What Is a “Troll?”?


Troll is a word that I have seen a hell of a lot in recent days on my Twitter and Facebook feed so I thought I would share my views on this topic. First off I will start by letting you know that “Troll” is a word that well and truly gets on my bloody nerves, in my world there are no such thing as trolls other than the ones that exist in fairy-tales, they carry clubs and live under bridges. But of course my world view isn’t the same as everybody else’s, there are a lot of people out there who define a troll as somebody who likes to start arguments with strangers online. Your typical troll will be an internet user with an anonymous name, a fake picture that is never a human face and no personal information, this pretty much describes your typical keyboard warrior. I posted the question what is a troll? on my twitter and got a few replies, two replies stood out the most:

“Too many people confuse cun*s for trolls. True trolls post things to get rises out of people and then sit back and laugh” (I have decided to use a degree of censorship on the dreaded C word for those sensitive people out there)

“Don’t have views as such but wish we could evolve to completely ignoring them, unfollow and block immediately”

This is the line of thinking I agree with, trolls do not exist unless you make them exist. As my blog and Twitter feed has grown in popularity I have been “attacked” almost daily but you will never find me moaning about trolls, I will send them a suitable reply and then that will be the end of it. Here are a couple for example:



Pretty harsh words from random strangers but do you know what the funny thing is, 9 out of 10 times they never reply. What usually happens in a “trolling” incident is that people rise to the bait laid down and then a pointless argument will ensue. Why don’t I rise to “trolls”? The answer is because I have read Aesops fables and one of the lessons I learnt from that book of wisdom was this one:

A kid was perched on the top of a house and saw a Wolf passing by under him. Immediately he began to revile and attack his enemy. “Murderer and thief” he cried, “why are you here near honest folks’ houses? How dare you make an appearance where your deeds are known!” “Curse away, my young friend,” said the wolf, “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.”

The moral of that short tale is plain to see, only now we don’t have children sat upon roofs but rather fully grown adults sat behind a computer screen. I’ve seen a lot of comments and posts flying around over the past few days that really would give The Jeremy Kyle show a run for its money. I’ve seen people denounce others as trolls before going on to post pretty vile posts themselves resorting to the low level of name calling with the use of “foul language”.  The last few days have made me question whether the people involved in the “truth movement” are in it for the change or in it for their egos. It is apparent to me that some people seem to be more interested in themselves than the greater good they say they fight for, I have noticed that there are just far too many people out there with a heightened sense of importance, the self appointed guardians of the human race.

For a while I wanted to be part of the Alternative Media scene and help change the world but having ventured into the fringes I decided to turn back before I got into that crazy world any further. I don’t like to use the term crazy but I have encountered some people in recent months who really do need to seek help, or at the very least take some time out and have a rest from the internet for a while. Now the last few lines may get some people’s backs up and it is important that I am not misunderstood here because it is in no way meant to be offensive, on a individual level there are so many great people who do indeed have a burning passion against all the injustices in the world and truly desire change, I am one of them people who would love nothing more than a better world to live in. But on a collective level I have come to believe that the “Truth Movement” and “Alternative Media” is absolutely toxic.

I wrote down my opinions on the “truth movement” earlier in the year and in the time that has passed since I wrote that piece I have solidified my opinion that It is a shallow world of petty arguments and inflated egos. I think it is without doubt a world of controlled opposition but as I wrote last week the tactics of smoke and mirrors is heavily in play and it is very difficult to determine what is the truth and what is lies along with who is legitimate and who is a shill for the powers that be. I think there are some people who have been in the smoke for too long and this confusion has made them lose touch with reality. This is partly why I decided to stop my activist work and downscale it to simply writing my blog, I too was on the verge of getting lost. I never viewed myself as doing some form of noble act to humanity when I was trying to raise awareness, I just saw it as part of my duty of being a decent human being. I was just trying to spread the information I had found, I was no different than anybody else other than I have read a lot of books and learnt how things truly operates in a world where not many people bother to read anymore and remain ignorant.

