We Must Help Each Other


“Education is our most powerful weapons because if the people knew what was happening, they wouldn’t accept what was happening”- Tony Benn

Buy my book, that is the message of today’s blog post. Wake Up Promotions is on the brink, I am no longer in a position to continue my aims because of funds. I have plans for music nights, guest talks and further books that could well develop into big things but I am unable to do anything at the minute because of money. There is an old saying of do what you can, where you are with what you have so I have written a novel that is 203 pages long with 71,344 words and is available in PDF format so you can read it on a kindle or tablet. It won’t be the best book you ever read but I’m sure it won’t be the worst, it’s a social commentary and story based on my European travels to Barcelona, Ibiza, Bilbao, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Milan, Verona, Venice, Naples and Rome. A lot of time and effort has been put into the book and it is written from the heart. I am looking to sell this book for £3 which is affordable to just about everybody and works out at £0.004p a word so it is certainly value for money. It’s not a charlatan “something for nothing” type appeal. It is a traditional exchange of goods and I’m fairly certain my book would add more to anybody’s life than £3 spent in Starbucks or some other corporate chain that doesn’t care about people.

We are at a critical stage in history and we desperately need to support each other. Without blowing my own trumpet the world is in desperate need of people like me, people who are willing to take the risks and put their necks on the line and that is why I am so desperately avoiding becoming a wage slave again. There are many people who use the “truth” movement for personal gain, people who will criticise the mainstream media but have no problems writing for the big papers and taking their money, people who criticise the entertainment industry but have no problem with making millions through the industry they so much despise.

Wake Up Promotions could become anything we want it to become, we could take back music, we can spread the news that needs to be heard and we could make documentaries that matter. We could make people care again without them feeling hopeless. But all of them things will only happen with support for what is on offer. At the minute it is just a one man band, it is me providing free blogs and free podcasts that contain a lot of information and take a lot of time and effort to produce. I want Wake Up Promotions to become “proper” and develop this as a platform to spread news and information which the mainstream media refuses to do. If we want change to come we can only rely on ourselves to bring it forth. If you want to buy the book you can use PayPal and upon receipt of your purchase I will email the book, the e-mail address is wakeup-manchester@hotmail.co.uk. Or you can use the Sponsume page I have set up:


I am trying to spread a positive message of hope and change and I really need your help to keep going, because my aims are to spread information and awareness and not to just make cash the banks show no interest in funding me. The things I am trying to do are exactly the opposite of what big business wants, big business and the greedy men and woman that operate the global corporations want everything for themselves whist us, the people, have just enough to get by. At the moment I am at a stage where I am unable to take the step to the next level despite it being within range and a potentially very good thing is drastically close to dying. There are two videos on my YouTube page that will really help people to understand what I’m all about:

An interview I did with Paul Giovanni of Critical Mass Radio:


Real Currency:


For some background information on myself I am a former trainee Legal Executive and I worked at one of the biggest law firms in Manchester which was recently sold for £33million. I quit my post and “career” two years ago because I realised everything in that world is fake, I was doing things I hated for money that isn’t actually real, once you realise this it becomes terribly hard to do the things people do day in and day out. You realise you are living a lie and if you a person with even an ounce of soul and spirit then it becomes almost impossible to continue life in that way. Once I left my job I took an extended 8 week trip round Europe using my savings and then I’ve been working on Wake Up Promotions ever since, progress has been slow because of the limited resources but green shoots are starting to appear.

I aim to get a real website set up where the blog and podcasts can be found in one place. I aim to set up my own recording studio so I can interview and produce podcasts that are of a high standard which will attract bigger and better guests. I aim to continue to write my blogs which continue to gain more readers with each day that passes and have had 14,000 visitors since I started in January. I aim to put on music nights and educational talks again which will give people a chance and place to meet each other, a place to get this movement from off the internet and into reality. I am also trying to complete research and write a series of books highlighting the untold history and corruption of the last 100+ years.

I have done the vast majority of my research already and I have a set of comprehensive notes after almost two years of research funded by my now depleted savings. The books are based on hard FACTs found through painstaking research and aim to join all the hidden dots together for people to see the bigger picture that is slowly unfolding, before it is too late to make the changes needed.  Things really are crystal clear once highlighted and the books will show and explain, in plain and simple English, how and why we are in the mess we find ourselves in the mess we are in today. The world is going to the dogs and it will continue this way until people start paying attention and start caring about each other again.

The outline of our books are as follows:

Book One- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: Government & It’s Failures

Highlighting the takeover of government and how it doesn’t have the people’s best interests at heart due to the Military/Industrial complex and corporate interests.

Book Two- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: Financial Crisis, Power & Corruption

Hidden history of cyclical economic booms and busts and the cause. The untold power of The City of London and Wall Street and how the Federal Reserve & Bank of England create Fiat currency.

Book Three- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: Media, Big Business & Society

How society is manipulated through the media and big businesses owned by the financial institutions.

Book Four- 21st Century Living & How We Got Here: The Human Spirit and Soul

How none of the above even matters and is ruining the experience called life for billions of people.

So I hope that by reading this you will be persuaded to buy my book and help me continue on the path I have chosen, I will no doubt continue down this road regardless because as the old saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way. We can change the world if we choose to or we can continue to sit back and live manipulated lives whilst the crooks run wild. The future is in our hands.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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