The Next Step


Today’s post is just a little update following my news on Monday that I am going to be winding up my work with Wake Up Promotions. I was a little overwhelmed by the response I got from people because I didn’t realise how well received my blog is by all the wonderful people who read it. I’ve had a think of what I would like to do next that still incorporates my passions and beliefs and I have decided I am going to become a travel writer, I love writing and I love travelling so it should be a perfect mixture. I intend to use this blog as a window into the side of life that often goes unreported and show the things that the world likes to pretend don’t exist; massive inequality, extreme poverty, drugs, sex trafficking, corruption etc. I have decided that the first place I am going to visit is Argentina and then explore South America, I have not yet made a solid plan for this but I have a few places in mind that I would like to visit and write about.

In the meantime I will still be writing about all the subjects I have in the past and in the future I will be reporting events in real time instead of just giving a commentary of my views, in essence I guess I am saying I want to become a real journalist, not a rent-a-voice for the mainstream media. I am going to try and write as regular as I have been doing, I tallied it up this morning and I have written 85,349 words in this blog so far this year, not including today’s post. Combined with the 70,000 words of my novel that is 155,349 words in total so I have been quite a busy writer on the low!

The main message of this post is thank you, I was feeling quite low on Monday and was willing to give everything up but your kind messages and words of support and encouragement made me see that is not an option. I am still standing firm on my decision to call it a day with Wake Up Promotions but I will be carrying on the bumpy road of truth just in a different direction, so do keep checking the blog out because it will not become dormant or inactive. I have also changed my twitter account to a personal one so I will still be tweeting nonsense on there.

For now I am going to have to re-join the dark side and get a “proper job” to fund my first trip of what will hopefully be many. But as my dad once told me, you should never sell your soul but you must be willing to rent it out every now and again. My novel is still available to buy if you want to give a helping hand, it is only £3. It is a novel based on my travels around Europe, it can be a sample of the things to come. I am going to get my novel on Amazon but for the time being I am just using this Sponsume page:

So again thank you for you kind words and support over the last couple of days, it has meant a lot to me.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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2 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Good luck with your travels Lee. This is just a transformation period for you and moving up and out. Be careful when you get out there to these places and stay safe. I’ll be checking in all the time to see where you’ve gone to and what sights you’ve seen… from my little cold room here in Belfast 🙂 Good luck with everything and God bless

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