I think it’s a great shame that it appears as a whole, people are never going to make it to the crucial stage of being a unified front, standing strong together for truth and goodness. It looks like we are going to remain at the primitive level of “he said, she said….I’m going to go and tell my mummy on you” type bullshit. It appears we are going to Question Everything to the extent that we mis-trust anything placed in front of us, there are so many people out there who are creating their own obstacles. My passion and desire for change has not wavered and I will always support those that actively seek change but I personally choose to distance myself from the “Alternative Media” scene, I hope it can see the errors in its ways before it loses the support of more people. To answer my own question of what is a troll I believe a troll is a needless distraction, in fairy-tales a troll causes no harm if you go about your business and walk over the bridge. The trouble occurs when you go under the bridge and attract it’s attention. Just like fairy-tales, trolls don’t exist when you don’t give them any attention.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The Mis-Education of An Entire Nation


These days I find that not many things shock me, but today was one of the days when a story breaks through the barriers and touches my emotions. It was the story that 61 year old Anne Maguire, a teacher at Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds was stabbed to death by a 15 year old male pupil. It’s a truly shocking and tragic story on so many levels. From the human level it is tragic that this woman who will no doubt have children and grandchildren set off to work this morning with the usual Monday blues oblivious that she would be murdered by one of her pupils. She would never make it home or see her family ever again, heart-breaking.

It is tragic that this event even happened, it should be a wakeup call to the profoundly sick society we live in, it highlights the problems of a country that is on a rapid descent to the bottom. It is tragic that this story will produce five minutes of outrage before the media sweeps it under the carpet for it to be forgotten about. As it stands the story hasn’t had much impact on twitter, it hasn’t trended yet but the stories of Max Clifford, Kevin Phillip’s retiring, Chelsea and Liverpool and Dani Alves eating a banana are hot topics. There is no instant outpouring of grief like there was a few weeks ago when the world learnt that Peaches Geldof had passed away, it seems people need to be famous for death to be heart wrenching.

From what I’ve read online so far the media is also trying to downplay the incident, Det. Supt Simon Beldon, of West Yorkshire Police has described the stabbing as an “isolated incident” and said there was “no on-going risk to pupils or staff…the situation is under control and officers, including safer schools officers and members of the local neighbourhood policing team, are currently at the school and are liaising closely with staff.” He also said “parents of pupils at the school should not attend the site unless directly requested to do so by the school and the rest of the school in continuing to operate as normal.” How on earth can a school continue to operate as normal when a member of its staff has been stabbed to death by a pupil? The media is reporting on this incident with no human emotions, just generic terms used when reporting increasingly common tragedies like this one

This incident highlights something we all seemingly want to ignore as we live our celebrity and consumer filled lives, it highlights that there is something fundamentally wrong with this country. On Twitter I’ve already seen some people asking for Metal Detectors to be set up at schools as a result of today’s event, this is the complete wrong way to deal with this. That is treating a symptom and not the cause, that is adapting yourself to the problems instead of eradicating them.

There shouldn’t be metal detectors at schools because in a world that is sane there should be absolutely zero chance of a teacher, or pupil, being stabbed to death. It is the conditions that produce people capable of these barbaric acts that need to be addressed. For me it is very concerning that so many people are all too willing to just view these type of incidents as the new normal and they are to just be expected. This is just another incident to add to the long list of issues that our current government fails to address. This morning, before this tragic incident happened, I posted on Twitter the picture below with this caption ‘Something to bear in mind as our managers aka politicians try to refinance the country through needless austerity’:

Business Men Believes

Every aspect of public life in this country is a shambles; our “democratic” representative system, our education system, our transport system, our tax system, the list is endless. What we have been seeing in the past few years is the results of 30 years of bad management and bad policies. These bad decisions have real life consequences but in the two tier society being created the consequences are spilt, the consequences of mortgage fraud by banks are good for the bankers and everybody on board the gravy train but bad for everybody else. Extortionate prices for everything you buy are good for the “Capitalists” that own everything but bad for everybody else. You can think of hundreds of examples of these types of injustices.

Politicians, especially the bunch of silver spoons in power, are so far out of touch with reality it is unreal. A small but very powerful example would be that In 2008 David Cameron said Eton Rifles by The Jam was one of his favourite songs and that he and his cadet buddies thought it was a good drinking song, I don’t think he could miss the message any more if he tried.

It may seem to be all too easy to point the finger of blame at Government but in a world of centralised power the Government and it’s minsters are exactly where responsibility lies. We are currently living through a class war in which not many people seem to be all that interested, especially the people who are on the side that is getting pummelled. The following text is from a radio show I did on 22/12/2013:

“I was going to have a review of the year tonight but I’m going to do that next week. On Wednesday a friend of mine lost sadly lost his brother to a drug overdose, aged 26 years old. It was a shock to everyone and terrible news. And this happened the same week in which Peter Hitchin’s arrogantly and ignorantly claimed that addiction is fantasy on national TV. And just why do comments like this rile me? Because like on so many issues these middle and upper class “intellects” deal only in theory, they go to university and they study economic theory or political theory, they theorise on things they have never experienced first-hand and have no idea what it is like to live that way.

