1% v 99%


In today’s blog I’m just going to try and really outline the difference between the elite 1% and the other 99% of the world’s population. When this type of subject is discussed the word conspiracy comes up straight away and as I’ve said time and time again this is not about conspiracy theories. I don’t be talking about reptiles, I don’t talk about aliens and I don’t talk about false moon landings. What I do talk about in hope of continually exposing is the “conspiracy” that is very much real behind globalisation and corporations that do everything they can to eradicate the rights of workers and increase their profits whilst destroying democracy because that is their only business.

There are 7 billion people on this planet and this planet is being controlled and ran by probably 1000 people at the most. So that’s 7 BILLION people living under a horrendous economic model that is only truly beneficial to around 1000 people and their families. Look at our so called “leaders”, look at the people that call the shots in this world in the form of CEOs and other high power positions. They are the least loving, most heinous people that walk the planet. And they are running amok causing untold misery. Their main weapon of control is debt and finance and they implement this weapon through the banks of the world. Let’s take a very quick glimpse of the recent history of the banks: Libor Scandal, Subprime Mortgage scandal, PPI scandal and tax funded bailouts.

You don’t see these things mentioned on the “we’re here to help you” TV adverts do you? The reason for this is because all these things are fraudulent and detrimental to humanity as a whole. Banks, hedge funds, the stock markets are all cancers to the general population but what do these people get for being so destructive? They get scandalous wages and bonuses of course whilst the majority of people remain docile and prop up this system with unswerving blind obedience. Write down your top 5 biggest worries and problems right now and then investigate their root cause. Chances are it’s money related and these money related problems are created by the banks.

Now how do people take care of their problems? They work of course, they sacrifice their time and labour in return for monetary reward. But the problem is that we no longer work for family ran businesses where people come first, the majority of us work for global and national corporations that are impersonal and see you as just a statistic, a burden on the overheads.

So we find ourselves in a situation where we have become wage slaves, we are paid just enough to survive and cover the basics: food, shelter and travel. But what about all the fancy shiny consumer goods shoved down our throats, how can we buy them? Well why not take out a loan or acquire them on finance? Yes great idea! Now the banks have you. Now you are not only working to survive but to pay for the possessions you “own” such as your house and car. But we don’t own them do we, the banks own them and if you miss a payment or two and they will soon be sending the boys round to take your new possessions off you. So we have an entire population in the rat race trying to keep hold of possessions that aren’t really theirs.

Most people are that busy running in the hamster wheel that they barely have time to take a crap these days never mind enjoy the experience that we call life. And it is a hamster wheel ladies and gentlemen, because you can work harder and you can run faster but you are going nowhere fast. And that’s no accident, that’s the way it is meant to be. In this financial world we live in how many lessons at school did I have about mortgages, loans, credit cards and interest rates and how the economy actually works? The answer is zero, I had none whatsoever, and I’m supposed to just take this as a coincidence in a curriculum that is set by the government?

And speaking of school when I talk about these things I’m not some jumped up student type who has read a few articles regarding anarchy and left wing ideals but has no real life experience. The law firm I used to work for announced profits of £10 million last year after “a programme of cost cutting and stream lining services”. This programme of cost cutting and stream lining was so they could sell the firm for £33 million which they did last year. What this means in human talk and not corporate bullshit talk is redundancies and pay-cuts, it means suffering  and it means people make money for the company and the partners of the company take the majority of it home. I’ve been inside the belly of the beast and I’ve travelled austerity hit Europe witnessing the homelessness and hard times people are going through firsthand.

I’ve experienced the system up close and personal. I’ve made a company a lot of money and been paid a fraction of what I earned for them. And I was supposed to be content and happy with that for the rest of my life? Fuck no! Not a chance. I know exactly how it makes you feel and I’ve seen the effects it has, as we all can if we just open our eyes and see past the superficial world pulled in front of us. But I’m a rare breed, most people cling onto these shitty jobs in hope that next year they will get a £1000 bonus which will allow them to live like a normal human being for a few weeks.

Meanwhile if you look closely on the internet you will notice that companies like Rolls Royce are announcing  record sales and record profits. LVMH, the  Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey group that own the majority of the worlds luxury brands saw their net income increase 73% in 2011 and then in 2012 that figure went up a further 19% with sales of £24.2 billion. So whilst you are surviving on ASDA and Tesco value meals some people have never had it better. It’s a class war and the poor and middle are getting absolutely pummelled into oblivion and nobody bats an eyelid or does anything about it.

