It’s Not My Job To Educate You


Just a short entry to say wow! What an exciting 24 hours it’s been on the old blog front! Yesterday I wrote my views on the feminist movement and the world it is creating and as a result it turns out I’m a misogynist that is hell bent on stopping equality in the world. Here’s the definition of misogyny that I took from my interactions yesterday: “I’m a woman and this man disagrees with my opinion therefore he must hate all women the world over”. In my blog post yesterday I wrote nothing that was derogatory or offensive but apparently I did try and undermine feminism by making everything about men. I received a lot of negative feedback discussing points that were all covered in my original post. It seems that because I’m a man I don’t understand the struggle for equality. On this front I asked a simple question to a few women yesterday who interacted with me, “In what ways is a woman inferior to man in 21st Century Britain?” It seems this question was a bit of a stumbling block for all the warriors out there because not one person gave me an answer. Well they did answer but it went along the lines of “it’s not my job to educate you” and “I don’t have to explain myself to a man”.

I found this equality issue to be an interesting one, I was told that I need to “stop telling women what they should and shouldn’t be and let them be.” One woman said the views I expressed were petty so I asked her why is it my views are petty whilst hers were seemingly of world importance. To this she said I needed to stop crying and whining. Then when I pointed out her logic was slightly flawed she said she wished she could count the ways she did not care. I found this contradictory thought process to be very bizarre.

I go running almost daily down a canal near my house and on the canal there are two swans with a nest. One is male and the other is female and at the moment every time I run past the female swan is in the nest watching over her eggs. Now is she a victim of repression or is she simply fulfilling her role in nature? Should she be out on the canal constantly chasing off the geese like the male to prove she is capable? Am I being sexist for asking this?

I found this article to be very insightful of the end goal of “feminism”. The breakdown of the family unit is the root cause of almost all of the Western world’s social problems. We live in a world where an incredible amount of people, male and female, live very hollow and empty lives but compensate this with materialist goods that unfortunately don’t fill the void. People can fool other people about how happy and brilliant their lives are but there is no kidding yourself when your head hits the pillow at night. I found it very sad that most women seemed to put their blinkers on as soon as they saw the word feminism and automatically went on the offensive, to most of them I wasn’t a human being expressing views, I was a man. An evil man trying to spread his evil ways on the world. All in all I think it is a very sad state of affairs.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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You Create Your Own Luck


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”- Thomas Jefferson

The above words are so, so true and if only people realised. There is an old saying that if your mind can conceive something and your heart believes it then you can achieve whatever you want in life. This is true too, as long as you are willing to roll with the punches and grind it out when things get hard there is nothing you can’t do in life. The problems most people face stem from their basic attitude and outlook on life, last week I wrote an entry where I expressed my views on this matter:

“Everybody has the opportunity to make the right choice, whether they do or don’t is up to that person. Granted it is harder for some but it is never impossible. If I have over simplified the issue then in my eyes that is a good thing because when you break life down to its core elements it is actually very simple, it us ourselves that make life complicated. It is just as easy for somebody to get themselves to the library and better themselves than it is for them to shoot up and go down the path of oblivion. It is down to each individual to be a product of their environment or be all they can be, it is very rare that a person comes from complete destitution and a place of absolutely no hope, people always have options regardless of circumstances. If there is one thing the people of this country are addicted to then it is the victim mentality and the people who don’t like hearing this the most are the people who like to portray themselves as victims. If people want to argue against people being responsible for their actions then who do we blame? God? The Government? The weather? The alignment of the planets? Sure the Government creates social conditions that can be very hard to overcome, especially if you are born at the bottom of the pile like I was. But you don’t sit back and wallow in your misery or self destruct at the first available opportunity, you fight twice as hard as everybody else to get to where you want to be in life.”

I got so many people coming back at me with such negative comments over that article, they wanted to blame everything on circumstances or other people. It saddens me when I think of how many people have the wrong attitude on life and create their own obstacles and problems. I have experienced many instances in life where I have created my own luck, the latest one being this week when I got myself a job. Before I explain what happened though I want to share another quote:

“If we pay attention, we can find a greater life, no matter where we are, no matter who we are, no matter what our circumstances are. If you tune into the mysterious coincidences in your life, if you discover and then follow your intuitions, you will find that there’s a door of opportunity for a greater life for you. You can’t be a victim and do it, but if you go beyond that, if you find a way out of whatever circumstance you’re in, whatever block you think you might face, what happens is that it works. It always works. The only thing that holds any of us back is not believing that it works.” -James Redfield



Around three weeks ago I made a conscious decision to have a change of direction in life and find myself a full time writing job. This decision triggered a chain of events that have led to me getting what I wanted. Three weeks ago I wrote an article about Manchester on a Saturday. The next day, Sunday, I was in the pub watching football and I saw an old friend there. That evening she read my Manchester article and sent me a message to say she enjoyed reading it. I messaged back saying thank you and we exchanged messages until she asked what I was doing with my life.