The street I grew up on is on a council estate and what I want to examine tonight is the difference between two people who grew up on the same street. One is now dead, aged 26 years old, his life now over, wasted with no chance to rectify his mistakes. The other is on the radio talking about politics, economics and trying to help bring change to the world. Now I’m in no way comparing myself in an egotistical way but it’s as big a contrast as you can get really and I can tell you exactly what made all the difference in our paths and our choices. The difference is education and guidance.  You see my friend and his brothers up until their teens were brought up in care and come from an unstable home and thus lacked guidance. They did not take school seriously, mainly because they saw the education system failed them. I went to a school called South Chadderton and if you go on Google and type in classroom from hell South Chadderton you will see an article from the Daily Mirror in 2007 which describes pretty much the typical classroom in a state school, and I imagine its only got worse since then. I learnt very little in school and I myself didn’t take it seriously.(http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/inside-hells-classroom-1641380)

But how do our rulers and the upper class get educated? Well they go to the finest schools money can buy and they have mentors, a key word there, mentors. People of experience who guide them and train them on the ways of the world. All this takes place whilst the masses are receiving just enough education to perform. The rulers are taught how to rule and the masses are taught how to sit down and shut up, they are indoctrinated on how to serve. I’m not supposed to talk about the things I talk about on this show, I’m not supposed to know about them! Coming from a council estate I’m supposed to get trapped in the pitfalls of drinks and drugs that surround the place, I’m supposed to be mind fucked by celebrities and football. I’m not supposed to care about social injustice or systematic corruption, I’m not supposed to question the validity of our whole economic model. What we have is a system of oppression that we will explore as the show continues tonight.

My friends brother was a bit of a rogue, he was often in trouble with the police for petty things mainly fuelled by drink, he was a chav as people love to label poor people nowadays. But he was not a bad person, he made mistakes and at the end of the day he was a victim of his environment. The people of this nation are desensitised about the plight of these poor people because of hideous shows like Jeremy Kyle which parade and mock these people, they exploit their low education and make a spectacle out of them. We hate the poor and admire the greed of the wealthy. My friend has lost his brother and his mum has lost a son, they are going through heartbreak and they have lost someone they will never be able to replace. Real human emotions that we all have regardless of our social standing. Here’s a quote from Joe Rogan:

“It’s real simple, if you get an unlucky roll of the dice and are born into a poor family in a poor area then guess what, you’re fucked. You’ve got to figure a way out of that some way or another but the odds are long against you. And this is a real travesty”

How true that is, this is a vicious cycle that is only getting worse,  it’s time to start caring before we regress to a point of no return.”

As today’s events show I was right when I said I assume things have only gotten worse since my time in the education system. Teaching is a noble profession, I admire people who want to dedicate their lives to the service of educating future generations but at the same time why anyone would want to become a teacher today is beyond me. Until we change things there are only going to be more incidents like the tragedy today. My heart goes out to the family of Anne Maguire who should never have lost her life today, I just hope we can change our ways and address our problems before more innocent lives are lost.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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Negotiate Whilst Advancing: Smoke and Mirrors


A few years ago I read a book called The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene and in recent months it has proved to be a helpful guide on life. I read it for this very reason, as a lesson on how the game of life is played. It warned me of many things; the hordes of passive aggressive people that we meet daily, the ones who smile to your face but would not think twice about stabbing you in the back to achieve their goals. It highlighted the ruthless ways of those who play to win. But most importantly it taught me how to spot things for how they are, how to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

Tonight I recorded my final podcast for a while, I would say it was an interview but it was more like a chat  with a friend of mine about a possible solution to our problems called The Reset1. And solutions are what we are so desperately in need of. Despite some people being unable to recognise it we are fighting a very important battle at the moment. In our chat tonight the Mayan Calendar cropped up and from my understanding from what I’ve read about this particular subject the Mayans didn’t prophesise the end of the world but rather a shift in consciousness as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The prophecy is that a great battle between good and evil would ensue of which the final victor would be the ultimate fate of the world. This is something I could agree with and that is why I try to do good as much as I can because I know which side I want to be victorious.

