The Sadness of Feminism



For the last hour or so I’ve been reading about the horrific story of Elliot Rodger and his warped views on the world which resulted in him going on a killing spree. I was going to write about that incident today but then I got side tracked by the feminist frenzy it has caused. It appears that Elliot Rodger’s actions and the reasoning behind it has caused a reaction very much similar to when some meat is thrown into the lions. It appears that the damaged mind of one sick individual is now concrete evidence that all men across the globe are masochist’s who show nothing but misogyny towards women. I’ve been reading all the comments and been quite disturbed in some cases, it’s as if some of these women live in a world where women like Joanna Dennehy don’t exist. They seem to forget that women sometimes commit heinous crimes too.

Before we go on I will make it clear and be perfectly honest and say feminists are not my favourite type of people. I often find them to be very narrow minded and sometimes ignorant. To me they often come across as very bitter souls that seem to be very miserable and devoid of love, for what reasons I do not know. But in saying that it doesn’t mean I have a problem with a woman being a feminist. If you want to be hairy, be hairy. If you don’t want to wear a bra then don’t wear one. But don’t have a bee in your bonnet because the world doesn’t bow down to your feet because you do these things. Feminists often accuse men of hating women but it often appears that the boot is on the other foot in that it is these women who actually hate men.


Slut Walk

I found the “SlutWalks” of a couple of years ago to be a particularly confusing and embarrassing women protest. I fully understand the reasoning behind it, what Officer Michael Sanguinetti said was obscene. Nobody should be raped full stop, clothes should not even enter the equation. But to me these protests were self-degrading for women as they went on marches in protest of all us men who are “pigs”. For me it was just another example of the narrow-mindedness of feminists, that men just see women as sexual objects. Do we not live in a world where the standard procedure on hen night is for a stripper to visit? Do women not buy calendars of buff men with no clothes on as a bit of “eye candy”?

You see when it comes to sex and loose morals it works both ways. I could tell you a tale or two about women who are “pigs” too, like a married woman I know who had sex in the toilet of a bar with a man before going home to sleep in her maritial bed with her husband. Like the women I know who told her boyfriend she was going for a week away with her girls but went to Spain with another man. If you do a quick Google search of “Female teacher arrested” you will find that there is a small crisis within our schooling system of female teachers engaging in sexual relationships with their young students. If you read books like My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday you will find that most women are just as sexual as men.


It all boils down to that burning question that is a favourite of feminists, are women sexualised in our society? Without a doubt the answer to this question is yes, but this sexualisation applies to men just as much as it does to women. There is a war on society being waged through our culture, our culture is being destroyed and as a result so are our morals. It is quite ironic that the last post on my blog before any of these events happened was titled Rediscovering Lost Values. It is at this point where I feel most feminists are misguided, they fail to see that culture is manipulated and as such they play a big role in a divide and conquer tactic that is detrimental to human relations. Women want equality and it was only last week I was writing about Emmeline Pankhurst. But the thing with equality is that women have it now, it is no longer the 19th century where women are voiceless in the kitchen. It appears that like some gay rights activists, some feminists are fighting a battle that has already been won. Women now have the same rights as men and are excelling in the world. Now I know what all the hardcore defenders of feminism that read this are going to come back at me with, they are going to say not all women have rights and some are still oppressed in the world. That would be true but it can’t be denied that the majority of women in the Western world are free to do as they please.

I’m not a man that hates women, I love women. Although I’ve got no kids I imagine Will Smith was right when he said that he believes a man and a woman raising a family together is the purest form of happiness we can experience. But of course the family is under attack, women no longer want to be mothers, they would much prefer to climb that career ladder only to find it doesn’t offer the fulfilment they thought it would. I am 24 years old and single and the reason for this is because it is a very difficult to be a young man at this moment in time, Chris Rock was right when he said I feel sorry for the guys that gotta pick a wife out of this bunch. Believe it or not, despite what you constantly see on TV most men don’t want sluts, men want women who are ladies. Men want a woman who is going to be strong and loyal and the problem lies in that the modern young women is not a very nice person. She is self-centred, she is shallow and she is superficial. To find a young woman who you can have an intellectual conversation with that doesn’t revolve around fake TV shows, celebrities or fashion is very hard thing to do today. This no doubt applies to most modern men too and it is this chasm between men and women that is creating people like Elliot Rodger.

Human Needs

The point of today’s post is to try and balance the books because I’ve been getting pretty sick and tired of reading toxic spiel about men being evil monsters that lack respect. Some men are monsters yes, just like some women are. But in most cases mens needs are very basic and they are just the same as a woman’s needs; love, care and attention.

But of course in the modern world these things are seen as soft and weak. Men and women move around with their guard constantly up, nobody wants to expose themselves and become emotionally attached to another person because we live in a world of increasingly loose morals in which there is a high chance that you are going to get hurt. And when a person gets hurt on a deep soul level the pain can last for a very long time, in order to avoid this pain we are often once bitten twice shy. This is why we have a nation of men and women who see each other as the enemy and denounce each other as all being the same when it comes to immoral behaviour. It is this wedge being driven between man and woman that is the source of so many of the personal problems that people face today. My own personal opinion is that women who base their outlook on how men treated women in the 19th century serve no purpose other than causing further fragmentation.

