It’s Not My Job To Educate You


Just a short entry to say wow! What an exciting 24 hours it’s been on the old blog front! Yesterday I wrote my views on the feminist movement and the world it is creating and as a result it turns out I’m a misogynist that is hell bent on stopping equality in the world. Here’s the definition of misogyny that I took from my interactions yesterday: “I’m a woman and this man disagrees with my opinion therefore he must hate all women the world over”. In my blog post yesterday I wrote nothing that was derogatory or offensive but apparently I did try and undermine feminism by making everything about men. I received a lot of negative feedback discussing points that were all covered in my original post. It seems that because I’m a man I don’t understand the struggle for equality. On this front I asked a simple question to a few women yesterday who interacted with me, “In what ways is a woman inferior to man in 21st Century Britain?” It seems this question was a bit of a stumbling block for all the warriors out there because not one person gave me an answer. Well they did answer but it went along the lines of “it’s not my job to educate you” and “I don’t have to explain myself to a man”.

I found this equality issue to be an interesting one, I was told that I need to “stop telling women what they should and shouldn’t be and let them be.” One woman said the views I expressed were petty so I asked her why is it my views are petty whilst hers were seemingly of world importance. To this she said I needed to stop crying and whining. Then when I pointed out her logic was slightly flawed she said she wished she could count the ways she did not care. I found this contradictory thought process to be very bizarre.

I go running almost daily down a canal near my house and on the canal there are two swans with a nest. One is male and the other is female and at the moment every time I run past the female swan is in the nest watching over her eggs. Now is she a victim of repression or is she simply fulfilling her role in nature? Should she be out on the canal constantly chasing off the geese like the male to prove she is capable? Am I being sexist for asking this?

I found this article to be very insightful of the end goal of “feminism”. The breakdown of the family unit is the root cause of almost all of the Western world’s social problems. We live in a world where an incredible amount of people, male and female, live very hollow and empty lives but compensate this with materialist goods that unfortunately don’t fill the void. People can fool other people about how happy and brilliant their lives are but there is no kidding yourself when your head hits the pillow at night. I found it very sad that most women seemed to put their blinkers on as soon as they saw the word feminism and automatically went on the offensive, to most of them I wasn’t a human being expressing views, I was a man. An evil man trying to spread his evil ways on the world. All in all I think it is a very sad state of affairs.

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The Greatest Prime Minister We Never Had


“Education is the key because if the people knew what was happening then they would not accept what is happening”- Tony Benn

The title of today’s post is a sentence said often regarding the great man Tony Benn who sadly departed our realm today. He was a man of morals and convictions whilst he possessed the courage to see them through, the simple principles that people today so desperately lack. Some say he was a champagne socialist but I would simply say he was a human with a compassionate heart. Last year at the Syria Anti-War demo in Trafalgar Square I was listening to people speak out against the war, I was stood at the front of the crowd right next to the safety railings when I heard a bit of a commotion behind me as an elderly gentleman walking by himself tried to make his way through the crowd, it was Tony Benn. No fanfare, no special entrance just a man coming to say his piece. I had the privilege of seeing Tony Benn speak in person that afternoon and what an inspiration he was to me that day.

I’m not going to write about his life today because there are plenty of other people who will be doing that. As the title suggests some say Tony Benn was the greatest Prime Minister we never had, what I want to do is examine this statement. Why was Tony Benn never elected as Prime Minister? Now I cannot comment fully on this because the majority of his life and political career was well before my time but from what I can gather the media did a fantastic job at holding Mr Benn down. Just like today the men and woman who tried to warn us, tried to do the right thing were ignored and often abused. He was painted as a nutjob, a loopy lefty when he was in fact the Vanguard of the old political order that crumbled during the 1980s as Privatisation and Financial Deregulation took over, rotting to the core the very fibre of this country through greed:

“We live in a world where everybody is just so bloody greedy there is no hope of building a better society”- Tony Benn.

The politically controlled media achieved their goals in holding Tony Benn down, the establishment got the order and way of life they wanted and as a result we find ourselves in the mess we are in today. I was disappointed and saddened this morning when I was watching BBC Breakfast News and there was hardly a word spoken regarding the passing of a true national icon.

But the thing with people like Tony Benn is that he was a man who had the principles of goodness in his armoury, if this is what you base your character on then you can survive any attack and forever come out on top. Truth crushed to earth will rise again and no lie can live forever. The way of life we currently endure is greatly flawed, we all know that. We can see it and we can feel it. But we find ourselves in the position where we feel helpless. We can’t see or find any solutions whilst we are slowly being forced into submission.