When you break everything down to its core level that is what it all boils down to, what is right and wrong. Lies are wrong, Truth is right. Hate is wrong, Love is right. Murder is wrong, Healing is right. Stealing is wrong, Sharing is right. Selfishness is wrong, Caring is right. And so the list goes on and on. I feel the point where we are going wrong in life is that the principles of evil are the ones which are respected and adhered to in today’s society. We respect the men of money in this world regardless of what they did to get it, which is a great shame because 9 times out of 10 we know that the wealthy person is passive aggressive and did some ugly things to obtain their wealth, even if it is something seemingly insignificant like having a workforce that is underpaid and over-worked. Look at our political system, it is built on lies. We all know this, we all know that politicians are career liars yet they are the ones who supposedly have the power. Look at our financial system, it is literally one big fraud that has robbed the people of this world blind and continues to do so.

And why don’t the people do something about this? The simple answer is they can’t do anything no matter how much they want to. This is where The 33 Strategies of War come into play. The powers that be are very clever, unlike the masses they have their shit together, they have a game plan that works. There is a strategy called Negotiate Whilst Advancing, in real life this strategy is called Politics. This strategy is exactly what it sounds like, you pretend to negotiate yet at the same time you are taking and getting exactly what you want anyway. In the world today we have the career liars aka politicians pretending to be fighting for the people and helping to create a brighter future. This is a fallacy, we have paid liars that create policy beneficial to their paymasters who rule the business and finance world. The negotiations are things like Elections, Prime Ministers Questions on a Wednesday, Question Time on a Thursday etc because whilst these things happen to distract the masses the machine that the politicians work for rumbles on and rolls over everything in its path. The banks are still making huge amounts of money, people are still getting ripped off, the poor are getting poorer whilst the rich get richer.

The other important strategy is one called Smoke and Mirrors, again a simple and well known strategy, why make things complex when they can be simple? The smoke and mirrors strategy they use is mixing truth with lies and then have people push both at the same time. The result is that nobody knows what is quite going on, they don’t know who or what to believe. The strategy that goes hand in hand with this one is that of the Battle General. The Battle General is the man who sits on the mountain and watches the battle below him unfold, he can see everything in the battlefield whereas the soldiers can only see what is going on amidst the chaos that surrounds them.

Some say the Battle General of life is the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Jesuits etc. But because of the smoke and mirrors it is hard to know exactly who is running the show, anybody who has tried to walk down the road of truth knows it is a path littered with contradictions and conflicting theories. The battle in life is the basic struggle for survival and the fast pace of the rat-race. The soldiers in this battle face lots of chaos and confusion; work, bills, children, mortgage payments more bills. There is little time to stop and take check of what is going on in the world. And this is no accident, this is by design because if people did know what is going on it would be extremely difficult to keep this sham system going. But above all the confusion there can be no doubt that the Battle General does exist. There are people in this world who possess money, knowledge and power. They do not have the worries of the rat-race to contend with, they know exactly what is going on in this world and they know the lies from the truth. Ultimately they get everything they want from life.

But as this battle between good and evil heats up they must be very worried about what the days ahead have in store because these Battle Generals know their positions in life are not built on righteous foundations. They are built on the blood and destruction of innocent lives. The mortar of their foundations is death. People are becoming increasingly more aware of this rigged game, the masses are stirring and losing the fear that has been holding them back.  As all this unfolds the Battle Generals will know that their time on top is almost up.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The Next Step


Today’s post is just a little update following my news on Monday that I am going to be winding up my work with Wake Up Promotions. I was a little overwhelmed by the response I got from people because I didn’t realise how well received my blog is by all the wonderful people who read it. I’ve had a think of what I would like to do next that still incorporates my passions and beliefs and I have decided I am going to become a travel writer, I love writing and I love travelling so it should be a perfect mixture. I intend to use this blog as a window into the side of life that often goes unreported and show the things that the world likes to pretend don’t exist; massive inequality, extreme poverty, drugs, sex trafficking, corruption etc. I have decided that the first place I am going to visit is Argentina and then explore South America, I have not yet made a solid plan for this but I have a few places in mind that I would like to visit and write about.

In the meantime I will still be writing about all the subjects I have in the past and in the future I will be reporting events in real time instead of just giving a commentary of my views, in essence I guess I am saying I want to become a real journalist, not a rent-a-voice for the mainstream media. I am going to try and write as regular as I have been doing, I tallied it up this morning and I have written 85,349 words in this blog so far this year, not including today’s post. Combined with the 70,000 words of my novel that is 155,349 words in total so I have been quite a busy writer on the low!