What are the biggest companies in the world? Well number 1 is Wal-Mart and what each Wal-Mart represents is 20-30 family businesses destroyed for each supermarket opened. And what that means in real terms is that money is sucked out of the community into this giant corporation and then stuffed into private pockets and offshore tax havens never to be seen by the public again whilst the workers are on zero hour minimum wage contracts.

Quick question before we look at the other top companies in the world, why don’t we all have access and use of the free power and energy that Nikola Tesla discovered 100 years ago? Because all his papers were confiscated by the US government when he died. The largest 7 companies after Wal-Mart are energy companies with oil being the biggest commodity. And where is the majority of the world’s oil located? The Middle East. And where is the majority of the worlds wars and conflicts? It’s in the Middle East. Military/Industrial complex people, it’s not some made up fantasy. Here’s the deal, we don’t have governments we have corporations and banks that use national armies as their personal armies to protect their wealth and profits.

This is why politics is a distraction. It is entertainment for the almost defeated middle class to stroke their egos and intellect whilst the real decisions and actions happen regardless. The downtrodden working class and the new “underclass” gave up on politics long ago. Everybody can see this rampant corruption, it’s not exactly hidden. But nobody does anything about it. What is it people are actually waiting for? A saviour or some kind of hero to come along and save the day? Memo to the people of earth, nobody is coming, you are on your own. People are hoping change will come in the 2015 elections, because a different political party will make all the difference won’t it. NO! It won’t make a blind bit of difference and we need action now, not in 1 or 2 years, we can’t afford to just see how things go. We need it not tomorrow or the day after but right now in this very moment.

Call it the New World Order, call it a global banking conspiracy, call it fantasy bullshit, call it whatever you want but the facts show that it is very much real, it is happening right now and it has real life effects on every person alive on this planet. But for all the bad news we constantly hear the most encouraging thing about everything going on is that they are failing in their goals, if it wasn’t for the internet and people who research the facts and share their findings with the world then their objectives would already be complete. We have had people who predicted and tried to warn people 20-30 years ago of the mess we are in today, but nobody listened to them. The powers that be are losing their grip on control, their fraudulent economic model and system is slowly imploding. Nobody trusts the mainstream media or any politician, when in times gone by their word would have been taken as gospel.

The 1% think the people of this planet are stupid but that is a grave underestimate and their power is built on the weakest of foundations, the whole system would come toppling down as soon as the people decided to stop playing by the rules. Do you know what I personally think they are really scared of? I think they are scared to death that people will realise their true power. That we are divine creations that don’t need governments or institutions to take care of us, that we are not meant to rule or be ruled. That people will wake up from the bullshit world pulled over their eyes and see beyond. Just have a think of how many Steve Jobs type people that are trapped in poverty with an idea that could potentially change the world, a cancer cure as an example, but the idea is lost because of phoney economics so some fat wanker can drive around in a Rolls Royce and drink expensive whiskey.

You have to fight for your rights or they will be taken off you, that is age old knowledge. Look at yourself and the people around you. Who is truly happy? Who wakes up feeling truly alive looking forward to the day ahead? Who is benefiting from all the hard work you put in? We were born free and bravery is our only option if we wish to remain that way. Otherwise we will continue to be controlled by fear and live sub-standard lives.

People ask what can we do to make changes. I believe each individual holds their own part of the answer to that question but right now the most important thing is to spread awareness and look toward non-compliance because as Tony Benn said, “our most powerful weapon is education because if people knew what was happening, they wouldn’t accept what is happening.

There is a speech on YouTube by Martin Luther King Jr. titled I’m Sorry You Don’t Know Me. We are still fighting the same fight today that he was fighting way back then. The world has been basically been high-jacked and the truly sad thing about it all is that when you say this, with all the compelling evidence behind you to support your claims, the people around you and your friends don’t say you know what you’re right it is all bullshit and its making our lives harder than they need to be, let’s get our act together and bring a change of goodness to the world. They scorn you and ignore you, the phone stops ringing and the messages stop coming. Last year I met a fellow Manchester radio presenter on Friday afternoon about planning some events and his friend followed him and took a picture paparazzi style and posted it on his twitter with a caption saying it’s an important conspiracy meeting and the aliens are coming.

This was done in jest and it is funny, there is never anything wrong with having a laugh. But the things I talk about are serious issues and they are as real as it gets. If the battle remains as the two sides of the disorganised poor v the super organised wealthy then the poor are only going to continue to get smashed to pieces, and the number in the ranks of the poor will continue to increase. And as a final note what has the predominant theme of today’s post? It’s  been money. It’s not been about people or love or life experiences, things that actually matter. It’s been about a world that is obsessed with money.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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