The message today is watch Tony Benn videos over the weekend. Be inspired by him, let him stir your spirit. He battled hard and he battled for a long time but the battle is not won. We must ensure the battles of Tony Benn and men like him were not fought in vain as we continue the fight for all that is right and good in the world.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The Hypocrisy of The World


“And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and they say ‘Hey! Don’t worry, don’t be afraid- ever- because this is just a ride’. And we…. kill those people. ‘’Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride! Shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry; look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.’ It’s just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that- ever notice that?- and we let the demons run amok. But it doesn’t matter, because…it’s just a ride, and we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort. No worry. No job. No savings and money. Just a choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door, buy bigger guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, into a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defence each year and, instead, spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would do many times over- not one human being excluded- and we can explore space together, both inner and outer, forever. In peace.” – Bill Hicks

I was reading through the day’s news last night and was recapping on the events in Ukraine when the hypocrisy of the government of the USA and the UK really hit me. I understand that we are all naturally hypocrites to a degree because our views and opinions often change depending on our mood or what stage we are at in our character development. But the level of hypocrisy which currently runs through every aspect of our daily lives is astounding. I asked myself why do we allow this happen and allow its effects to seep into all aspects of our lives?  What do I mean by this? Well our governments are corrupt, our justice system is criminal, our banks are the biggest fraudsters and our “Holy Men” are paedophiles. Michael Ellner takes it one step further:

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

Why do we take this? Why do we accept that this is the way things should be when a better world is so easily available if we want it? There is a line in the film American Gangster which goes like this, “the most important thing in business is honesty, integrity, hard work, family, never forgetting where we came from.” Change business to life and you have a pretty solid foundation of which you can base your actions on. However the modern world does not respect these qualities, these qualities will hold you back. You want to make it big in the world? Then you had best forget honesty. Our “leaders” are the biggest liars in the world yet they are also the most respected people in society, granted that respect is declining with every day that passes at a rapid rate.

Integrity? The world has forgotten the meaning of the word! There is no integrity in the dog eat dog, jungle society that has been created in our pursuit of the made up illusion we call money. Integrity in the modern world keeps you held down at the bottom. How many people sacrifice who they are and compromise their integrity in order to hold down a job so they can survive? How many people bite their tongues when it comes to speaking out against the countless injustices of this world so they don’t jeopardise their current employment situation? The answer is almost everyone. Look at the celebrities so many people adore. The Kardashian’s, famous from a sex tape. Towie, famous for being as thick as pig shit. Where is the integrity in what these people do and where is the self-respect in worshipping their every move? When you find it do let me know.

Hard work. Yes a fundamental if you want to get anywhere in life. But you had best be prepared for your hard work to go unappreciated and unrewarded. Slaves do work very hard, there can be no doubt about that. Everybody I know works hard yet they are always stuck in a rut, always a paycheque away from oblivion. Why is that? It is because that is how the money masters want it to be:

“People are only mean when they’re threatened and that’s what our culture does. That’s what our economy does. Even people who have jobs in our economy are threatened, because they worry about losing them. And when you get threatened, you start looking out only for yourself. You start making money a god. It is all part of this culture”- Morris Schwartz

Family. The family unit. The what unit? Family does not exist anymore. How many families are still together? I would say 2 out of every 10 people have parents who are still together and the family unit is complete, the country is littered with broken homes. The family has long been under attack ever since mum was made to feel she wasn’t a real woman unless she had a high flying career. Forget children, forget making sure they have enough love, care and education to survive in this world, just make sure you get to the top of that greasy pole known as the career ladder:

“We live in a society where women are demonised for having children in their teens when they are biologically meant to have them but there is no such stigma for women having children via IVF in their 40s. This is because what we see as the defining factor in bringing up a happy child is whether you have money, not whether you are still young enough to engage in play, or have the energy to love them properly. Still, you can use the money to hire some teenage girl. “Tommy! We’ve hired  someone who’s fun, we’ve hired somebody who likes you” and she can play with them while you look on exhaustedly with a mug of tea”- Frankie Boyle

Men come under attack too. So many men throw away their families these days instead of being the protectors and figurehead. I can’t prove this for sure but I would say deep down there are many unhappy people walking this land because their family has been completely and utterly destroyed.

And finally never forgetting where we can from. It seems so many of us can’t wait to forget where we came from. What happens in the rare instances when a person from a working class background does happen to beat the maze and does escape to financial freedom, do they lower the ladders and help the people below them up to their level? Nope they pull the ladder and they turn their backs on their roots to rub shoulders with the rich, the only people worthy of their time now.

