The “System” & How It Operates (Part 5): Paradise or Oblivion?


This is the last of a little series of articles I have written to help people understand what is going on in the world of economics and how we got into the mess we find ourselves in today. Now it is pointless in highlighting problems without thinking of solutions so I am going to share a review I did for the documentary Paradise or Oblivion. The documentary highlights the work of Jaque Fresco and his Venus Project which envisions a peaceful future based on a resource based economy. I personally think Mr Fresco is a remarkable man who was way ahead of his time, I think if he was a young man promoting his ideas today they would have a much wider audience. He says that the origins of his thinking come from living through the Great Depression after the stock market crashed in 1929. We are living in a depression now regardless of what the economists on TV say, the only difference between now and the 1930s is that we have electronic credit cards therefore we can manipulate the economy by drowning in debt.

Jaque Fresco says we need to redesign our culture which I would agree with. Culture is constantly being designed. But it is designed against us, it is designed to keep people held down. He says merely complaining without posing an alternative offers nothing, I think this is where we are going wrong because we do an awful lot of complaining, we will gladly sign petitions and other forms of pretty useless protest but if it involves rocking the boat too much we choose to remain silent. We need to look at the root cause of problems instead of merely trying to treat the symptoms. Our social, economic and political systems are dysfunctional, they fail the people in order to support a select elite, they have become corrupt to their very core. Socialism, communism, capitalism, all outdated concepts, they are ideas from the 19th Century. It’s now 2014 in the 21st Century but we are clinging on and arguing over concepts that are obsolete, we are currently in a race to the bottom. The Venus Project offers new values for a sustainable society. The 20th Century was probably the most destructive century on record and we are continuing in the same ways because of the Military Industrial Complex, war is big business. As it says in the documentary, why do we train to kill instead of training to be diplomatic and peaceful?

Hunger, poverty, homelessness and unemployment, they are all problems that maybe cannot be completely eradicated but they can certainly be brought down to minimal levels on a global basis. We are influenced by our surroundings, we need to think about what is influencing us and our values. Because until we change the way we live then things will not change, profit over people will continue to reign.

We live in a economic model that creates artificial scarcity which makes it a constant struggle for most people just to survive. Things are made to break through planned obsolescence, it’s like the old Chris Rock stand up where he says they can build a spaceship that can fly to the moon but they can’t build a car where the bumper doesn’t fall off? Through poor management, of just about everything, we waste our resources, time and energy.  The current system which our world revolves around is collapsing, how can you build the future on a foundation of debt, debt that doesn’t actually exist. The old problems need a new way of thinking to solve them and this is what the people in charge fear the most. They fear the fact that once enough people become aware and wise up to the game being played against them, then the “powerful” will become completely powerless to stop the people without revealing their true motives. But at the moment people are heavily distracted.

You don’t even realise how overworked you are, just how tired and worn out you actually are, both physically and mentally. You don’t realise how cluttered your mind is because you don’t have time to stop and reflect on life. And that’s no accident, it’s designed to be that way.  What does it mean to be a man in this country? It means working every hour God sends to support your family, but in doing so you rarely see your family because you work so much, you spend more time with the people at work than you do with the people you love. To be a man means getting slaughtered at the weekend boozing and betting your life away. All this leaves very little time to reflect on your life and your decisions because you are too busy trying to survive and then distracting yourself from the dullness of your work life. I’ve not worked, in the traditional sense of the word i.e. sacrificed my time for money in order to survive for 18 months and let me tell you the first four weeks of that freedom was indescribable, invigorating beyond belief, a release that no drug, medication or shrink can give you.

You work all these hours for the money to survive but what is money? Money is fake. Money is not the currency, we are the currency! We believe money is valuable so we work to get money. But is the money really valuable or the work we do to get the money? In reality we are the only valuable commodity because of the work we do, just we have an economic model in that we only work on the promise we will receive money for the work. In my opinion it’s time to evolve past working only for money but working for the creation of a better and brighter future, which is not as far fetched as it sounds.

I’ve been doing that very thing myself, what my work has been for the last 18 months is gaining knowledge by reading more books and listening to more podcasts than you would care to believe. By travelling and expanding my horizons both physically and spiritually and creating a vision of how I can contribute to the change I want to see in this world. Is it an easy step to make? No its hard, it’s not plain sailing, sunshine and rainbows. But it’s worth it because you experience freedom, true freedom. Now most people bang on about freedom but they don’t actually want freedom because if they wanted it as bad as they say they do then they would take it and make it a reality. Deep down most people are scared of freedom because freedom means responsibility, it means breaking up the whole 9-5 structure that we build our lives around, it means relying on only yourself to support your existence and not looking for people to nanny you along and take care of you.

Deep down this is a responsibility a lot of people are scared to take on which is why they are willing and happy of living life as a wage slave, just as long as they can buy the latest clothes and have a big TV at home and eat at Nando’s, TGI’s and all the other cookie cutter corporate restaurants because this is what their minds are programmed to desire on a daily basis. People are happy to live lives that are actually very hollow and boring once you scratch past the fake and materialistic surface. This is why the majority of people are unhappy, because they don’t follow their ambitions and pursue their dreams, they settle for existing rather than living. You will never feel happy and truly satisfied until you are living your life in sync with the desire of your heart, it’s as simple as that.

