The Fix Is In Whilst The World Continues To Look The Other Way


Today’s blog post is a sad one I’m afraid. It is a post reporting on the side of life that receives little attention and often goes unreported. The side of life where people fight back and pay the ultimate price. Fighting back against a system that has a grip on us all. I mentioned last week the story of Ross Longhurst, the pensioner who has gone to prison after refusing to pay his council tax bill. He took this action because Ross is one of the people, who are increasing day by day in numbers, who has realised the whole system that dictates his life is a fraudulent joke. I have written about this fraud many times, most of my articles will give you a clear picture of how it operates.


The following passage of writing is a Facebook status of a Facebook friend names Mick Kehoe and he has kindly let me use his words in today’s post:

“This morning I had news that my friend Mahboob had died of a suspected heart attack last night/early this morning. On the 11th of February this year at 6.30am, Mahboob’s front door was smashed in with a sledge hammer. Four violent psychopaths dragged him from his bedroom, forcing his arm up back so tightly that he had pain for several weeks after, then threw him out onto the street in only the clothes he stood in. The four violent thugs were supposedly “High Court Enforcement Officers” who were acting on behalf of the courts. All sounds very legitimate doesn’t it ? Until the thin veil is lifted and what you see is a complete crock of shite. Not only were their acts unlawful morally wrong), they were also illegal. Mahboob was betrayed by the so called courts of “law”, police, MPs etc. All part of the illusion of so called justice.

Not one of the above mentioned did the job they were supposedly employed to do, i.e., protect the “people”. And why? Because they are all greedy, spiritually inept, psychopaths who view their own material comforts above the ALL and would rather sell their souls to the corporate beast, otherwise known as Satan. The victims of a retarded level of consciousness who support corporate entities rather than real living breathing people. What a fucked up world. Mahboob’s “crime” was that of questioning the fraudulent nature of an alleged mortgage contract. The stark reality was that no contract ever existed (which the mortgage company revealed in writing), that they never lent any of their own money (rather created digital “currency” out of thin air) and that they sold the alleged mortgage to a special purpose vehicle (all again in writing from the alleged mortgagor). The facts are that Mahboob created the digital currency via his sign of nature. The fraud is quite obvious to anyone who can be bothered to spend ten minutes of research. Can you?

The reality is that Mahboob is dead. His business fucked. His marriage ended. His house “repossessed”. His belongings stolen. His pride taken away from him. Stripped away of everything the man had worked for his entire adult life by greedy parasites in dark suits. In the spiritual world he is now free. In the material world he is yet another statistic of the truth that the whole corporate system of government is fundamentally wrong. If you support it, you are part of the problem. Paying taxes by definition means you support the beast and are acting as an outlaw, i.e. outside of real Law. You’re doing a wrong. The cause of Mahboob’s death are yet to be clarified. The circumstances however are self evident and logical to anyone with even a few neurons firing. The stress of losing everything you ever worked for are self apparent, and what is a major effect of stress? Heart attack anyone? I’m interested, how many of my friends support the system, i.e. government? Please let me know and debate if you have the conviction to sanction your actions.”

What has happened in this world over the past five years and continues on to this very day is sickening. Once you do your research you will find yourself outraged if you are a person with even the slightest sense of what is right and wrong. The world obeys and is gripped by a flawed ideology, a way of life that is damaging to 90% of the people alive today. A system that is detrimental to their development and to their lives. Instead of being all they can be people become plain old workers, a pawn piece in the game of wealth that the money masters like to play. When are people going to stand up for themselves? How many men like Mahboob need to die so a lie can live on? The answer should be none but I have a feeling that is not the correct answer. And that is the shame of it all.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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