What Is Freedom?


We are supposedly free people but just how free are we? And how long will our freedoms remain? In the book the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists one page says the men had their freedom, they were free to submit or starve. And that’s very much where we are at today in my opinion, people are free to be wage slaves working every hour God sends for a low wage of which 90% goes back to corporations or to other people. And all of this happens in a life that is under constant and immense strain. Is that really freedom?

In the past I have mentioned how we have two economies, we have the stock market economy where a small minority make immense amounts of money resulting in great prosperity and then we have the debt economy where the majority of people live as I’ve just described. And as these two economies drift further and further away from each other the disparity and inequality becomes more obvious and if you’re a person of principles and decency then it becomes harder and harder to just ignore. The fuel behind the stock market economy is the Federal Reserve and this week I read the speech of US politician Louis McFadden from 10th June 1932 where he opposed the Federal Reserve and I’m going to share a couple of passages now:

“Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government board, has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the maladministration of that law by the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it. Some people think the Federal Reserve banks are United States Government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man’s throat to get a dollar out of his pocket.”

“The men who ruled the Democratic Party in 1912 promised the people that if they were returned to power there would be no central bank established here while they held the reins of government. Thirteen months later that promise was broken, and the Wilson administration, under the tutelage of those sinister Wall Street figures who stood behind Colonel House, established here in our free country the worm-eaten monarchical institution of the “king’s bank” to control us from the top downward, and to shackle us from the cradle to the grave. It fastened down upon this country the very tyranny from which the framers of the Constitution sought to save us from. Thus the menace to our prosperity has indeed struck home. From the Atlantic to the Pacific our country has been ravaged and laid waste by the evil practices of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks and the interests which control them. At no time in our history has the general welfare of the people of the United States been at a lower level or the mind of the people so filled with despair.”

“Recently in one of our States 60,000 dwelling houses and farms were brought under the hammer in a single day. According to Charles Coughlin, who has lately testified before a committee of this House, 71,000 houses and farms in Oakland County, Michigan, have been sold and their erstwhile owners dispossessed. Similar occurrences have probably taken place in every county in the United States. The people who have thus been driven out are the wastage of the Federal Reserve act. They are the victims of the dishonest Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve banks. Their children are the new slaves of the auction blocks in the revival here of the institution of human slavery.”

So there we have the truth regarding the Federal Reserve and the people behind it, laid bare for everyone to see all those years ago but just as happens today it went ignored. Do the people trapped in the debt economy look to change things? Change the system that enslaves them to create a brighter future for themselves and  future generations? No they aspire to be like the people in the Stock Market economy who can afford luxury items with ease, the ordinary man goes to the hilt in debt and credit to live a lie and emulate those that oppress them.

Oh you’ve got a BMW? You drive a Mercedes? Well you’re still a slave, your just under the illusion that you’re living slightly better than the other slaves, they sold you a dream and you bought it. And what happens in the quest to obtain all these materialistic items? In most cases people destroy everything that matters and they lose the treasures they had all along, i.e. the people you love and love you back. You lose them in the process and then what? What are you left with then? You’re probably left living with a wide eyed whore in a big old house devoid of soul and love but full of designer gear.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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