The “System” & How It Operates (Part 3): We Are Owned and Operated


In yesterdays blog I wrote about the Federal Reserve and how it came into existence. In today’s blog I want to examine our current way of life and the “system” that the Federal Reserve underpins. I’m going to share a review I did for my radio show last year of the documentary called Owned and Operated. I’ve watched this documentary several times because I feel that the message it contains is so important and really hits home.

Right from the start we are told that we are facing a crisis, but a new crisis new to us, in that it is a crisis of consciousness.  Then we move to the famous speech from Fight Club saying that we are the middle children of history, working jobs we hate to buy shit we don’t need. Now I don’t know about you but I fully agree with this and tying it in with the consciousness shift, over the past couple of years my view of life has changed dramatically and I was unable to continue with a mundane 9-5 existence plodding along in wage slavery.

Part One: Consumerism

The documentary shows people buying a lot of shit they don’t need and doing it in a pretty crazy manner in the Black Friday phenomenon, have you seen some of the videos on YouTube about this? It is absolute madness, people fighting and near rioting over consumer goods and clothes. The guy in the video says the retailers look to expand the shopping season so the retailers can really sink their hooks into you. That’s all the corporate world sees you as, objects to be hooked and then discarded once they have taken all your precious money. A real big thing happened in my thinking when I realised the rewards of working a job I hated were ultimately meaningless, is living a mundane existence so you can have a takeaway and a couple of pints at the weekend really enough? t and this gave me a big dose of courage in deciding to walk the path I wanted to take.

We see in the film though that it is hard to shift your mindset because of advertisements. We are constantly, constantly, constantly, bombarded with advertisements for just about everything. Adverts made and designed to make you feel inadequate, one that really used to get on my nerves is the one for women who have cracked heels! The whole aim of the advert is to make women doubt their femininity and beauty and ultimately their self worth by the state of their feet! Feet are made for walking, not as an object of beauty. They manipulate your mind to a reality that is unreal, and I’m not immune from this myself, I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll see an advertisement for a Mercedes Benz and I will think to myself imagine how much better life would be if I had one of them and then my own feeling of self worth will take a hit for a while because I have to use the tram and not a Mercedes Benz, but then I realise I don’t need a Mercedes and I don’t particularly want one, it is this advertisement making me feel that way. All adverts are invented by marketing men to create consumerism that a detrimental to the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the environment.

There is a man called Edward Bernays who is widely regarded as the father of Public Relations, he wrote a book called Propaganda which I would highly recommend reading along with a book called The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard. These two books will really open up your eyes as to how the game really works. I’ve had first-hand experience  of this kind of hidden advertising, there was often situations at the law firm which I used to work at where if we had a case or client of that was of public interest we had a PR man who had national connections to the papers and would get this case or person’s story put in the paper as a news story when really the main purpose was advertising and hope of further work.

Then we move onto what is one of my biggest frustrations in the world, stupid people! And more specifically stupid young people. Consumer zombies that have not got a single original thought running through their tiny little brains. Look at the TV people watch, Towie, Made in Chelsea, Celebrity everything! What is a celebrity these days? It used to be called fame and to gain fame you had to have talent and do something of note. Now you need to go on one of these manufactured shows and you are a celebrity, and the more stupid you are then the better. It shows us how youth is the target for everything. And the reason for this is because young people like myself are the biggest danger, we are the people who have nothing to lose and everything to gain and to eliminate the threat we pose we need to be pacified and distracted, and unfortunately many of the youth of today are, even the ones that think they aren’t.

It’s well known in certain circles that the whole hippie movement of the 1960s and the use of LSD was developed as part of MK Ultra which was a CIA mind control operation. People take an anti-system stance but they do this by becoming wasters and doing nothing with their lives, therefore posing no actual threat to the system they despise. In my opinion this continues today with three aspects of modern music. We have the heavy metal/goth/rock music scene which is corrupting youth into becoming anti-society and putting kids into the same waster mould as the hippies. To increase criminality and provide visitors to the new phenomenon of for profit prisons we have modern hip-hop which is nothing like it’s original birth form. Modern rap music is just rappers telling us about guns and hoes and living that “thug life”, it glorifies this lifestyle and people do try and emulate it, we only have to look at the increase in young drug gangs using gun violence. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum they use the house music scene to boost consumerism, to be the cool kid you need to have the latest gear, which is increasingly becoming more expensive. So from both ends youth are attacked without knowing, people don’t like the word mind control but that is exactly what it is. Joseph Goebbels the Nazi Propaganda minister once said, Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will.

