Peaches Geldof and The Disappearance of Faux Grief


Well, well, well what a difference an inquest and the word Heroin makes. The legion of broken hearted “fans” have soon changed their tune from just a few weeks ago when Peaches sadly passed away. The bleeding hearts have suddenly dried up and “Peaches gets no sympathy from me” is now the sentiment of the moment. She has gone from “best mother in the world” to a junkie who got high whilst being solely in charge of her two young children. So I was right in saying the grief the nation showed was faux, I was right because true grief comes from love and the loss of that love when someone you care for deeply leaves you. And the magic about love is that if you truly love someone then you do so no matter what mistakes they make.

The fact that Peaches died of a heroin overdose will have no impact on those truly grieving her loss. I noticed there was no national outpouring of grief for the teacher, wife and mother who was murdered in her classroom this week, a woman who clearly cherished life and spent 40 years teaching others. But of course her mother didn’t die of an overdose and we didn’t “know” her so it was only natural we did not mourn her like we do with “celebrities”.

Of course the media are loving it, they can continue the circus with the added bonus of “she died like her mum”. This whole incident has brought to the surface a little pet hate of mine, the idea that Peaches was a victim of the disease of addiction. I saw one tweet that said Addiction is not a lifestyle choice but a cruel disease. In my eyes this is completely incorrect, substance addiction comes as a result of your lifestyle CHOICE. Now don’t get me wrong here I understand that addiction is a huge problem but like I saw somebody say today, you don’t get addicted to heroin out of the blue. Earlier in the year I wrote this regarding my views on addiction:

“In recent weeks I have written about accountability with the focus being directed mainly at the police and other government institutions. Today I’m going to be shining the light on us and how in our cynical society it is becoming all too easy to just blame other people for things which we should be taking some personal responsibility for. This line of thought started for me this week when I read an article in The Guardian by Russell Brand which says Phillip Seymour Hoffman is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws. Wrong. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was the victim of his own choices and actions.

It doesn’t matter what laws are in force regarding any aspect of life the final consequence is always going to be as a result of the choices you make and the action you take. In the case of Mr Hoffman if you choose to be a drug user then prepare for the possibility you will self destruct. Russell’s argument in this case is that we don’t treat drug users correctly. I’m sure if Mr Hoffman wanted it all the help in the world would have been available to him. But we are going off topic, I’m not going to enter that debate of how to treat drug addicts today because it’s a whole different can of worms which I’m not really qualified to comment on. If you have read any of my previous articles or listened to any of my radio shows you will know I am as informed as anyone on the whole “War on Drugs” and the prison for profit business. I know people who have died from drug abuse, I’ve witnessed drug abuse with my own eyes but what I’m talking about today is personal responsibility.

I have very little sympathy for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, if it wasn’t for the fact he has left behind fatherless children I would have none at all. This may sound a little harsh but Mr Hoffman was successful at what he did, he had the world in the palm of his hand to do anything he wanted and he CHOSE heroin which he would have known leads to addiction. It was this choice that has led to his early demise and in the wise words from the film A Bronx Tale there is nothing more tragic in life than wasted talent.

There is a huge drug problem in this country and across the world, extending beyond illegal drugs to include prescription drugs. But with drugs it is all about personal choice, you would have to grow up under a rock to not know what lies at the end of the substance abuse road. Most people take drugs as a release, some people take them to purposely self destruct because their lives have just become so unbearable due to one personal tragedy to the next. But the bottom line always remains the same, people become addicted to drugs because they choose to take them. When I want release I will read a good book because I know the outcome of this activity will be constructive and not destructive. You don’t need laws to deal with book addictions do you, who was the last person to die because of stupid anti-book laws?”

