What Is a “Troll?”?


Troll is a word that I have seen a hell of a lot in recent days on my Twitter and Facebook feed so I thought I would share my views on this topic. First off I will start by letting you know that “Troll” is a word that well and truly gets on my bloody nerves, in my world there are no such thing as trolls other than the ones that exist in fairy-tales, they carry clubs and live under bridges. But of course my world view isn’t the same as everybody else’s, there are a lot of people out there who define a troll as somebody who likes to start arguments with strangers online. Your typical troll will be an internet user with an anonymous name, a fake picture that is never a human face and no personal information, this pretty much describes your typical keyboard warrior. I posted the question what is a troll? on my twitter and got a few replies, two replies stood out the most:

“Too many people confuse cun*s for trolls. True trolls post things to get rises out of people and then sit back and laugh” (I have decided to use a degree of censorship on the dreaded C word for those sensitive people out there)

“Don’t have views as such but wish we could evolve to completely ignoring them, unfollow and block immediately”

This is the line of thinking I agree with, trolls do not exist unless you make them exist. As my blog and Twitter feed has grown in popularity I have been “attacked” almost daily but you will never find me moaning about trolls, I will send them a suitable reply and then that will be the end of it. Here are a couple for example:



Pretty harsh words from random strangers but do you know what the funny thing is, 9 out of 10 times they never reply. What usually happens in a “trolling” incident is that people rise to the bait laid down and then a pointless argument will ensue. Why don’t I rise to “trolls”? The answer is because I have read Aesops fables and one of the lessons I learnt from that book of wisdom was this one:

A kid was perched on the top of a house and saw a Wolf passing by under him. Immediately he began to revile and attack his enemy. “Murderer and thief” he cried, “why are you here near honest folks’ houses? How dare you make an appearance where your deeds are known!” “Curse away, my young friend,” said the wolf, “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.”

The moral of that short tale is plain to see, only now we don’t have children sat upon roofs but rather fully grown adults sat behind a computer screen. I’ve seen a lot of comments and posts flying around over the past few days that really would give The Jeremy Kyle show a run for its money. I’ve seen people denounce others as trolls before going on to post pretty vile posts themselves resorting to the low level of name calling with the use of “foul language”.  The last few days have made me question whether the people involved in the “truth movement” are in it for the change or in it for their egos. It is apparent to me that some people seem to be more interested in themselves than the greater good they say they fight for, I have noticed that there are just far too many people out there with a heightened sense of importance, the self appointed guardians of the human race.

For a while I wanted to be part of the Alternative Media scene and help change the world but having ventured into the fringes I decided to turn back before I got into that crazy world any further. I don’t like to use the term crazy but I have encountered some people in recent months who really do need to seek help, or at the very least take some time out and have a rest from the internet for a while. Now the last few lines may get some people’s backs up and it is important that I am not misunderstood here because it is in no way meant to be offensive, on a individual level there are so many great people who do indeed have a burning passion against all the injustices in the world and truly desire change, I am one of them people who would love nothing more than a better world to live in. But on a collective level I have come to believe that the “Truth Movement” and “Alternative Media” is absolutely toxic.

I wrote down my opinions on the “truth movement” earlier in the year and in the time that has passed since I wrote that piece I have solidified my opinion that It is a shallow world of petty arguments and inflated egos. I think it is without doubt a world of controlled opposition but as I wrote last week the tactics of smoke and mirrors is heavily in play and it is very difficult to determine what is the truth and what is lies along with who is legitimate and who is a shill for the powers that be. I think there are some people who have been in the smoke for too long and this confusion has made them lose touch with reality. This is partly why I decided to stop my activist work and downscale it to simply writing my blog, I too was on the verge of getting lost. I never viewed myself as doing some form of noble act to humanity when I was trying to raise awareness, I just saw it as part of my duty of being a decent human being. I was just trying to spread the information I had found, I was no different than anybody else other than I have read a lot of books and learnt how things truly operates in a world where not many people bother to read anymore and remain ignorant.

I think it’s a great shame that it appears as a whole, people are never going to make it to the crucial stage of being a unified front, standing strong together for truth and goodness. It looks like we are going to remain at the primitive level of “he said, she said….I’m going to go and tell my mummy on you” type bullshit. It appears we are going to Question Everything to the extent that we mis-trust anything placed in front of us, there are so many people out there who are creating their own obstacles. My passion and desire for change has not wavered and I will always support those that actively seek change but I personally choose to distance myself from the “Alternative Media” scene, I hope it can see the errors in its ways before it loses the support of more people. To answer my own question of what is a troll I believe a troll is a needless distraction, in fairy-tales a troll causes no harm if you go about your business and walk over the bridge. The trouble occurs when you go under the bridge and attract it’s attention. Just like fairy-tales, trolls don’t exist when you don’t give them any attention.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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