“There are no people of colour problems, no ethnic problems, no women problems, no poverty problems…there are only human problems, and these problems can be solved because these problems have to do with what everyone wants in life.” – Jacque Fresco

If you feel I’ve misunderstood what it means to be a women in the modern world then please feel free to share your thoughts.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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16 thoughts on “The Sadness of Feminism

  1. I’m a married, well-groomed, bra-wearing professional woman and mother of two boys. And I’m a feminist. The point of #YesAllWomen is NOT that all men are pigs. It’s to point out that there are enough who are that every woman is subjected to their misogyny. It’s not an isolated experience. I get my ass grabbed at professional events. Regularly. And I’m not hot, or flirty, or any of those other things that might lead people to suggest that I’m “asking for it”. I’m just a woman who is there, and when a senior male lawyer has had a few drinks, that apparently means that he’s entitled to manhandle me without so much as introducing himself.

    All women want from #YesAllWomen is for people like you to stop claiming that there are very few misogynists out there, and that women are “overreacting” all the time by feeling obligated to protect themselves in ways that would never even occur to you as being necessary, because you’ve never been screamed at by a guy blocking the only doorway of the room after you apparently rejected him (without even actually knowing he was making an advance). Or told when you reported the incident to a superior that “well, so-and-so is just like that”.

    Feminists are just women and their allies who don’t think that should happen to people, and who are frustrated by living in a society where those events are completely normal, so long as the victims are women.

    • Again very narrow minded to think these things only occur to women. You could say there are enough of anything out there, we live on a planet with 7 billion people on it.

      I think this word misogyny is very much overused, it is being used out of context i.e. ‘I’m a woman and this man disagrees with my opinion therefore he must hate all women’.That’s what I have taken from the way that word has been used today.

      You keep on living your life with this resentment towards men and I will go on respecting women but just remember that an organism at war with itself is doomed.

    • I’m a bloke and I get my ass pinched and chest groped by women quite a lot. I’m quite mild mannered so I don’t encourage it but it happens quite a lot, especially if I am having an evening out. I always look my best and it doesn’t bother me.

  2. An excellent post, very well written, balanced and fair.
    It is sad to hear about the situation of this young man and the victims but it has nothing to do with feminism at all. It has more to do with this young man’s worldview. Now the question should be, how did this worldview come about? Perhaps it has something to do with mainstream media conditioning? Young people certainly have a hard time trying to make sense of the world around them and the media doesn’t help, especially since the outlets are now owned by so few corporations so alternative views are being marginalised.

  3. Thank you Rob, I’m glad somebody sees it as a fair analysis. I’ve been very much up against it as a misogynist woman hater today with many people failing to see my point.

    You’re correct it has nothing to do with feminism but on social media, particularly Twitter, there has been a very strong reaction as if this man was your average Joe and represents the thoughts and feelings of men across the world.

    There is certainly media manipulation involved, we have to remember at the upper echelons of power there are people who would like a world population that is confused and against each other, thus paying no attention to themselves.

    Until there is more love and understanding in the world things are only going to get worse with incidents like this becoming more frequent.

  4. VERY brave man for attempting such writings! In my experience, militants, whatever the cause, are far from seeking equality; rather they want to establish some advantage. Some superiority. And those that do NOT fully subscribe to their agendas are, consequently LABELLED. For example, if you have concerns about immigration, you must be a RACIST. If you don’t completely agree with LGBT issues or Gay Marriage, you must be a homophobic BIGOT. Likewise, if you don’t fully agree with feminists, you can only be a chauvinistic, sexist misogynist.

    • Spot on Mike, as you can see just be a few comments above I have been given that label today even though I feel I have given nothing other than rational and valid opinions.

      It’s a very sad state of affairs that there is so much animosity flowing around the world.

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  6. Very very well written and well said! I am a woman, and also a mother of 3 men…I find it incredible that us women are encouraged and almost brow beaten to detest and tar the human beings we carry, grow and give birth to and to see them all as monsters. Seriously…thisis equality…I think it’s perverse. I use the term Femogynist when referring to the women manipulating the whole feminist movement this way. We as women should hang our heads in shame when Feminists crawl out of the woodwork to defend the likes of Miley Cyrus to totally sexually objectify herself whilst dressing up like a young girl……THIS IS NOT WHAT FEMINISM IS ABOUT…As far as I’m concerned females are far more guilty of sexually exploiting themselves than men are these days. Alas, feminism in my opinion was one of the cleverest ploys used to divide and conquer and has also done great damage to the family unit leaving all out=r children more vulnerable to abuse, social injustice and more vulnerable to being taken under the “corporate parent” wing. It’s a sad state of affairs when I’d rather have my 7 year old granddaughter listen to One Direction due to the lyrics which are far more condusive to building her self esteem and confidence than the lyrics being spewed out by the likes of Cyrus, Beyonce, niki mynage. I’d also like to pint out that if the men of our society are so awful…what the hell does that say about us as mothers. x

    • Thank you for your comment and what a brilliant comment it was! It is so refreshing to see there are still some women out there that can still see straight!

      It is all just another form of social conditioning in my book, the woman I have been hearing from and who’s comments I have been reading are all saying the same thing, like they are all reading from the same script planted in their minds.

      The world is not as dangerous are making it out to be, some women have made it sound like it is a miracle for them to get home unscathed each night.

      The question you raise regarding parenting is an excellent one that most would not be able to answer, must like the one I ask in this follow up piece:

      Again thanks for commenting, your clarity of thought was refreshing

  7. Nothing new here. Feminazis try to pick any subject to transform in their horse of war against men. The shame is see the entire liberal media put these man-hating propaganda exploiting this sad case.

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