I explained that I was looking for a writing job and she said that the place she works is always looking for new writers and that she would check if anything was available for me. The next day she messaged me saying that I could go in for a week’s experience if I wanted to. So last Tuesday I went to the office in Manchester and when I got there I was told I could have a weeks work experience at the company but there wasn’t any job positions going. They said if I proved myself to be a good writer and they felt like it would be a shame to let me go then they would see what they could do, they wanted me to put them in a position where they couldn’t just let me leave. So I did just that and on Friday I was offered a newly created job role of being the editor of a website called which I gladly accepted.


Now I don’t write this in a self indulgent way (okay maybe a little, it’s been a tough two years and feels great to have a job again!) I write this because it shows that with the right aims and the right mental attitude there is nothing you can’t do, you never know what helping hand life will throw your way. As the above picture shows it is all about helping yourself before you expect others to help you. I started this blog purely to write down my own thoughts and share them but it turns out I’m a better writer than I thought I was and people like to read my words and off the back of that my life has changed direction.

I will now be writing for two websites, I will find the time to write down my personal thoughts on the political/social/economic spectrum on this blog and the other website will be, dare I say it now I’m a paid writer, professional views. I’ve been very fortunate to land such a good job because the website I will be editing is for business professionals in Manchester and I’ve been given pretty much a free reign in what direction the website can go as long as it’s not offensive. It is a good opportunity to make the business men of Manchester see that they have a responsibility and duty to the city and the people who survive through employment. I will be in no way biting my tongue, there is huge inequality out there which must be addressed and if there is anyone who can solve these problems it is the men and woman who operate businesses. All in all it is a positive development and I am happier than I have been in quite a long time. Keep your eyes peeled for quality content coming out of

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The Mis-Education of An Entire Nation


These days I find that not many things shock me, but today was one of the days when a story breaks through the barriers and touches my emotions. It was the story that 61 year old Anne Maguire, a teacher at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds was stabbed to death by a 15 year old male pupil. It’s a truly shocking and tragic story on so many levels. From the human level it is tragic that this woman who will no doubt have children and grandchildren set off to work this morning with the usual Monday blues oblivious that she would be murdered by one of her pupils. She would never make it home or see her family ever again, heart-breaking.

It is tragic that this event even happened, it should be a wakeup call to the profoundly sick society we live in, it highlights the problems of a country that is on a rapid descent to the bottom. It is tragic that this story will produce five minutes of outrage before the media sweeps it under the carpet for it to be forgotten about. As it stands the story hasn’t had much impact on twitter, it hasn’t trended yet but the stories of Max Clifford, Kevin Phillip’s retiring, Chelsea and Liverpool and Dani Alves eating a banana are hot topics. There is no instant outpouring of grief like there was a few weeks ago when the world learnt that Peaches Geldof had passed away, it seems people need to be famous for death to be heart wrenching.

From what I’ve read online so far the media is also trying to downplay the incident, Det. Supt Simon Beldon, of West Yorkshire Police has described the stabbing as an “isolated incident” and said there was “no on-going risk to pupils or staff…the situation is under control and officers, including safer schools officers and members of the local neighbourhood policing team, are currently at the school and are liaising closely with staff.” He also said “parents of pupils at the school should not attend the site unless directly requested to do so by the school and the rest of the school in continuing to operate as normal.” How on earth can a school continue to operate as normal when a member of its staff has been stabbed to death by a pupil? The media is reporting on this incident with no human emotions, just generic terms used when reporting increasingly common tragedies like this one

This incident highlights something we all seemingly want to ignore as we live our celebrity and consumer filled lives, it highlights that there is something fundamentally wrong with this country. On Twitter I’ve already seen some people asking for Metal Detectors to be set up at schools as a result of today’s event, this is the complete wrong way to deal with this. That is treating a symptom and not the cause, that is adapting yourself to the problems instead of eradicating them.