Drugs are indeed a huge problem throughout the world, is was reported today on RT that Heroin production has hit record levels in Afghanistan. There is also a huge difference in how we treat drugs depending on social status, if Peaches Geldof was poor and uneducated then the calls of her being a “smack head” would be endless. Could you imagine if a Jeremy Kyle guest overdosed on Heroin whilst looking after her kids, the nation would be outraged. It was also announced today that Toronto Mayor has admitted he has a drug problem and will step down from his role as Mayor to seek help. If he was a poor person with no connections he would be sent to jail, it reminded me of the lyrics to the song Whitelines by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five:

“A street kid gets arrested, gonna do some time, he got out three years from now just to commit more crime. A businessman is caught with 24 kilos, he’s out on bail and out of jail and that’s the way it goes.”


 I guess the message of today’s blog is we need to stop being fickle and tackle these problems head on until they are problems no more. Just remember that everything in this world is all about money. Wars, Drugs, Prisoners, Newspapers that need a story to sell copies, these are all things with vested interests in the misery that is so predominant throughout our world. Instead of lapping up the constant bad news have a think about what you can do to help make a change for the better.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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5 thoughts on “Peaches Geldof and The Disappearance of Faux Grief

  1. Why is it that people who have an advantage so often seem to want to criticise people who don’t? Why do two legged people criticise one legged people? Why do rich people criticise poor people? Why do clever people criticise stupid people? It seems to me they only do that from a position of ignorance (and probably guilt as well).

    It seems you assume ‘people’ are all the same when you slate their stupidity for taking drugs. As if a person who decides to take drugs is like you in all respects except that they make a different and, clearly according to you, a stupid decision. But they are not like you. There is a high probability (with a lot of research to support the theory) that they are living in a state of pain (neurological pain) which would floor you if you suddenly experienced it from your current state of being.

    Imagine criticising someone for jumping off a tall building because when you stand on a tall building you don’t choose to jump. Then imagine that the tall building they were on was the World Trade Center on the morning of 11 September 2001. Imagine if you didn’t know about the inferno they were facing. It would appear stupid. But there is a point, when you believe you will burn in 2 seconds, where 7 seconds of freefall is the best choice.

    I challenge you to take heroine for a week and see if it improves your life. You would feel disorientated, disconnected from reality, restless, agitated and you wouldn’t be able to write your blog. You wouldn’t become addicted because you would hate it. So how come some people take it and it gives them a sense of reprieve, a sense of casting off the burden that is crushing them? It gives them a feeling of being powerful and autonomous? – It anaesthetises their pain. It actually puts them in a neurological condition more closely related to the one you are in naturally. The reason it often appears to make them seem elated or irresponsible is precisely because the condition is alien to them whereas you are used to handling life from that relatively pain free position.

    • I don’t understand your first paragraph, are you accusing me of critisising people? If so your accusation doesn’t any make sense because I talk about talented people with oppurtunities wasting their lives.

      Secondly I don’t assume anything, rather I write my views on my blog. People are free to do anything they please but must be prepared to face the consequences, which in the case of heroin abuse is often a destroyed life or even death as in this case. You could argue all day long to me about why people take drugs but your attempts would be futile, a person is always ultimately responsible for their own actions.

      I will turn down your stupid offer to try heroin for a week, I know what heroin does and I have no interest in it. You talk about ignorance but then comment on my life when you know nothing about it, a big contradiction in my opinion

  2. I cannot work out why people are so obsessed with celebrities….

    It is amazing that people cannot see though all the bullshit….

    Lots of celebrities are used as tools of social engineering……

  3. What a hideous challenge above! No, don’t take heroin at all. There are many ways to deal with mental and physical pain and when you have the responsibility of children heroin should never even be a thought in your mind.
    Just like Peaches was left with the hideous burden of her mother taking her life she has now done the same to her own children, who will now live their lives with the same tortured thoughts that Peaches did. If after such a tragedy the Geldof family could not surround Peaches with protective support there is not much hope for their futures.

  4. Some people can deal with their demons and some people can’t and choose or more accurately sieze every increasingly desperate method of drowning them out. It has little or nothing to do with status or money but occurs as a result of despair, depression or a reaction to trauma….an inability to cope.

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