The main message of this post is thank you, I was feeling quite low on Monday and was willing to give everything up but your kind messages and words of support and encouragement made me see that is not an option. I am still standing firm on my decision to call it a day with Wake Up Promotions but I will be carrying on the bumpy road of truth just in a different direction, so do keep checking the blog out because it will not become dormant or inactive. I have also changed my twitter account to a personal one so I will still be tweeting nonsense on there.

For now I am going to have to re-join the dark side and get a “proper job” to fund my first trip of what will hopefully be many. But as my dad once told me, you should never sell your soul but you must be willing to rent it out every now and again. My novel is still available to buy if you want to give a helping hand, it is only £3. It is a novel based on my travels around Europe, it can be a sample of the things to come. I am going to get my novel on Amazon but for the time being I am just using this Sponsume page:

So again thank you for you kind words and support over the last couple of days, it has meant a lot to me.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The End of The Road


Today’s post is for the benefit of those I feel I have gotten to know through my work over the past 18 months, I feel I owe you this instead of just quietly slipping off the radar. Over the bank holiday weekend I have been using the time to take a stock-check of my life and I have decided it is now time for me to call it a day with my activist work and efforts with Wake Up Promotions. I have put a lot of thought into this and it was not an easy decision to make but it is the only way I can see available to move my life forward from the rut I currently find myself in.

I have never given up on anything in my life unless I have been absolutely forced to. Giving up easily is not in my nature but I have had to stop and take check of my own life and the check has revealed what I’ve known for many months now but refused to accept, I have nothing else left to give in order to continue. In my life, since my first paid job aged twelve washing cars at a Peugeot dealership on the low I have been dependent on myself to provide for my wants and needs. Since I quit my job in May 2012 I have relied only on myself apart from the last month or two where I have borrowed small amounts of money from a couple of friends. I have took no Government assistance, I am currently claiming zero benefits even though I am more than entitled to. This is because I view dependency as weakness and I have reached a point where I depend on other people for too many things in my life, I cannot continue this way.

This is a dream, an ambition and the objective of my life for the past two years coming to an end and it pains me to have to change direction but as the struggle has become harder and harder with each day that passes my passion and my drive has waned, I am just an ordinary human being with limits and there is only so far I can go. I have been 100% all in for change over the course of the last two years, there have been no half measures on my part. I have had no steady income for two years, everything you have seen from Wake Up Promotions whether it be a tweet, a blog post, a podcast or anything else they have all been researched, produced, recorded, edited and published by myself. I have done extremely well to last as long as I have, you will be hard pressed to find many people who will do the things I have been doing for no money and no gain other than the hope it would make a difference and make people aware. It has been a passion that has almost consumed me at times and there is no longer a constructive outlet for this passion. Listen to my podcasts, read my blogs and my tweets, spend half an hour talking to me about social injustice and especially the whole banking system and it is very easy to find where my loyalties lie.

You can have the best will in the world but there is only one language this world understands, money talks and bullshit walks. There is a crooked economic system at play in this world and after escaping it briefly I will now return to being just another victim like everybody else. I can think of one million things I would rather do than to rejoin the rat-race working a wage slave job for a fiat currency of no value that is paid in paper promissory notes, but needs must. It is an economic model where all finance is controlled by a corrupt and morally bankrupt banking system that is driven by greed. It is this system of greed that supports a world in which according to Oxfam the 5 richest families in Britain have more wealth than the poorest 12 million people in the country and the richest 85 people in the world have more wealth than the poorest 3.5billion combined. It is the economic model of globalisation, of privatised profits and socialised losses. It is an unjust world that I have tried my very hardest to expose and shine a light on. It is damn near impossible to survive without submitting to “the man” and I gave it my best shot.

You cannot try and change a system whilst you are a part of it unless you are working on the inside and I can firmly say I am very much on the outside. I wanted Wake Up Promotions to be self-sustaining through the music nights and make a revenue from the website of the blog and podcasts. When this didn’t work I wrote a 70,000 word novel to try and sell for £3 to get things off the ground again with the music nights and get a proper website set up but nobody was interested in buying it apart from four people. To the three who paid more than the £3 I asked for your money will be returned to you.