There shouldn’t be metal detectors at schools because in a world that is sane there should be absolutely zero chance of a teacher, or pupil, being stabbed to death. It is the conditions that produce people capable of these barbaric acts that need to be addressed. For me it is very concerning that so many people are all too willing to just view these type of incidents as the new normal and they are to just be expected. This is just another incident to add to the long list of issues that our current government fails to address. This morning, before this tragic incident happened, I posted on Twitter the picture below with this caption ‘Something to bear in mind as our managers aka politicians try to refinance the country through needless austerity’:

Business Men Believes

Every aspect of public life in this country is a shambles; our “democratic” representative system, our education system, our transport system, our tax system, the list is endless. What we have been seeing in the past few years is the results of 30 years of bad management and bad policies. These bad decisions have real life consequences but in the two tier society being created the consequences are spilt, the consequences of mortgage fraud by banks are good for the bankers and everybody on board the gravy train but bad for everybody else. Extortionate prices for everything you buy are good for the “Capitalists” that own everything but bad for everybody else. You can think of hundreds of examples of these types of injustices.

Politicians, especially the bunch of silver spoons in power, are so far out of touch with reality it is unreal. A small but very powerful example would be that In 2008 David Cameron said Eton Rifles by The Jam was one of his favourite songs and that he and his cadet buddies thought it was a good drinking song, I don’t think he could miss the message any more if he tried.

It may seem to be all too easy to point the finger of blame at Government but in a world of centralised power the Government and it’s minsters are exactly where responsibility lies. We are currently living through a class war in which not many people seem to be all that interested, especially the people who are on the side that is getting pummelled. The following text is from a radio show I did on 22/12/2013:

“I was going to have a review of the year tonight but I’m going to do that next week. On Wednesday a friend of mine lost sadly lost his brother to a drug overdose, aged 26 years old. It was a shock to everyone and terrible news. And this happened the same week in which Peter Hitchin’s arrogantly and ignorantly claimed that addiction is fantasy on national TV. And just why do comments like this rile me? Because like on so many issues these middle and upper class “intellects” deal only in theory, they go to university and they study economic theory or political theory, they theorise on things they have never experienced first-hand and have no idea what it is like to live that way.

The street I grew up on is on a council estate and what I want to examine tonight is the difference between two people who grew up on the same street. One is now dead, aged 26 years old, his life now over, wasted with no chance to rectify his mistakes. The other is on the radio talking about politics, economics and trying to help bring change to the world. Now I’m in no way comparing myself in an egotistical way but it’s as big a contrast as you can get really and I can tell you exactly what made all the difference in our paths and our choices. The difference is education and guidance.  You see my friend and his brothers up until their teens were brought up in care and come from an unstable home and thus lacked guidance. They did not take school seriously, mainly because they saw the education system failed them. I went to a school called South Chadderton and if you go on Google and type in classroom from hell South Chadderton you will see an article from the Daily Mirror in 2007 which describes pretty much the typical classroom in a state school, and I imagine its only got worse since then. I learnt very little in school and I myself didn’t take it seriously.(

But how do our rulers and the upper class get educated? Well they go to the finest schools money can buy and they have mentors, a key word there, mentors. People of experience who guide them and train them on the ways of the world. All this takes place whilst the masses are receiving just enough education to perform. The rulers are taught how to rule and the masses are taught how to sit down and shut up, they are indoctrinated on how to serve. I’m not supposed to talk about the things I talk about on this show, I’m not supposed to know about them! Coming from a council estate I’m supposed to get trapped in the pitfalls of drinks and drugs that surround the place, I’m supposed to be mind fucked by celebrities and football. I’m not supposed to care about social injustice or systematic corruption, I’m not supposed to question the validity of our whole economic model. What we have is a system of oppression that we will explore as the show continues tonight.

My friends brother was a bit of a rogue, he was often in trouble with the police for petty things mainly fuelled by drink, he was a chav as people love to label poor people nowadays. But he was not a bad person, he made mistakes and at the end of the day he was a victim of his environment. The people of this nation are desensitised about the plight of these poor people because of hideous shows like Jeremy Kyle which parade and mock these people, they exploit their low education and make a spectacle out of them. We hate the poor and admire the greed of the wealthy. My friend has lost his brother and his mum has lost a son, they are going through heartbreak and they have lost someone they will never be able to replace. Real human emotions that we all have regardless of our social standing. Here’s a quote from Joe Rogan:

“It’s real simple, if you get an unlucky roll of the dice and are born into a poor family in a poor area then guess what, you’re fucked. You’ve got to figure a way out of that some way or another but the odds are long against you. And this is a real travesty”

How true that is, this is a vicious cycle that is only getting worse,  it’s time to start caring before we regress to a point of no return.”

