Britain’s Wealthiest Are Wealthier Than Ever Before


Britain’s wealthiest are wealthier than ever before  with a combined fortune of almost £520billion according to the Sunday Times Rich list with the Hinduja brothers top of the list with a combined fortune of £11.9billion. The total wealth of the 1000 richest people in Britain jumped 15% in one year. This comes a couple of weeks after we were told that there are more billionaires living in Britain than ever before. Can you imagine how angry, how sick I felt this morning when I read this bullshit as the nation’s poorest are suffering hardships through needless austerity?Wealth expert Philip Beresford said “the richest people in Britain have had an astonishing year. While some may criticise them, many of these people are at the heart of the economy and their success brings more jobs and wealth to the country.”

It is this kind of warped thinking that fuels all our problems, without sounding like Vladmir Lenin it is the indebted workers of this country that are the heart of the economy, as they are the heart of any economy. As I have said before we live with two economies, the debt economy in which the majority of us live and then there is the stock market economy which is completely decoupled from the debt economy and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Record level debts? Stocks rise. Thousands laid off due to lack of industry demand? Stocks rise. For the people in the stock market economy the possibilities are endless because they have the God of the new world on their side, they have access to CAPITAL! For the rest of us left languishing in the debt economy there has been no economic recovery and it seems the bad times are here to stay, as it is purposely designed to be.



The wealth of Britain’s wealthiest has jumped 15% in one year, how can that be? Well it is because they aren’t on zero hour minimum wage contracts. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 closed 2013 with RECORD closing highs. It was the best year for the Dow since 1995 as it rose 26.5%. The S&P 500 closed the year up 29.6%, its best yearly closeout since 1997. The Dow closed at RECORD HIGHS 52 TIMES in 2013. The FTSE 100 closed the year up 14.5% and the FTSE 250 has finished up 29%. In January I wrote this, turns out I was right:

“What this means is that for some 2013 has been one hell of a year, an absolutely blinding year on the old financial front. If you’ve got a friend who’s got a friend, who is preferably a member of government or in public office then you are going to get spoon fed money in the form of great deals like the privatization of the Royal Mail which was sold greatly and suspiciously under value.”

Now I am in no way against wealth, I wish everybody was wealthy. I’m in no way against entrepreneurship, if you are a bright person with a great idea then you should be allowed to develop it and reap the rewards. That is why I respect men like James Dyson, a wealthy man who is living a great life on the fruits of his work. But what I am dead against is class warfare and fraud. We are living in times where a two tier society is being created, if it hasn’t already been created. When the majority of the world’s population is drowing in debt to crooked banks and the world’s 85 richest people have more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people combined there is something drastically wrong. We live in a world where 85 people have a combined worth of $1 TRILLION whilst thousands of people die each day because they have no food and water.

The world is operated under a fraudulent and corrupt finance system, the men and women who crashed the world’s economy are living better than ever before. They have not gone to jail for their crimes.  We have the mega wealthy who oversee an army of wage slaves. But the wage slaves are happy because they have bread and circuses, Nando’s and X-Factor. A very telling sign of the times for me was the fact that four new entries in the rich list were the people behind Candy Crush Saga with fortunes of hundreds of millions of pounds. Whilst the world’s wealth is sucked into the pockets of a small minority the wage slaves are happy wasting their time in unproductive ways playing addictive yet ultimately pointless games. We argue over which sham government we want next to sell public assets to private companies and then we go and watch football.

Rat Race


Education is key to get ourselves out of the rat race, we need to learn to play the game:

“If you look at the life of the average-educated, hard working person, there is a similar path. The child is born and goes to school. The proud parents are excited because the child excels, gets fair to good grades and is accepted into college. The child graduates, maybe goes to graduate school and then does exactly as programmed: looks for a safe, secure job or career. The child finds the job, maybe as a doctor or a lawyer, or joins the army or works for the government. Generally the child begins to make money, credit cards start to arrive in mass, and the shopping begins, if it hasn’t already. Having money to burn the child goes to places where other young people just like them hang out and they meet people, they date and sometimes they get married. Life is wonderful now because both men and women work. Two incomes are bliss. They feel successful, their future is bright and they decide to buy a house, a car, a television, take vacations and have children. The happy bundle arrives. The demand for cash is enormous. The happy couple decides that their careers are vitally important and begin to work harder seeking promotions and raises. They work harder; become better employees, even more dedicated. They go back to school to get more specialised skills so they can earn more money. Their incomes go up but so does their tax bracket they’re in and the real estate taxes on their new large home, and all the other taxes. They get their large pay check and wonder where all the money went; they buy their shopping on credit cards. The children reach 5 or 6 years old and the need to save for college increases as well as the need to save for their retirement.  That happy couple born 35 years ago is now trapped in the rat race for the rest of their working days. They work for the owners of their company, for the government paying taxes and for the bank paying off a mortgage and credit cards. Then they advise their own children to study hard, get good grades, and find a safe job or career. They learn nothing about money, except from those who profit from their naiveté, and work hard all their lives”-Robert Kiyosaki