I for one have had enough of this hypocritical system. I will tolerate it no longer. In all the recent talk of war people forget we are already in the middle of a huge war, the class war. Well I say they forget, most people aren’t even aware it is happening. They don’t realise this because we are victims of divide and conquer, which is pitting the poor against the poorer.

What does it matter if you are working your whole life away for a pittance to pay off debts and keep the wolves, aka the banks at bay. Or if you rely on a government hand outs from a government that is also heavily in debt to the same banks. What is the real difference? The difference is that the people who work for the pittance like to think they are better than the poor people when in actual fact we are all victims. We are all repressed, you and I do not come into contact with the people who truly benefit from this system, the truly wealthy move in circles that none of us get even close to. Their wealth is created off the back of our suffering and misery. When are we going to change this way of life?

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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The Lost Interviews


Today’s blog is a little different, it is short and sweet. Instead of writing today I have decided to try bring some interviews I did last year back from the dead. Pick and choose as you wish, each one contains useful and interesting information. Normal service shall resume tomorrow.

Interview with Michael Meacher MP

Interview with the author Ian Henshall, author of the book 9/11 Revealed

Interview with Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change

Interview with Pieter Jan Ardies, filmmaker of the documentary Are You A Freedom Seeker

Interview with Loz Kaye, leader of the UK Pirate Party

Interview with Mark Devlin

Tony Benn Speech Recorded at the Syria Anti-War Demo in Trafalgar Square on 31/08/2013

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Dark Days


To continue the theme from Saturday’s post of reviewing media today’s post is going to be about the documentary Dark Days which I watched last night. The story behind how the documentary came into existence is itself incredible, the film was made by a man called Marc Singer who as a lifestyle choice decided to spend some time with a community of homeless people living underground in the Freedom Tunnel which is part of the New York subway system. Despite having no previous experience or expertise he decided to make a documentary to help the homeless people financially after a conversation he had with some of  them one day, the film’s crew consisted of the homeless people themselves. They rigged up makeshift lighting and learned to use a 16mm camera with black-and-white Kodak film. The documentary was filmed between 1994 and 1997 but was not released until the year 2000 due to financial difficulties, Marc refused to sell the documentary because he wanted full creative control over the final product.

The documentary follows a few of the residents of a small community of around 100 people that lived in the tunnels in makeshift huts they built themselves. Some people had lived down there for over five years in some cases. Their little homes had access to electricity from the mains they had tapped into and some of them even had TV sets. In one scene one of the homeless people is telling the camera how he isn’t homeless to which his fellow homeless friend corrects him and says you’re not helpless but you are homeless and tells him that he needs to deal with that fact. The tunnels are dark apart from the lighting for the camera and are swarming with rats.

What I found remarkable about this documentary is that most of the people featured in the documentary are still sane, they have not completely lost their minds apart from one or two, there is one guy called Ronnie who describes to the camera how his shopping trolley full of junk is a van full of money, he has clearly lost his grip on reality. But as you would have no doubt guessed, to end up living in a train tunnel there is drug abuse involved, with the most common drug mentioned being crack cocaine.

The documentary shows two people named Clarence and Dee smoking crack. One of the people involved in the documentary tells us how he lost his wife and his family after he was in jail for 10 years during which time his daughter got raped. A little further on in the documentary Dee tells us how her two young children died in a house fire, she starts to cry as she talks about her failings as a mother and confesses she misses being a mother terribly, it then cuts to her smoking crack. I wrote last week how some people take drugs to purposely self destruct because their lives have just become so unbearable due to one personal tragedy to the next and I believe Dee is a good example of this, it is very difficult to watch because no matter how low she has fallen in life she clearly still has human emotions and a grief that she cannot escape.

To survive the people from the tunnel go rummaging through rubbish to find things to sell for a little bit of money or to find food to eat out of bins. It is quite sad to see this happening yet at the same time I kind of admired them because they still had the will to survive and carry on in life and they found ways to do so. One homeless man explains how he only has himself to blame for the situation he finds himself as a culmination of his actions, to me the life these people are living is what happens when you go over the edge that is mentioned in The Message by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five. It is tragic.

Whilst the documentary was being filmed the people of the tunnel were evicted by Amtrak, the rail operator and tunnel owner. When they are evicted the general consensus among the tunnel community is that they have lost their freedom, despite them living in such terrible conditions they see themselves as free because they are not part of the “system”, this is the sentiment despite the fact they are re-housed into real accommodation. At the end of the documentary one of the former homeless people called Tito, the one person in the documentary whose mind seems to be the most intact, says the following:

“Now it feels like I never went down there, that was the saddest part of my journey through life, they were dark days, real dark. But during the time it didn’t bother me at all but once I sit back and think about it I ask myself damn how could I have done that? Let myself go like that. You don’t realise until you get out of it and then you look back every now and then and you think damn I used to do that? That used to be me? Yeah it used to be me, it definitely used to be me.”

