Full House…Of Silver-Spoon Pricks




“Cutting the Bingo Tax & Beer Duty, to help hard-working people do more of the things they enjoy.” This is the message on a Tory party advert tweeted by Grant Shapps yesterday, I’m fairly sure they are just taking the piss and mocking us deliberately now. It cannot be humanly possible to be that patronising and unwittingly out of touch can it? If anything this does confirm what I have been harping on about for some time now, this is a class war. We are seen as little people, hard workers, grafters but most tellingly by this poster we are seen as stupid. You probably won’t want to be reminded but I’m going to remind you anyway, let’s have a quick look at those in charge of us hard working people, us hard working people who are being put through needless austerity in the name of greed. Here is the top 10 wealthiest people in the cabinet:

1. Philip Hammond £8.2m
2. William Hague £4.8m
3. Jeremy Hunt £4.8m
4. George Osborne £4.5m
5. David Cameron £3.8m
6. Francis Maude £3.2m
7. Dominic Grieve £2.9m
8. Nick Clegg £2m
9. Theresa May £1.8m
10. Owen Paterson £1.7m

So it’s plain to see, it is fairly evident that we have a government of people born with silver spoons and into privilege. They have no idea how the ordinary man and woman of this country lives, they have no clue. They wouldn’t know hard work if it came up to them at a fox hunt and slapped them in the face. It all reminds me of a quote from a 2Pac song:

“You’re out of touch with reality. A few of you in a few smoke-filled rooms, calling that the mainstream while the masses of the people, white and black, red, yellow, and brown, poor and vulnerable are suffering in this nation.”- Louis Farrakhan

And suffer we do because their wealth comes directly off the back of our suffering. We are held down so they can remain held up. These silver spoon Bullingdon Boys have got to go. They are doing the bidding of the money masters who control them, they are not puppet politicians they are traitors:

“Let me tell you what I think, the cocksucking elite who own and run everything in this fucking country are selling it out from under us tomorrow. There ain’t no battle over fucking NAFTA, that’s a fucking charade, like our elections are a fucking charade, and tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, they’re selling your fucking life out from under you. Don’t you ever fucking forget it either.”- Bill Hicks

They are creating the world in their vision, you do not have a say on the matter. But despite them being so seemingly high and mighty they are not invincible. Just yesterday their weakness was exposed for the whole world to see. Nick Clegg was faced with direct confrontation by Bill Maloney and was questioned about the institutional paedophile rings running in this country. And what did Nick Clegg do, just moments after he was heard to tell people to keep smiling during their bullshit photo-op? He bottled it of course and ran away proving to us all one final time of how much of a coward he is. You see they rule because we let them. We should not serve these people, we shouldn’t have one ounce of respect for what they have done to this country. Ask Stephanie Bottrill what she thinks of this government, oh wait a minute you can’t because she KILLED HERSELF. She killed herself because she was unable to find an extra £20 a week for the three bedroom house she lived in for 18 years, she told her neighbours she couldn’t afford to live no more.

“If we keep relying on Government to take care of the needs of the masses of the people we are going to end up broke, lonely and hungry begging the same people that want to oppress us for our daily dose of bread”- Professor Griff

We are slowly but surely being forced into servitude and we are putting up zero resistance. These are bad people doing bad things, whilst good hard working people are made to suffer. Injustice has become the new normal, we are lying down and taking every ounce of bullshit they throw our way. This is something I will talk about more in depth on this week’s radio show. For now I’ll leave you with one simple question, Freedom or Slavery- Which one do you pick?

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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