Negotiate Whilst Advancing: Smoke and Mirrors


A few years ago I read a book called The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene and in recent months it has proved to be a helpful guide on life. I read it for this very reason, as a lesson on how the game of life is played. It warned me of many things; the hordes of passive aggressive people that we meet daily, the ones who smile to your face but would not think twice about stabbing you in the back to achieve their goals. It highlighted the ruthless ways of those who play to win. But most importantly it taught me how to spot things for how they are, how to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

Tonight I recorded my final podcast for a while, I would say it was an interview but it was more like a chat  with a friend of mine about a possible solution to our problems called The Reset1. And solutions are what we are so desperately in need of. Despite some people being unable to recognise it we are fighting a very important battle at the moment. In our chat tonight the Mayan Calendar cropped up and from my understanding from what I’ve read about this particular subject the Mayans didn’t prophesise the end of the world but rather a shift in consciousness as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The prophecy is that a great battle between good and evil would ensue of which the final victor would be the ultimate fate of the world. This is something I could agree with and that is why I try to do good as much as I can because I know which side I want to be victorious.

When you break everything down to its core level that is what it all boils down to, what is right and wrong. Lies are wrong, Truth is right. Hate is wrong, Love is right. Murder is wrong, Healing is right. Stealing is wrong, Sharing is right. Selfishness is wrong, Caring is right. And so the list goes on and on. I feel the point where we are going wrong in life is that the principles of evil are the ones which are respected and adhered to in today’s society. We respect the men of money in this world regardless of what they did to get it, which is a great shame because 9 times out of 10 we know that the wealthy person is passive aggressive and did some ugly things to obtain their wealth, even if it is something seemingly insignificant like having a workforce that is underpaid and over-worked. Look at our political system, it is built on lies. We all know this, we all know that politicians are career liars yet they are the ones who supposedly have the power. Look at our financial system, it is literally one big fraud that has robbed the people of this world blind and continues to do so.

And why don’t the people do something about this? The simple answer is they can’t do anything no matter how much they want to. This is where The 33 Strategies of War come into play. The powers that be are very clever, unlike the masses they have their shit together, they have a game plan that works. There is a strategy called Negotiate Whilst Advancing, in real life this strategy is called Politics. This strategy is exactly what it sounds like, you pretend to negotiate yet at the same time you are taking and getting exactly what you want anyway. In the world today we have the career liars aka politicians pretending to be fighting for the people and helping to create a brighter future. This is a fallacy, we have paid liars that create policy beneficial to their paymasters who rule the business and finance world. The negotiations are things like Elections, Prime Ministers Questions on a Wednesday, Question Time on a Thursday etc because whilst these things happen to distract the masses the machine that the politicians work for rumbles on and rolls over everything in its path. The banks are still making huge amounts of money, people are still getting ripped off, the poor are getting poorer whilst the rich get richer.

The other important strategy is one called Smoke and Mirrors, again a simple and well known strategy, why make things complex when they can be simple? The smoke and mirrors strategy they use is mixing truth with lies and then have people push both at the same time. The result is that nobody knows what is quite going on, they don’t know who or what to believe. The strategy that goes hand in hand with this one is that of the Battle General. The Battle General is the man who sits on the mountain and watches the battle below him unfold, he can see everything in the battlefield whereas the soldiers can only see what is going on amidst the chaos that surrounds them.

Some say the Battle General of life is the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Jesuits etc. But because of the smoke and mirrors it is hard to know exactly who is running the show, anybody who has tried to walk down the road of truth knows it is a path littered with contradictions and conflicting theories. The battle in life is the basic struggle for survival and the fast pace of the rat-race. The soldiers in this battle face lots of chaos and confusion; work, bills, children, mortgage payments more bills. There is little time to stop and take check of what is going on in the world. And this is no accident, this is by design because if people did know what is going on it would be extremely difficult to keep this sham system going. But above all the confusion there can be no doubt that the Battle General does exist. There are people in this world who possess money, knowledge and power. They do not have the worries of the rat-race to contend with, they know exactly what is going on in this world and they know the lies from the truth. Ultimately they get everything they want from life.

But as this battle between good and evil heats up they must be very worried about what the days ahead have in store because these Battle Generals know their positions in life are not built on righteous foundations. They are built on the blood and destruction of innocent lives. The mortar of their foundations is death. People are becoming increasingly more aware of this rigged game, the masses are stirring and losing the fear that has been holding them back.  As all this unfolds the Battle Generals will know that their time on top is almost up.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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2 thoughts on “Negotiate Whilst Advancing: Smoke and Mirrors

  1. The 33 Strategies of War sounds very familiar the Sun Tzu’s Art of War……. One of his great quotes “Know Your Enemy”..

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