The Greatest Prime Minister We Never Had


“Education is the key because if the people knew what was happening then they would not accept what is happening”- Tony Benn

The title of today’s post is a sentence said often regarding the great man Tony Benn who sadly departed our realm today. He was a man of morals and convictions whilst he possessed the courage to see them through, the simple principles that people today so desperately lack. Some say he was a champagne socialist but I would simply say he was a human with a compassionate heart. Last year at the Syria Anti-War demo in Trafalgar Square I was listening to people speak out against the war, I was stood at the front of the crowd right next to the safety railings when I heard a bit of a commotion behind me as an elderly gentleman walking by himself tried to make his way through the crowd, it was Tony Benn. No fanfare, no special entrance just a man coming to say his piece. I had the privilege of seeing Tony Benn speak in person that afternoon and what an inspiration he was to me that day.

I’m not going to write about his life today because there are plenty of other people who will be doing that. As the title suggests some say Tony Benn was the greatest Prime Minister we never had, what I want to do is examine this statement. Why was Tony Benn never elected as Prime Minister? Now I cannot comment fully on this because the majority of his life and political career was well before my time but from what I can gather the media did a fantastic job at holding Mr Benn down. Just like today the men and woman who tried to warn us, tried to do the right thing were ignored and often abused. He was painted as a nutjob, a loopy lefty when he was in fact the Vanguard of the old political order that crumbled during the 1980s as Privatisation and Financial Deregulation took over, rotting to the core the very fibre of this country through greed:

“We live in a world where everybody is just so bloody greedy there is no hope of building a better society”- Tony Benn.

The politically controlled media achieved their goals in holding Tony Benn down, the establishment got the order and way of life they wanted and as a result we find ourselves in the mess we are in today. I was disappointed and saddened this morning when I was watching BBC Breakfast News and there was hardly a word spoken regarding the passing of a true national icon.

But the thing with people like Tony Benn is that he was a man who had the principles of goodness in his armoury, if this is what you base your character on then you can survive any attack and forever come out on top. Truth crushed to earth will rise again and no lie can live forever. The way of life we currently endure is greatly flawed, we all know that. We can see it and we can feel it. But we find ourselves in the position where we feel helpless. We can’t see or find any solutions whilst we are slowly being forced into submission.

The message today is watch Tony Benn videos over the weekend. Be inspired by him, let him stir your spirit. He battled hard and he battled for a long time but the battle is not won. We must ensure the battles of Tony Benn and men like him were not fought in vain as we continue the fight for all that is right and good in the world.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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