The Latest Breach of Trust- Care.Data


By early summer, if things go to plan (which is highly unlikely for anything to do with government), all medical records are to be stored on a central database for the first time ever and “anonymised” medical records will be available to third parties. At present some records are available to NHS bodies only but they are looking to open the door to third parties. The government has sent out leaflets regarding this process but I have yet to receive mine. The police will also be able to gain access to your medical records without your permission even if you opt out of the new scheme.

As a person who used to work at a law firm which had access to medical records once permission was granted I can tell you that they paint a better picture than you know, I will not lie I used to love reading through people’s medical records. Remember that STD from 2001 that you nobody knows about and has slipped your mind? Your medical records haven’t forgotten about it. What about the reoccurring haemorrhoids? What about that lump on your testicles you found one time and went and got checked out? Or the secret abortion you had? Can you see the picture I am trying to paint here, your medical records are some of the most personal and private documents that exist and very soon access to them is going to be granted to the highest bidder with drug companies and insurance firms being the bidders.

So what you may ask, well to put it into a scenario people can relate to I am going to refer to the film Rocky V, in the film Rocky Balboa has suffered brain damage but nobody knows this because his medical records are confidential. However the boxing promoter George Duke lets Rocky know he knows about his brain damage and tries to use it as a bargaining tool, Rocky’s position has been compromised.

And all this is happening when today it came to light that NHS bosses allowed a lobbying company working for some of the world’s biggest drugs and medical equipment firms to write a draft report which could help shape future health policy in this country. This is where we are at, private corporations dictating every aspect of our lives. Do you really think Virgin Care actually care about you? Or G4S or Serco or whatever other company is at the table waiting for the NHS to be carved  up. If we have a quick look back through history at corporations and their care levels about people it should be painfully clear that the last thing they should be in charge of is our health and our care systems for when our health fails us. Doctors say the move is a neutral move and no harm will come of it but again it reminded me of a story I reported on my radio show in July last year:

“Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has admitted its executives appeared to have broken the law in China in an escalating bribery and corruption scandal. The company is accused of paying £323m in bribes to doctors, hospital managers and other officials since 2007 to persuade them to prescribe its medicines. Do you think this only happens in China?”

Now of course I am not advocating all doctors are corrupt and are on the take but with so much money swashing around in Big Pharma it would be very naive to believe that this type of behaviour doesn’t exist to some degree. And for those of you who aren’t aware of what Big Pharma is or how it operates here is another story I reported on my radio show, also from July last year:

“Drug companies have been accused of highway robbery of the NHS by using a legal loophole to push up the price of medicines in some cases by up to 2000%. This controversial practice involves big-pharma firms selling on medicines commonly used by the NHS to businesses acting outside the government’s price-regulation scheme. The purchasing firms are then free to mark up the prices they charge the NHS. In one of the worst cases, the cost of an epilecy drug prescribed to thousands of patients by the health services was increased by 24 times the original price. The price of medication used to treat mental-health problems such as anxiety and schizophrenia rocketed from £4 per five millitres to £23, a mark up of 607%”

Big Pharma is bad news. I’m going to share a secret belief with you that may sound crazy, do you want to know why I think I view the world differently than the people around me? Why I am less prone to fall for the bullshit put in front of me as distractions? Why I am more aware? I will tell you, I strongly believe this is because I very rarely take any form of medication, I will have one paracetamol once in a blue moon if I have a headache that I can’t shift. This is a rarity in a nation of pill poppers who are hooked on prescription drugs.

It is clear to see that this new database is susceptible to abuse. As always I look at any development like this with a Question Everything approach, what are the motives behind this sudden change of policy regarding medical records and privacy? Where does this lead to? What we are talking about here is more privacy being eroded, it’s just another nail in the coffin of the freedom we think we have. We are talking about Big Pharma having direct access to your medical records, they are going to be targeting drugs at you like Tesco target food at you based off your purchases. And this all happens because nobody pays attention, everybody falls for the lies placed in front of them. I know I sometimes sound like I complain too often but this is only because behind the distractions is a very sinister world of which you are the target. We are targeted by threats that could easily be eliminated if enough people start to pay attention.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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