, They are taught that “doing as you’re told” is synonymous with being a good person, and that “playing by the rules” is synonymous with doing the right thing. On the contrary, being a moral person requires taking on the personal responsibility of judging right from wrong and following one’s own conscience, the opposite of respecting and obeying “authority.”

The reason it is so important that people understand this fact is that the primary danger posed by the myth of “authority” is to be found not in the minds of the controllers in “government” but in the minds of those being controlled, One nasty individual who loves to dominate others is a trivial threat to humanity unless a lot of other people view such domination as legitimate because it is achieved via the “laws” of “government.” The twisted mind of Adolf Hitler, by itself, posed little or no threat to humanity. It was the millions of people who viewed Hitler as “authority,” and thus felt obligated to obey his commands and carry out his orders, who actually caused the damage done by the Third Reich. In other words, the problem is not that evil people believe in “authority”; the problem is that basically good people believe in “authority,” and as a result, end up advocating and even committing acts of aggression, injustice and oppression, even murder.

The average statist (one who believes in “government”), while lamenting all the ways in which “authority” has been used as a tool for evil, even in his own country, will still insist that it is possible for “government” to be a force for good, and still imagine that “authority” can and must provide the path to peace and justice. People falsely assume that many of the useful and legitimate things that benefit human society require the existence of “government.” It is good, for example, for people to organize for mutual defense, to work together to achieve common goals, to find ways to cooperate and get along peacefully, to come up with agreements and plans that better allow human beings to exist and thrive in a mutually beneficial and non-violent state of civilization, But that is not what “government” is.

Despite the fact that “governments” always claim to be acting on behalf of the people and the common good, the truth is that “government,” by its very nature, is always in direct opposition to the interests of mankind. “Authority” is not a noble idea that sometimes goes wrong, nor is it a basically valid concept that is sometimes corrupted. From top to bottom, from start to finish, the very concept of “authority” itself is antihuman and horribly destructive. Of course, most people will find such an assertion hard to swallow. Isn’t government an essential part of human society? Isn’t it the mechanism by which civilization is made possible, because it forces us imperfect humans to behave in an orderly, peaceful manner? Isn’t the enacting of common rules and laws what allows us to get along, to settle disputes in a civilized manner, and to trade and otherwise interact in a fair, non violent way? Haven’t we always heard that if not for the “rule of law” and a common respect for “authority,” we would be no better than a bunch of stupid, violent beasts, living in a state of perpetual conflict and chaos? Yes, we have been told that. And no, none of it is true. But trying to disentangle our minds from age-old lies, trying to distil the truth out of a jungle of deeply entrenched falsehoods, can be exceedingly difficult, not to mention uncomfortable.”

It is time to question the unwavering belief and faith we have in “authority” and the destruction it inflicts upon the world.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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