I played the game and I tried to beat this system and I failed. There is a saying that failure is never permanent unless you give up, I don’t know what the future holds but for the time being I am going to have to take up the selfish outlook held by most people in life and do some much needed focusing that is aimed entirely on myself. I tried hard with this endeavour, using all of my own money I put on music nights in the hope of creating a place for people to go and for real music to develop, I put on good nights where talented musicians did indeed play real music, but next to no-one came. I put on live talks and presentations by authors and people who have awareness to spread, but next to no-one came. I make a podcast each week with many hours of research behind it that contains nothing but truth and awareness but very few people listen to it. For those that do listen to it and enjoy listening I am sorry if you feel like I am letting you down. The only successful part of this venture has been the twitter account and the blog which I will continue to use in my spare time because writing is one of my passions that I enjoy, I will continue to post on twitter from time to time but it will be as a spectator and not an instigator. The overall goal was to eventually set up a small music label dedicated to good music and the truth but it is not to be.

In my pursuit of spreading awareness and walking down the path I chose I have lost my money. I’ve lost my home, having to begrudgingly move back to my mums house. I’ve lost a lot of friends and I’ve even lost weight! I have no more sacrifices left to make. I’ve dedicated the last two years of my life to this cause, I’ve literally given it everything I have and it hurts to think that I can no longer continue, hopefully all my sacrifices will not have been in vain and goodness will prevail over the insanity that rules the world, hopefully my two years will not have been wasted years.

But as it stands everything seems to fall onto deaf ears, it seems people want to remain enslaved as they continue to be blinded by the lights of the false reality built around us. If nothing changes soon then the ignorant masses will feel the full force of everything coming our way. There are many people who say don’t give up to me but they say this whilst they live comfortable lives, working jobs that support a system that needs to be done away with. They are not willing to give up their comforts and go through the temporary pain needed for a new way of life to develop.

I took the plunge and these people telling the likes of me to not give up is like a person sat in a car driving next to a marathon runner on a cold wet day, going through hell and telling them not to give up. For any change to come sacrifice is needed and people are just not willing to make the sacrifices. In one of my blog posts last week I mentioned how important care is, the post said action is what is generates our reality and this action comes by things we care about because our cares and desires drive our actions. So most people will say they want things to change but when you ask them, well what are you doing to make that change happen? The reply that comes back is silence. They don’t care enough to change it through their own actions. Nobody can question my dedication or commitment.

So is this copping out? Some would probably still say yes but I would say I’m not copping out of anything I’m just taking the only option that is left. I said my drive is waning but believe me this is not giving up because I have lost the will to fight, to quote from a hip-hop song I like I am “down and dirty, down to fight until round thirty.” The road of beliefs and convictions is a very lonely road to walk down and I have gone as far as the path will take me. There are still so many great people out there working tirelessly towards the same goal I was and the world is full of good people. But the problem is they are good people full of fear which makes them immobile. Maybe in the future fortune will shine her light my way and I can continue with my goals, but until then it is goodbye from me. Stay strong and keep the faith.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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Why Do We Ignore Our Real Currency?


“Trade in your hours for a handful of dimes”- The Doors

Today’s post is an excerpt I have typed up from a presentation by Mark Passio, I have posted it on YouTube and asked people to watch it countless times but like most things that are beneficial to people they ignore it. So hopefully if people can’t spare the twenty minutes to listen to the speech they can spare the five it will take to read it because what he says makes so much sense, it should really make people question themselves and the direction of their lives. Here it is:

“There is a binding principle, the encapsulating principle in which all other principles fit inside. However it is lost because we are not exercising it. What is that principle? Here is what that principle is, the thing that has to be present in order for any change to manifest itself, the principle is CARE. This means what are you giving attention to and helping to grow? What are you focusing upon? Because what you are focusing on is what is ultimately being generated, what is ultimately being created and growing. Now this doesn’t mean be ignorant of what is going on in the world and don’t look at anything that’s negative because you’re going to feed that and give power to it, that’s not what it means. If you do that what you are actually feeding is ignorance and that’s what is going to grow. It is the exact opposite of what new-agers want you to believe, by ignoring the negative you are ensuring that more of it occurs, you are fuelling it by ignorance.