I found that little bit of speech to be sad because it just shows that all anybody ever needs is a little help, a shoulder to lean on when times get rough because when you don’t have that the most terrible things can happen. Things that could be prevented. I feel that’s where we’re at in life, we’re at a point where we let governments and corporations run out of control and cause situations and problems that are so easily preventable. In a way our society is going through its own dark days.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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Requiem For a Dream


Last night I watched the film Requiem For a Dream which is one of, if not the best, films about the “dark” side of life which is very common and closer to home than we would like to admit. If you have never watched this film you should try and find the time to do so, it is available to watch online for free with a quick Google search.

A brief overview of the film is that it revolves around the lives of the characters Harry Goldfarb, his mother Sara Goldfarb and Harry’s girlfriend Marion Silver. The film is set around Coney Island in New York and it focuses on how mundane life can be when you do not have the funds to live as you would like to live. Sara Goldfarb is an elderly widow who lives a lonely existence that revolves around the television, when one day she receives a telephone call to say she has been selected to appear as a contestant on a television game show.  During a visit to his mothers Sara tells Harry how depressing and lonely her life has become, she tells her son the reason she musters up the will to live and get out of bed in the mornings is to appear on this television show. For her appearance on TV Sara wants to wear a special red dress she has but she can’t fit into it because she has gained weight so she takes diet pills to lose the weight to fit into the dress. The dress is special to her because she wore it to her sons graduation, the red dress is symbolic of better days when she still had a family and happiness in her life. She takes the diet pills whilst sitting at home watching infomercials. To me this is trying to symbolise how fake everything has become, our loved ones sit at home neglected whilst the world is just out to sell us anything and everything, whether it be a fad diet or a shiny new car. We gain possessions but lose what we had all along.

In the case of Harry and his girlfriend Sara it shows the pitfalls of drugs and youth. It shows how they are casual drug users in their apartment where they hold parties with lots of music. At the start of the film the two are clearly in love, the film is about them trying to achieve their dreams. Marion is a fashion designer and her dream is to open her own store and Harry’s dream is to provide for the women he loves to make her happy (The poor misguided man!).  Harry, along with his friend Tyrone, turns drug dealer to try and achieve his goals. They make enough money to open a store but everything turns upside down when they are busted by the police. Harry becomes a heavily dependent drug user whilst Marion turns to prostitution in order to gain access to funds. Things come to a tragic head at the end of the film.

Throughout the film the basic underlying theme is money and the lack of it. Each one of their dreams was to just be happy and in the process of trying to achieve their dreams they lose grip on reality and go crazy. To me the film highlights that at a basic fundamental level our society is very sick but we choose to ignore this. The film highlights how people become trapped into the environments they are born into. I can relate to this film a lot because I myself am trapped in an environment I was born into, I too am in the wilderness trying to achieve my dreams. I gave up a secure, decent paying job to go on this pursuit, some people said that was a crazy move and many still hold that view today. But unlike the people in this film and 95% of the people in real life I feel truly alive every single day. When I worked in an office I was brain-dead, I was a robot, a slave to the mundane 9-5 existence. It is this mundaneness, this emptiness that people take drugs to escape from, they want release from the walls that have been built around them.

But at the station I’m currently at in life all the pitfalls are there. The drugs are there if I wanted them. It was only two months ago that my friends brother who grew up on my street died of a drug overdose, gone in his late twenties. This film reminded me of the old story regarding Martin Hannett, the Manchester music producer who died aged 41 of heart failure after he descended into heroin addiction. Some say this descent started when Factory Records chose to buy the Hacienda nightclub instead of new recording equipment. Ironically the Hacienda is well known for its drugs and some would say it was the birthplace of the Ecstasy/House revolution. Who knows what would have happened if Hannett got his studio instead of the world getting the Hacienda.

I use this example of just how powerful and destructive drugs are, not that any of us need reminding. Like I say on a fundamental level our society is sick, very sick indeed. But we don’t try to fix things, we just carry on in our broken ways. I left my job because I could see that I was just playing the corporate game like everybody is programmed to do. But I could see I would never get any money that way. Money is the game changer and it is very, very elusive. In a cash orientated world where greed is king nobody wants to share what they have so we have a society where the have-nots sling it out against each other for the scraps that are thrown their way by the people who do have money and control the game. It goes back to what I wrote about my family’s old business and its demise, we are no longer a part of a community or families, we are just a cog in a machine that works effortlessly in expanding the wealth of the owners and operators of the machine. Nothing in life is going to change unless we make it happen and until we make that choice to make the necessary changes there is going to be a lot more requiem for dreams along with wasted lives.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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Inevitable Revolution?


