Inevitable Revolution?


As civilians in Ukraine are shot dead in the streets by the enforcers of their own government this is the question for today, are we living in the time of the inevitable revolution that Karl Marx predicted? Now I don’t mean a socialist revolution, I mean any form of revolution, a love revolution or maybe even a spiritual evolution? I’ve said before that I don’t believe in Socialism or Capitalism, outdated concepts for a world that has passed us by and is now gone. We are in unprecedented times where we have instant access to information, people and most important of all, new ideas. We have technology and knowledge where we can make just about anything we want happen, if we so choose.

If you’re not familiar with the inevitable revolution theory, Karl Marx believed that the revolution of the proletariat was not only inevitable but would inevitably be successful, with the proletariat’s being what is today labelled as the 99%. The “inevitable revolution” must lead to an “inevitable victory of the proletariat” over the privileged bourgeoisie, that is people with the modern day label of the 1%. Their privileged position allowed them to practice a merciless exploitation of the 99%, pressing these labouring masses downward to a level of bare subsistence because labour, having become nothing but a commodity for sale for wages in the competitive market would naturally fall to the level which would just allow the necessary supply of labour to survive. From such exploitation, the bourgeoisie would become richer and richer and fewer and fewer in number. They would acquire ownership of all property in the society while the proletariat would become poorer and poorer and more and more numerous and be driven closer and closer to desperation. Eventually the bourgeoisie would become so few and the proletariat would become so numerous that the latter could rise up and take over the instruments of production and thus control of the whole society.

He wasn’t far wrong was he really? Look at the world today and the type of society that is clearly being developed. Everything is broken and in a sane world we would try to replace everything that is broken to prosper again but instead we try, or rather those in charge, try so desperately to keep all the broken ways and institutions going. And the number one reason for this is because the biggest thing broken in this day and age is our financial system, but it just so happens that those who benefit from and control this system find themselves in all the positions of power, therefore no voluntary change is going to come, why would you reform something if it is working for you? The problem arises when what works for the 1% comes as a direct result of injury and harm to the 99%.

So we find ourselves in the position where the power of the people has to be repressed. How can so few achieve this task? Well it’s done primarily through divide and conquer, make the poor fight the even poorer keeping all eyes off the real enemy. Distract the masses, occupy their minds with celebrity nonsense and sports. Pay these “celebrities & sportsmen” handsomely so the people strive to be like them. Last year 9 million people tuned into X-Factor and 8 million people tuned into Strictly Come Dancing on a weekly basis, these shows were no doubt what the majority of people then talked about all week. Whatever happened to going out yourself singing and dancing on a Saturday night? It’s too expensive of course so now people have to sit in at home and watch other people do it.

To keep the masses down you would destroy intellect, you would make topics such as politics, finance and economics as no go subjects, “What that nonsense? What would I take any notice of that shit for?” You know the type you meet them every day. You would destroy the family unit so people are coming from unstable foundations. You would dumb people down, a good and simple way to start would be by destroying language. Now I was on the tram last Monday and there was a group of lads talking amongst themselves but speaking quite loud and talking nothing but nonsense in the new phenomenon that is Multicultural London English, Ali G type talk. I was embarrassed for them, that is how cringe worthy they were. Then to keep this cycle working correctly you would have the guns on the streets, you would hold the people in fear by the occasional show of brute force. Reminding them what would happen if they step out of line.

I think the position we’re at right now is that the abused and exploited masses are held down. Mainly through ignorance but also because a lot of people feel the injustices but don’t know where to turn, they feel there are no options other than to submit to the accepted way of life. My own opinion is that when the options are none then you create your own and that is exactly what we need to do, we need to get organised and fight back. My personal belief is that the inevitable revolution could not come quick enough, preferably not violent like the scenes we have been seeing in Ukraine.

So many people are still blinded by the election charade and think voting for Labour or whoever else in 2015 will change everything. There is a strategic tactic used mainly in war but also in business and the tactic is to advance whilst negotiating which is pretty much as it sounds, you negotiate whilst at the same time you are still taking and getting exactly what you need and want. The 2015 election is merely a form of advancement whilst negotiating, the election is the negotiating table and on one side is the people and the other is the wealthy elite that rule the world. They will throw some concessions, they will kindly let you feel like you are winning by throwing a few scraps but whilst you are negotiating they are taking everything they can get their trotters into, and if that means war, death and endless conflicts then so be it because it will be the sons of the poor going fighting and dying, not theirs. We need to make our voices heard.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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