Care is what you are giving your energy too, this is what you’re focused upon, this is what you actually care enough about to do, to spend your time on, to put your attention on with the aim of what you care about will manifest in the world. That is what care is, that is what generates our experience. On the whole most people just don’t care about what is really happening in the world. Therefore it is impossible for us to change our direction. What we care about on a day to day basis acts as the driving force of our thoughts and actions. You have got to care enough to know, to develop the knowledge and then you have got to act on it and put it into practice, apply it. We need to get to a level where there is no contradiction between our thoughts, what we say, how we feel and how we act.

This principle is often known as the generative principle, it is what causes creation and it is lost because people do not care. What we care about enough to put our will behind is what will be created. The world is the way it is today because most people do not care enough, even if they say they want things to be different, they don’t care enough to actually change their own actions. This is where the New Age community comes into play, they want people to be inactive. Action is what is generates our reality and this action comes by things we care about because our cares and desires drive our actions. So most people will say they want things to change but when you ask them, well what are you doing to make that change happen? The reply that comes back is silence. They don’t care enough to change it through their own actions.

If people are going to make real change happen the idea that it can be done without taking real world action has to be purged from human consciousness. Many people want to deceive you through these religious notions which is all about getting people to stand down and accept their chains, that is what religion is in place for. We have two spiritual currencies, time and attention. We can readily see this, time is money people say. It’s currency, what am I going to SPEND my time on or PAY attention to? Whatever endeavours we put our time and attention towards we end up getting something in return from that investment. This is the real currency, if you want the fake Federal Reserve nonsense, fiat paper money that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on then just keep thinking that it has real value. The returns of spiritual currency could come in the form of knowledge, skills, expertise and empowerment but it comes only if we invest these two spiritual currencies wisely. We should seek to improve our quality of attention by placing it upon information that is capable of improving both ourselves and the human condition as a whole. We should ask ourselves what am I spending my time on? What am I paying attention to?

We need to read, reading is required. The ancient Romans had two words for the same word, the word was Liber. Liber meant free, as in not a slave, a free being. It is the basis of the English word Liberty. If used in a different context the same word Liber also meant book. It meant book, it is the basis for the English word of Library. Does that not tell us something? They associated the Latin word for book with the word free, a library is a place you can go to become free if you read the right books. We have all the knowledge known to the civilised world available at our fingertips now, this hasn’t been the case in any time in human history. And what are we doing? We are playing Farmville on Facebook. We need to ask ourselves what are we spending our spiritual currency on and are we spending it wisely?”

That passage should be an eye opener for most people, what do you do with each minute in each of the 24 hours we are given each day and for what reasons? Then once you break down how you spend your time you need to ask yourself who benefits from your actions, when you will do this you will realise that we aren’t as free as we would like to believe. People spend all day at soul destroying jobs they hate for just enough money to survive whilst the money and wealth they have created through their efforts goes to the benefits of other people. Then on the bigger scale their taxes go towards wars, towards bailing out banks and all the other corrupt things that happen in the world.

What do you do when you’re not working? If you are spending your time watching nonsense TV shows you need to ask yourself who created what you’re watching and for what reasons. You will find that 99% of the garbage people watch and listen to is owned by the same conglomerates that have financial interests in the banks and the big corporations, they feed people’s minds with garbage to distract them from what is really going on in the world. They don’t want the general population to PAY ATTENTION because if that happened there would be trouble because as Tony Benn once said, if people knew what was happening then they wouldn’t accept what was happening.

Most people are complacent, they are happy to just drift by in an unjust world. That is 100% fine, but these same people should stand aside for the people who do want change and are willing to do what it takes for the change to come. It’s time to take back control of our destiny’s, in the word’s of my grandma it’s time to think on.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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We Must Help Each Other


“Education is our most powerful weapons because if the people knew what was happening, they wouldn’t accept what was happening”- Tony Benn

Buy my book, that is the message of today’s blog post. Wake Up Promotions is on the brink, I am no longer in a position to continue my aims because of funds. I have plans for music nights, guest talks and further books that could well develop into big things but I am unable to do anything at the minute because of money. There is an old saying of do what you can, where you are with what you have so I have written a novel that is 203 pages long with 71,344 words and is available in PDF format so you can read it on a kindle or tablet. It won’t be the best book you ever read but I’m sure it won’t be the worst, it’s a social commentary and story based on my European travels to Barcelona, Ibiza, Bilbao, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Milan, Verona, Venice, Naples and Rome. A lot of time and effort has been put into the book and it is written from the heart. I am looking to sell this book for £3 which is affordable to just about everybody and works out at £0.004p a word so it is certainly value for money. It’s not a charlatan “something for nothing” type appeal. It is a traditional exchange of goods and I’m fairly certain my book would add more to anybody’s life than £3 spent in Starbucks or some other corporate chain that doesn’t care about people.