As civilians in Ukraine are shot dead in the streets by the enforcers of their own government this is the question for today, are we living in the time of the inevitable revolution that Karl Marx predicted? Now I don’t mean a socialist revolution, I mean any form of revolution, a love revolution or maybe even a spiritual evolution? I’ve said before that I don’t believe in Socialism or Capitalism, outdated concepts for a world that has passed us by and is now gone. We are in unprecedented times where we have instant access to information, people and most important of all, new ideas. We have technology and knowledge where we can make just about anything we want happen, if we so choose.

If you’re not familiar with the inevitable revolution theory, Karl Marx believed that the revolution of the proletariat was not only inevitable but would inevitably be successful, with the proletariat’s being what is today labelled as the 99%. The “inevitable revolution” must lead to an “inevitable victory of the proletariat” over the privileged bourgeoisie, that is people with the modern day label of the 1%. Their privileged position allowed them to practice a merciless exploitation of the 99%, pressing these labouring masses downward to a level of bare subsistence because labour, having become nothing but a commodity for sale for wages in the competitive market would naturally fall to the level which would just allow the necessary supply of labour to survive. From such exploitation, the bourgeoisie would become richer and richer and fewer and fewer in number. They would acquire ownership of all property in the society while the proletariat would become poorer and poorer and more and more numerous and be driven closer and closer to desperation. Eventually the bourgeoisie would become so few and the proletariat would become so numerous that the latter could rise up and take over the instruments of production and thus control of the whole society.

He wasn’t far wrong was he really? Look at the world today and the type of society that is clearly being developed. Everything is broken and in a sane world we would try to replace everything that is broken to prosper again but instead we try, or rather those in charge, try so desperately to keep all the broken ways and institutions going. And the number one reason for this is because the biggest thing broken in this day and age is our financial system, but it just so happens that those who benefit from and control this system find themselves in all the positions of power, therefore no voluntary change is going to come, why would you reform something if it is working for you? The problem arises when what works for the 1% comes as a direct result of injury and harm to the 99%.

So we find ourselves in the position where the power of the people has to be repressed. How can so few achieve this task? Well it’s done primarily through divide and conquer, make the poor fight the even poorer keeping all eyes off the real enemy. Distract the masses, occupy their minds with celebrity nonsense and sports. Pay these “celebrities & sportsmen” handsomely so the people strive to be like them. Last year 9 million people tuned into X-Factor and 8 million people tuned into Strictly Come Dancing on a weekly basis, these shows were no doubt what the majority of people then talked about all week. Whatever happened to going out yourself singing and dancing on a Saturday night? It’s too expensive of course so now people have to sit in at home and watch other people do it.

To keep the masses down you would destroy intellect, you would make topics such as politics, finance and economics as no go subjects, “What that nonsense? What would I take any notice of that shit for?” You know the type you meet them every day. You would destroy the family unit so people are coming from unstable foundations. You would dumb people down, a good and simple way to start would be by destroying language. Now I was on the tram last Monday and there was a group of lads talking amongst themselves but speaking quite loud and talking nothing but nonsense in the new phenomenon that is Multicultural London English, Ali G type talk. I was embarrassed for them, that is how cringe worthy they were. Then to keep this cycle working correctly you would have the guns on the streets, you would hold the people in fear by the occasional show of brute force. Reminding them what would happen if they step out of line.

I think the position we’re at right now is that the abused and exploited masses are held down. Mainly through ignorance but also because a lot of people feel the injustices but don’t know where to turn, they feel there are no options other than to submit to the accepted way of life. My own opinion is that when the options are none then you create your own and that is exactly what we need to do, we need to get organised and fight back. My personal belief is that the inevitable revolution could not come quick enough, preferably not violent like the scenes we have been seeing in Ukraine.

So many people are still blinded by the election charade and think voting for Labour or whoever else in 2015 will change everything. There is a strategic tactic used mainly in war but also in business and the tactic is to advance whilst negotiating which is pretty much as it sounds, you negotiate whilst at the same time you are still taking and getting exactly what you need and want. The 2015 election is merely a form of advancement whilst negotiating, the election is the negotiating table and on one side is the people and the other is the wealthy elite that rule the world. They will throw some concessions, they will kindly let you feel like you are winning by throwing a few scraps but whilst you are negotiating they are taking everything they can get their trotters into, and if that means war, death and endless conflicts then so be it because it will be the sons of the poor going fighting and dying, not theirs. We need to make our voices heard.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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