Benefits Street aka Social Engineering


“We have it seems shut the poor out of our minds and driven them from the mainstream of our society. We have allowed the poor to become invisible, and we have become angry when they make their presence felt. But just as nonviolence has exposed the ugliness of racial injustice, we must now find ways to expose and heal the sickness of poverty- not just its symptoms but its basic causes”- MLK

It was the final instalment of Benefits Street on Monday evening followed by an hour long live “debate”. I’m not sure you could call it a debate, it was more like a room full of people with Richard Bacon trying to stir up controversy every 15 seconds. The main theme of the debate was that people need to go back to work. But what work do they mean exactly? What work is there for poor, uneducated people? It’s zero hour contract, minimum wage jobs. It is poor people who have taken the brunt force of media attention and the consequential opinions of the public. It is the poor who are paying the price of a “financial crisis” caused by the greed of bankers.

It is not the poor people of this country who need to be attacked, it is the whole system in which education is broken, that sees war and military budgets more valuable than its citizens. How many times was the greed induced, man-made financial crisis mentioned during this debate? I heard it mentioned twice very briefly but it was never a main talking point. The poor are an easy target, I mentioned this in the previous article I wrote about Benefits Street. The media are playing on peoples natural feelings, stirring up anger and hate on the basis that whilst you are at work these people are sat at home doing nothing apart from drinking beer whilst watching Jeremy Kyle congratulating themselves on living the dream.

These poor people are living no dreams. They are trapped in the environment that is designed to keep them exactly where they are. It’s easy for someone who’s start in life was not from this type of environment to look down their noses, they do not know the hardships that come with the burden of being poor in a world of abundance. I am from this place, I know how it feels, it feels like this:

“One of the reasons equality gets so deep in this country is that everyone wants to be rich. That’s the American ideal. Poor people don’t like talking about poverty because even though they might live in the projects surrounded by other poor people and have, like, 10 dollars in the bank, they don’t like to think of themselves as poor. It’s embarrassing. When you’re a kid, even in the projects, one kid will mercilessly snap on another kid over minor material differences, even though by American standards, they’re both broke as shit. The burden of poverty isn’t just that you don’t always have the things you need, it’s the feeling of being embarrassed every day of your life, and you’d do anything to lift that burden.”- Jay-Z

And just what about the rich? What about the 85 people which Oxfam reported has more wealth than the poorest 3.5 BILLION people of this world? Where do they fit into the picture? You see they take far more from you than a poor person ever will do. But they aren’t uneducated drug addicts, no they dress in three piece suits and drive Rolls Royce’s therefore they have your respect because you want to be just like them. These people don’t want you to be like them, they want you to be poor, they want to dominate you:

“How would the United States be changed, bit by bit, into the predicted highly controlled techno-society? Among the steppingstones Brzezinski expected were persisting social crises and use of the mass media to gain the public‘s confidence. Brzezinski apparently saw that both conservatives and “the doctrinaire left” might be inclined to justify heavy handed tactics. The left could say that it serves progress and the conservatives, preoccupied with public order and fascinated by modern gadgetry, would be tempted to use the new techniques as a response to unrest, since they would fail to recognise that social control is not the only way to deal with rapid social change. Even today, February 25th 1995, as we write these words, NBC Nightly News is announcing the widespread domestic surveillance of Americans and others, through the CIA’s and NSA’s monitoring and intrusion into the global Internet’s.”

We know what the NSA has been getting up to since 1995 from whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden and in that message you will notice how they say the influence of the mass-media is going to be crucial. The mass-media has been focusing its spotlight on the poor, that is all people ever talk about. Nobody will take up a conversation with me about the financial crash because they do not understand what happened but they will talk to me all night long if we are bashing the poor or talking immigration. Through mass-media talentless, moronic idiots from reality TV shows are idolised and adored by millions whilst the people who see past all the corruption & the bullshit trying to point out a better way of life are scorned and ignored by everyone. And under the radar of all this confusion plans to dominate unfold unopposed. And people wonder why everything is so messed up.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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