People like me are out-casted, sometimes it’s a self imposed exile. We are branded as conspiracy theorists, the label created for people that think for themselves and don’t just follow the crowd. It’s a label made to make free thinkers sound crazy because free thinkers like me are dangerous. Not because we are bad but because of the opposite, because we are good. And when I say good I do not mean good as in saints or holier than thou because nobody is wholly good or wholly bad and I never have or never will claim to be flawless. What I mean is good in the sense that overall we are compassionate, kind hearted individuals who care about other people just as much as we care about ourselves. We are dangerous to the status quo and ruling elites because we refuse to support a system that causes grave harm to people and the environment, we can no longer be content with living hypocritically in relative luxury whilst thousands needlessly die each day through poverty and unjust wars, we’ve reached the point where we refuse to look the other way.

We are dangerous because our souls can’t be bought and our minds are difficult to deceive. That is why the good die young, because the people that operate this evil money driven system are threatened by dangerous individuals and as they don’t like to be threatened, they simply eliminate the threats. This is why they rule through fear, it’s why good men and women are turned into cowards, afraid to speak out.

But let me tell you this, an ever increasing number of people are dissatisfied with the current ways of life and are starting to see that all isn’t quite as it seems. The power of love is overcoming the love of power. Manly P. Hall once wrote that we spend the precious span of our earthly years devoted in futile effort of establishing ourselves as an enduring power in a realm of un-enduring things. We are evolution, not in the sense that we’re just advanced apes that can talk but in the sense that the universe expands through us, we are alive and exist right now for a reason and the thoughts entering your brain at this very moment are for a reason, anything  your mind can conceive it can achieve and this is why you need to be the change you want to see. The people in charge are fully aware of this and created the systems they need to create the world as they want it to be and we are doing absolutely nothing to stop them, if anything we are helping them achieve their goals. We are at the crossroads, one road leads to total freedom and the other leads to total control and oppression, 1984 style.

Now some may say this is just new age nonsense as they tend to do when the word spirituality is used, and admittedly a lot of the stuff out there is just New Age BS to make people feel they don’t need to take any action despite their good intentions. But the same people who ridicule this type of higher thinking will call it bullshit and mock people and then they will go and watch all the soaps followed by Big Brother and all the other garbage on TV. Is that not the real new age nonsense? And remember that progress never comes without struggle. If the brave people who came before us didn’t stand for what they believed  in and opposed the wrong doings that faced them then all you highflying career women would still be voiceless in the kitchen, your wannabe wags and one direction clones aka your children would be exploited in the form of child labour, you would not have employment rights or the weekends off and if you have coloured skin then you would still be a slave and a third class citizen with even less rights than the working poor. Think about it.

What the Venus Project offers us is insight into a social alternative with a resource based economy at the heart of it. Where all goods and services are made available to everybody free of charge, community stores that operate as libraries. Instead of 1000 people having drills why not just have a storehouse that has 200 drills where if you need one you take one and put it back when you are done with it, with the same principle applied to other items. This abundance would potentially eliminate greed and crime. Borders would be eliminated and the world would become common heritage. Life would not be about trying to achieve power but about each person being enabled to reach their highest potential. People would be able to do whatever they desired and help create a better world.  A world of creative people instead of robots who have had their dreams and desires crushed by the daily grind of survival. Is this a utopian dream or something that can be achieved?

With intelligent management of the earth’s resources along with integrated  global systems we see it could be done if we use to technology to overcome resource shortages. And this is just based on the knowledge in the public arena, we all know that there is suppressed knowledge regarding free energy through Nicola Tesla’s work 100 years ago and we suspect that there are cures for cancers hidden, because again as Chris Rock said there is no money in the cure the money is in the medicine.

We have lost the ability to think big, we insist on thinking small. We are at a unique point in history where we have the technology to completely design the future. These ideas are outlandish but remember the idea of the world being round was madness, electricity was seen as madness, computers were seen as madness. Everything that was radical and new in the history of the world was vigorously opposed by the masses, at the beginning of the 20th Century people resisted using cars because they wanted to continue using horses. Progress is always hampered by people clinging onto an old way of life. And people will say this is impossible because it costs too much. They say this but we can find the money to fly to the moon and for constant wars but we can’t find the money for every man woman and child to live in moderate comfort with shelter and food? Surely it won’t be as costly as living in a world full of chaos. As a species we humans have a fundamental flaw in that instead of viewing anything as possible we believe everything is impossible. And if you’re a person of integrity it becomes very hard to live in ignorance and pretend that everything is fine once you become of aware of the manipulation, deceit and ultimately the killing of innocent people that occurs on a daily basis.

We work to gain possessions when we don’t own anything at all really because one day we will die and none of it will mean a thing, so working for ownership of things is ultimately pointless,  at the end of the game the king and the pawn go in the same box. For me life is about caring, it’s about living life to the maximum and not just existing. It’s inspiring and it’s exciting. We need to shake off the chains that hold us back and get rid of our self imposed limitations. People sometimes have the naivety to say we will destroy the world but as mother nature sometimes shows this is not true, we will ultimately only destroy ourselves. If we continue living the way we do then I can’t envision a very bright future, but if we make the changes that need to be made we could enjoy life more than any of the people who came before us. We just have to lose that fear, got off our arses, and make it happen!

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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2 thoughts on “The “System” & How It Operates (Part 5): Paradise or Oblivion?

  1. Such words of wisdom if only those that are so blind that can not see would open their eyes eh ! With you all the way…..

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