As today’s events show I was right when I said I assume things have only gotten worse since my time in the education system. Teaching is a noble profession, I admire people who want to dedicate their lives to the service of educating future generations but at the same time why anyone would want to become a teacher today is beyond me. Until we change things there are only going to be more incidents like the tragedy today. My heart goes out to the family of Anne Maguire who should never have lost her life today, I just hope we can change our ways and address our problems before more innocent lives are lost.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The British Education System


More distraction stories were thrown at us over the weekend when it emerged that Michael Gove has sacked Labour Peer Baroness Sally Morgan as the chairperson of Ofsted, the school inspection body. This has caused upset with the Lib Dems who have accused Michael Gove of trying to politicise Ofsted as an independent body. Well seeing as we are now in the run up period of a very important election this should come as no surprise, everything is going to be politicised in the coming months. There are rumours that Michael Gove has become angry at criticism of some free schools by Ofsted, in particularly how they are allowed to employ unqualified teachers. It’s a distraction story because the aim of it is to get people to think within the accepted boundaries of education and politics. Don’t question the whole system, just worry about this little aspect of it.

Ofsted are a joke, they don’t get the true picture of schooling in this country, they get schools on their very best behaviour because the schools know when they are coming. They are just another suit coming to town to decide budget allocations. I think as a whole society has forgotten what the word teacher means and just what a teacher is, a teacher is a person with knowledge and wisdom to impart onto others to help them achieve their goals in life and become the best person they can be. What we have now in this country is robots who have been dragged through the same dysfunctional education system as a pupil and then come out the other end as a teacher.

I’ve talked about my schooling previously, it was a joke. In my radio show on 22/12/2013 I discussed how my old History teacher sent a diary he kept during my time at school to the national newspapers and it was published in the Daily Mirror under the headline Inside Hells Classroom. Apart from the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic the only thing I can honestly say I learnt at school was taught to me in history by a teacher called Mr O’Brien who taught me to know the difference between primary and secondary sources of evidence. In five years of secondary education that is the only thing I can say I got taught, I didn’t learn any languages, I didn’t learn any skills and I didn’t learn how to apply myself. Everything I have learnt since I left school has been through self education.

My learning time was wasted because the teachers had to spend too much time dealing with disruptive pupils who didn’t want to learn, in 9 out of 10 cases these unruly pupils came from under-privileged homes. This type of scenario in turn leads pupils like me to resort to dicking around themselves to keep themselves amused because being bored six hours a day, five days a week for five years is not very healthy. School was not inspiring, in English we had to waste our time dissecting literacy classics, but very boring books like Of Mice and Men when there are books like Malcolm X’s autobiography out there, books that literally change your outlook on life because they are so real. In Geography instead of studying Geopolitics and the world’s economy we tediously examined river formations. Science, possibly the most interesting subject there is to learn, was made into a joke because the school didn’t have any competent science teachers and we learnt in science labs from the 1970s. I learnt nothing in I.T. because our computers were ancient and operated on Windows 98. We didn’t learn any Foreign Languages because all the Foreign Language teachers left, my French teacher was the actor who played Kenny Senior in Phoenix Nights, he couldn’t speak French!

And It wasn’t the teachers fault it was the structure of the whole system, I felt sorry for them really because they have chosen a path to help others and they end up being in a nightmare scenario everyday where chaos reigns. I didn’t realise how much the education system had failed me until I joined a large Manchester law firm for work in 2007 where I first came into contact and started mixing with people who were educated at private grammar schools and the best universities in the country, that is when I felt firsthand the class divide of this country. I never felt inferior but I just realised for the first time that because they had a better start in life the better opportunities came their way a lot easier.

As with a lot of things my main disappointments in the education system is that we are miles behind, it churns out factory workers instead of geniuses. Children enter the system with talent, creativity and imagination that is then smashed out of them and by the end and they come out a drone, their talents have been suppressed by the one size fits all system our classrooms are operated by. It seems like we don’t want visionaries, engineers, writers, scientists, in other words, greatness to come from state education, as long as there is a continuous supply of fodder for the menial jobs this country has to offer then the powers that be are happy. We aim for the lowest bar possible when we should be shooting for the stars with the knowledge and technology available to us.

I would love to hear the experiences of your education or that have your children share your comments below.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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