Land of The Free: Vile Attacks & Whingers


The purpose of today’s blog is to analyse the rhetoric of the mainstream media (MSM) and their attitude towards the populace of this country. Well actually the rhetoric reflects more on the authorities that govern this country because as we know the papers are just the mouth piece for all their spiel. Especially the Daily Mail which published the two stories in the spotlight today.

The first one is an old article which came to my attention yesterday when it popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook. It’s dated 03/08/2012 and the headline reads “Is This Britain’s Biggest Whinger? Retired Youth Worker, 61, Has Written a Different Letter to David Cameron EVERY DAY Since March”.

The article says that a prolific letter-writer is rapidly gaining a reputation as Britain’s biggest whinger after writing a letter of complaint to David Cameron every day. It says Keith Lindsay-Cameron is bitterly opposed to Government cuts and moans about issues ranging from policing and benefits to Europe. It also goes on to mention how he has received no replies from Mr Cameron himself.  Now Keith Lindsay-Cameron is more commonly known as Keith Ordinary Guy on Facebook and his campaign attracted a lot of attention, and rightly so.

Keith is not a whinger, Keith is a member of the British public airing his concern that this country is being deliberately crippled  in favour of the wealthy. And he is right in having this concern because that is exactly what is happening, here are a few results from a quick Google search of “UK Government Privatises”:

  • “Eurostar Stake Up For Grabs in £10bn Sell-off of Government Assets” (01/12/2013)
  • “UK Government Poised To Sell Of Land Registry” (23/01/2014)
  • “ Government Sells off £900million of Student Loans To Private Debt Collection Firm” (25/11/2013)
  • “UK (blood) Plasma Supplier Sold To US Private Equity Firm Bain Capital” (18/07/2013)
  • “Whistleblowers Criticize Privatised Probation Service” (21/11/2013)

That is just a small example of public money being put into private pockets. The Government have already privatised and sold off the Royal Mail, drastically undervalued, to their banker friends and they are also dismantling the NHS as stealthily as possible right under our noses, more of which we will talk about shortly.  There is a war on welfare at the moment, the poor are being made to pay for the excess and greed of the wealthy who destroyed the world’s economic system by poisoning it with worthless derivatives. Legal aid in this country has been wiped out so if you want to fight this corruption in the only respected arena, the courtroom, then you can forget it. But if any of this angers you, if you are remotely angered that this country is being destroyed by a small clique of Eton educated, silver spoon, out of touch gits then you are quite simply a whinger.

As a person who would also probably be classed as a “Whinger” I find the contempt and arrogance that oozes from the ruling class insulting. The powers that be should be grateful that the only thing that people in the UK are doing is “whinging”, they should take a long hard look at what is happening in Ukraine at the moment, that is what happens when people who have had enough are finally pushed too far.

But I shouldn’t really call the Government of this country a small clique of Eton educated, silver spoon, out of touch gits because the Daily Mail would probably class this as a “vile attack”. This is the headline given after Rufus Hound announced he will be standing in the European Parliament elections as a platform to oppose NHS privatisation and raise awareness. His “Vile” attack came in the form of a blog post with the title “David and Jeremy Want Your Kids To Die (Unless You’re Rich)”. The privatisation of the NHS needs as much attention as it can gather, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. See how serious people take it when they are getting into (more) debt for a hospital visit or they can’t afford medical attention because they are poor and have no insurance, which will be the majority of people. You can make up your own mind on Rufus’s “vile attack” by reading the blog.

But can you see what is happening here just by looking at these two stories? The MSM is trying to create a culture where independent, critical and analytical thinking is not only frowned upon but is a sin. We cannot be outspoken about the corruption that is clear to see right in front of our very eyes, we cannot express our concerns because then we turn into vile whingers. But as the comments on each of these articles show the rhetoric is failing. Despite their best efforts to drag this country back into the 19th Century the Government and the forces behind it face many problems, the biggest one being that they are no longer governing uneducated, unsuspecting “workers” like they were in the 19th century. The “workers” now have the internet so putting education out of reach in expensive universities no longer works, there is unlimited knowledge at our fingertips now. We can see through their lies. Their cloak of respectability has gone and their cloak of legitimacy is right behind it.

The powers that be face two choices, they can give the people what they want avoiding an escalation to the extremes in Ukraine. Or they will have to come out as the authoritarian regime they are turning into and continue on their path to domination. When people have more respect for Vladimir Putin than David Cameron and Barrack Obama then you have problems. I cannot see things continuing in the direction they are going without massive civil unrest, perhaps the powers that be can also see this which is why there will be water cannons on UK streets this summer. There has been a spate of banker suicides this week, HSBC has put restrictions on cash withdrawals as they face a liquidity crisis, markets have dropped. The bailout bubble will pop eventually and then there will be trouble, that’s when the fun and games will begin. When the UK and the USA are turning into everything they are supposed to oppose then we need to ask ourselves some questions, remember this line from a speech that George W Bush gave after 9/11:

“They hate our freedoms, our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other”

I know he was the President of the USA but we all know that due to our “special relationship” i.e Wall Street and the City of London being in bed together, the UK and the USA are very much similar in what they stand for. So when the regulation of the press is being meddled with and lobbying bills are passing through Parliament that will effectively act as gagging orders then we need to question our freedom of speech. When we are called vile and whingers for expressing our views we need to question our freedom to disagree. And when the game is rigged so that no matter who is elected into Government nothing changes and the money masters consolidate their power with each year that passes then we need to question our freedom to vote and assemble.

When 85 of the world’s richest people have wealth that is equal to the poorest 3.5billion people on the planet you had best believe there are hidden agendas. You must face the fact that something is drastically wrong in the world, that this level of inequality is unsustainable, it will only lead to trouble. Whether that trouble be wars or civil unrest only time will tell. To avoid this possibility it’s time to wise up and it’s time to stand up. Just like me, just like Rufus Hound and just like Keith Ordinary Guy, it’s time to make your voice heard.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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