Financial Recovery or Financial Meltdown?


In my very first article of the year titled The Great Recovery I mentioned how the stock markets finished 2013 at unsustainable highs that do not correlate with reality. It’s been a strange few weeks since then which has seen the Japanese stock market tumble, this erased $2.9 trillion from equity values worldwide. In the first days of January this year the IMF released a paper which warns of a “Savings Tax” and mass write off in debts as the current burden becomes unsustainable.

What that means in layman’s terms is that at some point in the near future the money masters are going to be coming directly for your money, just like they did in Cyprus, which in my opinion was a practice run for the main event. There are articles floating around online that say on February 15th/16th banks in Oklahoma and other US states are going to be having a “disaster recovery drill” during which time people will not be able to access their bank accounts or make any financial transaction. Debit cards and ATM machines will not work. Sound familiar?

If it doesn’t then it should because this has already happened several times in this country, Lloyds Banking group which includes Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland and Halifax have shut their systems down in the past. This has also occurred within the NatWest banking group and on both occasions the banks tried to put the problem down to the fact they had failed to invest properly in IT systems for decades. Pull the other one, how stupid do these banks think we are? We are supposed to believe that these bankers who are making so much money they can’t keep up with the hookers and cocaine, we are supposed to believe that they failed to keep their IT systems up to date? They failed to keep up to date the core division of their operations? That is like a football team saying they have forgot to bring their players to a match, it is nonsense.

What happened in Cyprus when the government suddenly announced they were going to be taking 10% of peoples savings on the orders of the money masters? The banking system completely shut down and people had no access to their money until it was agreed that 40% of people’s savings would be taken instead. What is going to happen in the UK and the US when they announce this? There is going to be chaos and there is going to be outrage. It has been reported that the USA has been purchasing large amount of riot gear and ammo and as we all know here in the UK there is going to be water cannons on the streets for the first time ever this summer.

There has been a spate of bankers suicides in the last week, high ranking bankers I might add too. Last week HSBC announced people cannot take large amounts out of their bank accounts unless it is for a specified reason. The whole financial/banking system is just as unstable as it was in 2008 when it was on the verge of collapse. China is flexing its muscles and has been responding to the currency war that is going on between them and the USA, once the USA fears it may be losing its grip on currency control it will revert to the only way it knows to cling on to control and that is through military might. I write this blog today not to spread fear and tell people the sky is falling and civilisation is going to collapse, the message today is the same as it always is, be vigilant! Pay attention to what is going on in the world around you, the real world around you, not the latest bullshit going on in the fake “celebrity” world put in front of us all as a distraction.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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