Dream on Dreamer


“You’re being idealistic, get real!”

That is said to me at least once a week, usually by my parents. But what does this even mean? Everything we see around us is idealistic, it was once just an idea in someone’s mind. But what happened with that idea is the person who thought of it convinced enough people to believe in the idea and so it became realistic, it was turned into reality. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some wistful dreamer who wishes for an unobtainable utopia, but at the same time I dislike the way the world is ran, I dislike the people who run the world and I dislike the reasons they run the world the way they do. I want to change it, everybody wants to change it because unless you are a millionaire then there isn’t much going for you at the moment.

Why do people want to change the world? Because we can sense, we can feel, we can SEE that the world is broken. You need to work a bullshit, non-constructive jobs to survive, why? To pay your bills and mortgage, why? So that the big companies and banks can continue to make money, why? Because if they don’t they will come and take your stuff away, why? Because it is the law, why? Because politicians who are bought and paid for by these banks and corporations make the laws, why? STOP ASKING WHY,  IT’S JUST THE WAY THINGS ARE!

That is what it all breaks down to, all the injustices, all the corruption, all the man made woes and problems, it’s just the way things are. But it’s not just the way things are is it? It’s not natural. If we want to be realistic it’s not just the way things are, it’s just the way we allow things to be. We don’t question anything anymore. Why don’t we question the fact that people are starving all over the world when tons of unsold food is thrown away every day? (Don’t you dare think of taking discarded food from a skip behind a supermarket or you will be arrested) Why don’t we question the fact people are being evicted from their homes when there are more empty houses than homeless people? Why are there millions of people unemployed when millions of people are stressed and overworked?

The answer of course is money, our GOD. We don’t question the structure of our society we just accept that it’s the way things are. I did a little series of articles last month titled The “System” and How It Operates and in those articles I made more than enough points to make anybody question our current way of life. We are manipulated, we are lied to, we have all these man-made problems forced upon us to make our lives difficult whilst the money masters dominate and control the world. We have our legs broken and are then asked to run a marathon with the weight of the world on our backs. The 85 richest people on the planet have more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion people on this planet combined, that one statistic alone should be more than enough to make you stop and think what the fuck is actually going on here?

Nobody is happy. People are cheerful and they get on with things, yes no doubt, but not one person I know is currently happy with how they are living or how the world around them operates. The same is probably true with you, why is that? Does that not tell us that something is fundamentally wrong and needs to be fixed? I’m not one of them pseudo-anarchists who advocates everything should be burnt to the ground and chaos should reign, I’m far from that. But what I am is a man who values and respects himself and the people around him and I can see we are all being made victims of a crooked and unjust economic model. If you have a mobile phone that is more than two years old people will laugh at you yet nobody bats an eyelid at the 19th century economic models we worship but are causing us so much pain. The reason they cause so much pain is they are outdated, we have advanced beyond their purpose.

What is the meaning of life? It’s a deep and philosophical question to which nobody knows the answer, but I’m almost 100% sure that the purpose of life is not to work our lives away in man-made, self-imposed hardships whilst spending all our time making other men and women wealthy. I believe life is about rising up to the calling inside and becoming all that you can be. Some people are happy to just plod along and work so they can just watch TV and have a beer at the weekend, that is fine. But what about the artists, what about the creative people who feel trapped in our current mode of living? Their work is good for the soul but it doesn’t make money therefore it is valueless and isn’t given a chance. People say if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense when really it is making money for the sake of making money that doesn’t make sense.

It’s time to stop being realistic because the reality we are creating is turning into a nightmare. People say but what are the alternatives? There are countless alternatives, look online, read some books or simply create your own alternative. You just need to shake the chains off that have been on you for so long. I’m going to finish today by saying “You’re being realistic, get ideas!”

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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