We are at a critical stage in history and we desperately need to support each other. Without blowing my own trumpet the world is in desperate need of people like me, people who are willing to take the risks and put their necks on the line and that is why I am so desperately avoiding becoming a wage slave again. There are many people who use the “truth” movement for personal gain, people who will criticise the mainstream media but have no problems writing for the big papers and taking their money, people who criticise the entertainment industry but have no problem with making millions through the industry they so much despise.

Wake Up Promotions could become anything we want it to become, we could take back music, we can spread the news that needs to be heard and we could make documentaries that matter. We could make people care again without them feeling hopeless. But all of them things will only happen with support for what is on offer. At the minute it is just a one man band, it is me providing free blogs and free podcasts that contain a lot of information and take a lot of time and effort to produce. I want Wake Up Promotions to become “proper” and develop this as a platform to spread news and information which the mainstream media refuses to do. If we want change to come we can only rely on ourselves to bring it forth. If you want to buy the book you can use PayPal and upon receipt of your purchase I will email the book, the e-mail address is wakeup-manchester@hotmail.co.uk. Or you can use the Sponsume page I have set up:


I am trying to spread a positive message of hope and change and I really need your help to keep going, because my aims are to spread information and awareness and not to just make cash the banks show no interest in funding me. The things I am trying to do are exactly the opposite of what big business wants, big business and the greedy men and woman that operate the global corporations want everything for themselves whist us, the people, have just enough to get by. At the moment I am at a stage where I am unable to take the step to the next level despite it being within range and a potentially very good thing is drastically close to dying. There are two videos on my YouTube page that will really help people to understand what I’m all about:

An interview I did with Paul Giovanni of Critical Mass Radio:


Real Currency:


For some background information on myself I am a former trainee Legal Executive and I worked at one of the biggest law firms in Manchester which was recently sold for £33million. I quit my post and “career” two years ago because I realised everything in that world is fake, I was doing things I hated for money that isn’t actually real, once you realise this it becomes terribly hard to do the things people do day in and day out. You realise you are living a lie and if you a person with even an ounce of soul and spirit then it becomes almost impossible to continue life in that way. Once I left my job I took an extended 8 week trip round Europe using my savings and then I’ve been working on Wake Up Promotions ever since, progress has been slow because of the limited resources but green shoots are starting to appear.

I aim to get a real website set up where the blog and podcasts can be found in one place. I aim to set up my own recording studio so I can interview and produce podcasts that are of a high standard which will attract bigger and better guests. I aim to continue to write my blogs which continue to gain more readers with each day that passes and have had 14,000 visitors since I started in January. I aim to put on music nights and educational talks again which will give people a chance and place to meet each other, a place to get this movement from off the internet and into reality. I am also trying to complete research and write a series of books highlighting the untold history and corruption of the last 100+ years.

I have done the vast majority of my research already and I have a set of comprehensive notes after almost two years of research funded by my now depleted savings. The books are based on hard FACTs found through painstaking research and aim to join all the hidden dots together for people to see the bigger picture that is slowly unfolding, before it is too late to make the changes needed.  Things really are crystal clear once highlighted and the books will show and explain, in plain and simple English, how and why we are in the mess we find ourselves in the mess we are in today. The world is going to the dogs and it will continue this way until people start paying attention and start caring about each other again.

The outline of our books are as follows:

Book One- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: Government & It’s Failures

Highlighting the takeover of government and how it doesn’t have the people’s best interests at heart due to the Military/Industrial complex and corporate interests.

Book Two- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: Financial Crisis, Power & Corruption

Hidden history of cyclical economic booms and busts and the cause. The untold power of The City of London and Wall Street and how the Federal Reserve & Bank of England create Fiat currency.

Book Three- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: Media, Big Business & Society

How society is manipulated through the media and big businesses owned by the financial institutions.

Book Four- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: The Human Spirit and Soul

How none of the above even matters and is ruining the experience called life for billions of people.

So I hope that by reading this you will be persuaded to buy my book and help me continue on the path I have chosen, I will no doubt continue down this road regardless because as the old saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way. We can change the world if we choose to or we can continue to sit back and live manipulated lives whilst the crooks run wild. The future is in our hands.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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