The whole world is on the path to oblivion in the name of greed, the future is looking dreary for many because a select few want all the sunshine for themselves. We are on a road that is unsustainable and unless we want to experience the chaos that has befallen Ukraine we need to change our course. I once saw a meme that said “The rich of the world check your Rolex’s, the time of revolution is upon us”. It may have been correct.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The Fix Is In Whilst The World Continues To Look The Other Way


Today’s blog post is a sad one I’m afraid. It is a post reporting on the side of life that receives little attention and often goes unreported. The side of life where people fight back and pay the ultimate price. Fighting back against a system that has a grip on us all. I mentioned last week the story of Ross Longhurst, the pensioner who has gone to prison after refusing to pay his council tax bill. He took this action because Ross is one of the people, who are increasing day by day in numbers, who has realised the whole system that dictates his life is a fraudulent joke. I have written about this fraud many times, most of my articles will give you a clear picture of how it operates.


The following passage of writing is a Facebook status of a Facebook friend names Mick Kehoe and he has kindly let me use his words in today’s post:

“This morning I had news that my friend Mahboob had died of a suspected heart attack last night/early this morning. On the 11th of February this year at 6.30am, Mahboob’s front door was smashed in with a sledge hammer. Four violent psychopaths dragged him from his bedroom, forcing his arm up back so tightly that he had pain for several weeks after, then threw him out onto the street in only the clothes he stood in. The four violent thugs were supposedly “High Court Enforcement Officers” who were acting on behalf of the courts. All sounds very legitimate doesn’t it ? Until the thin veil is lifted and what you see is a complete crock of shite. Not only were their acts unlawful morally wrong), they were also illegal. Mahboob was betrayed by the so called courts of “law”, police, MPs etc. All part of the illusion of so called justice.

Not one of the above mentioned did the job they were supposedly employed to do, i.e., protect the “people”. And why? Because they are all greedy, spiritually inept, psychopaths who view their own material comforts above the ALL and would rather sell their souls to the corporate beast, otherwise known as Satan. The victims of a retarded level of consciousness who support corporate entities rather than real living breathing people. What a fucked up world. Mahboob’s “crime” was that of questioning the fraudulent nature of an alleged mortgage contract. The stark reality was that no contract ever existed (which the mortgage company revealed in writing), that they never lent any of their own money (rather created digital “currency” out of thin air) and that they sold the alleged mortgage to a special purpose vehicle (all again in writing from the alleged mortgagor). The facts are that Mahboob created the digital currency via his sign of nature. The fraud is quite obvious to anyone who can be bothered to spend ten minutes of research. Can you?

The reality is that Mahboob is dead. His business fucked. His marriage ended. His house “repossessed”. His belongings stolen. His pride taken away from him. Stripped away of everything the man had worked for his entire adult life by greedy parasites in dark suits. In the spiritual world he is now free. In the material world he is yet another statistic of the truth that the whole corporate system of government is fundamentally wrong. If you support it, you are part of the problem. Paying taxes by definition means you support the beast and are acting as an outlaw, i.e. outside of real Law. You’re doing a wrong. The cause of Mahboob’s death are yet to be clarified. The circumstances however are self evident and logical to anyone with even a few neurons firing. The stress of losing everything you ever worked for are self apparent, and what is a major effect of stress? Heart attack anyone? I’m interested, how many of my friends support the system, i.e. government? Please let me know and debate if you have the conviction to sanction your actions.”

What has happened in this world over the past five years and continues on to this very day is sickening. Once you do your research you will find yourself outraged if you are a person with even the slightest sense of what is right and wrong. The world obeys and is gripped by a flawed ideology, a way of life that is damaging to 90% of the people alive today. A system that is detrimental to their development and to their lives. Instead of being all they can be people become plain old workers, a pawn piece in the game of wealth that the money masters like to play. When are people going to stand up for themselves? How many men like Mahboob need to die so a lie can live on? The answer should be none but I have a feeling that is not the correct answer. And that is the shame of it all.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The “System” & How It Operates (Part 4): The Next Financial Crisis


To continue the theme of my recent blog posts regarding the financial crisis and the Federal Reserve I’m going to share a review I did last year of the documentary called Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis. In the introduction to the documentary it foreshadows what we are going to be learning in the next 45 minutes of viewing, which is that despite everything that has happened over the last five years nothing has actually been fixed, we have just kicked the can further down the road as the Americans like to say. In the introduction it plays quite a few sound bites of George W. Bush, we look back at his 8 years in charge and realise that no wonder the world got in such a mess with him as “the leader of the free world”.


We start the documentary in the Spring of 2001 as the US economy is struggling to recover from the Dot Com bubble bursting, the economy is still in a bad way when 9/11 happens and sends the US economy into a nosedive. Interest rates are lowered and lowered until they reach 1% in 2003 and remain that way for a full year. And what this low interest rate does is give investors and consumers a false sense of security and thus creates another bubble. It brings in the system of privatised profits and socialised losses where profits go into private pockets but losses are covered by the public through tax money. In this part of the documentary it features an interview from Gerald Celente whose Trends Journal is defiantly worth checking out. He is quite a pessimist to be honest but he is always aware of what is truly going on in the worlds markets.

We hear how Nobel prize winning economist Vernon Smith blames the low interest rates for the real estate bubble, it was during this period that a lot of reckless behaviour occurred with people using their homes as an ATM machine to live beyond their means, they did this by using their home as collateral for loans. This type of behaviour was encouraged because people thought the good times would never end. But nobody was aware of what was really going on.

We are introduced to the Government Sponsored Enterprise Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae which were private companies chartered by the government which had a special line of credit with the US treasury and had special tax and regulatory advantages. They also operated under the presumption that the public would bail them out should they ever get into financial trouble, which as events proved was an accurate assumption. The purpose for Freddie and Fanny was to provide a way for people with  low income to get their hands on a mortgage and a foot on the property ladder.

But like everything in the modern world they have turned houses into a commodity, instead of them being a place for people to rest their heads and keep all their stuff for a reasonable price. They are a vehicle of wealth, so the higher the prices the better it is for business but bad for people.

Then we reach the Securitisation food chain that we looked at in Friday’s blog titled Inside Job, this is the invention of CDOs or Collaterised Debt Obligations which is debt packages being sold as securities by investment banks to investors. These CDOs were given AAA rating by the ratings agencies who just happened to be paid large amounts of money by the investment banks who they were rating. Suddenly the inevitable happend, you can’t keep a scam going forever and the wheels fell off the economy. The ratings on the CDOs were dropped and suddenly people found themselves in a mess because they had bought their investments based on the ratings.

To put this into Layman’s terms it would be like spending a lot of money buying a shipping container painted in Ferrari logos from a Ferrari dealership with the promise it contains a Ferrari so you don’t check but when you do check you find all it contains nothing but worthless shit. The market seized up and lines of credit froze, the banks that rely on overnight loans to operate were in big trouble.


The collapse happens in September 2008, the big US banks are given a $700 billion dollar TARP bailout to fix the damage caused by corruption. Other governments around the world take the same course of action. And these bailouts are the purpose of this documentary, some people believe that the biggest bubble of them all has been created, the Stimulus bubble. In December 2008 interest rates in the USA are lowered to 0% and again other central banks over the world do the same and set their interest rates very low.

Then Obama steps on the scene with hope and change you can believe in and in February 2009 there is TARP II a further stimulus package of $787 billion dollars to try and kick start the economy through infrastructure programmes but as the documentary shows the majority of these funds were mis-managed and had little impact on the economy. They had the cash for bangers scheme which was subsidised buying of cars if you scrapped your old one but once the incentive is removed, sales slump. But it’s business as usual for the people that caused the problems, stock markets are at record highs and they are still living the high life.

2010-The Future

The documentary ends with where we are at today. The rich and fabulous are still doing their thing, primarily being egotistical and obsessed with materialism. I find it such a crying shame that the people who are in the position to make actual real changes chose not to. I often wonder why it is that somebody like myself who doesn’t really have any money can always dig into my pocket for somebody in need but the rich people refuse to do so.

The documentary shows how the actual productive people in society, the workers, are suffering. And the suffering only seems to be getting worse. People are on the edge now whilst interest rates are at rock bottom, if they were to raise it would push the majority of people over the edge which is why recently the Federal Reserve and Bank of England have announced they will be keeping interest rates low for the foreseeable future.

The reason this subject strikes a chord with me, the reason it really grates on my nerves is because ultimately it is all bollocks. It is all fake, people are suffering and even dying for something that is not real, debt does not exist. If you ask somebody to take you to go and see all the debt they would look at you strangely and they would say the most we can do is show you a figure on a screen. That’s the madness of it all! The problem is unfixable without wiping the slate clean and starting again. The documentary predicted the bailout of entire nations and that there will be civil unrest, which did indeed happen and the civil unrest is becoming increasingly more common. A good example at the minute would be the riots in Ukraine. In my opinion these things are only going to get worse until people either:

A. Wise up and sort it out voluntarily


B. The shit will well and truly hit the fan and people will be lost and confused which will only result in panic like it did in 2008.

The choice is ours, for now.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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