As the documentary says, it’s now fashionable to be stupid, we are all too easily distracted by the crap that’s on TV to stand up for our own interests. Why are we more concerned with who is having it with off with who or what clothes they are wearing when there are people dying on a daily basis as a result of things that could easily be changed if we all wanted them to change?

Part 2- The Big Club

Now we move onto the big club, the silent class war being waged on a global scale, the newly declared 1% v 99%. It’s the organised greed versus the disorganised, heavily distracted poor who would rather fight among themselves than see the bigger picture. We need to understand and come to terms with the fact there are two economies in the world, there is the economy of debt and artificial scarcity that the majority of us live in and then there is the stock market economy, this is way above the stratosphere of the debt economy. If you live in the stock market economy you are flying and options are endless because you have God on your side, you have access to CAPITAL!

Whilst the disorganised poor are being distracted from how hollow their lives are by the soaps and daily sports and celebrity trivia the organised rich are keeping track of stocks and keeping in touch with each other planning their next move, they are constantly two or three steps ahead of the game and they are living the good life.

It’s all about repression and control of the masses, but we are slowly waking up, the trickle of aware people in the coming months and years is going to turn into a tidal wave that will be beyond control. We will come to see how the game is rigged, that whilst we pay taxes on what little hard earned money we have, the rich are storing their wealth in trust funds and off shore tax havens paying no tax at all and in the process taking the real wealth from the debt economy and storing it in their stratosphere economy.  A good book to read on this is Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole The World by Nicholas Shaxson, get down to your local library and get a copy.

These are the people who crashed the global economy, their wealth has continued to increase, they are still receiving  ridiculous bonuses on top of their high salaries. We need to think about this when we are working our 40+ hour weeks and coming home exhausted to eat our Tesco value horsemeat, we need to remember this whilst our standard of living continues to deteriorate whilst their standard of living has never been better.

The documentary shows a  clear picture of how the market creates monsters, they commit mass fraud in the name of lustful greed. If companies announce good deeds their stock prices go down, if it’s good for humanity it’s bad for the market and the market rules the world. The documentary shows us how lobbyists corrupt public officials, it shows how Joe Bidden the Vice President of the United States says literally the first man he called to speak about the economy was Jon Corzine, the 54th Governor of New Jersey and former CEO of Goldman Sachs who stole $1.6 billion dollars of his clients money when his firm MF Global went under. Did he go to jail? No. But if you take a case of water costing £3.50 from Lidl during riots you best get ready for your 6 months doing porridge like 23 year old Nicholas Robinson did in 2011.

Now in the documentary we come to the Iron Fist, the ever increasing global police state. Do we want Freedom or Security? Security from threats that don’t really exist? Our civil liberties are slowly being eroded and our freedoms taken away under the pretence of security when it’s really all about control. People are so fearful of authority, if you put on a high vis vest and talk to somebody in an authoritive manner 9 out of 10 times that person you are talking to is going to do exactly as you say. So when you put on some all black body armour and arm yourself with a gun and a shield, you’re going have total control. Last year we had the Edward Snowden leaking of the PRSIM program of the NSA in which it has come to light that the US government has been spying on pretty much everyone and everything. We have the Xbox One which is basically the telescreen from the novel 1984 in disguise. We are being duped and we need to wake up, it’s time to stop being fearful.  We have the Patriot Act in the USA and the Terrorism and the Prevention of Terrorism Acts in the UK, each giving unwarranted power to the government. What is to happen when it becomes a terrorist act for anybody to speak out against the government, will that mean I am a terrorist? Because I care about people more than I care about corporations I should be locked away? That is potentially what could happen  or worse if these powers become abused.

The last bastion of freedom is the internet, this is the chink in the armour of the global elite. They are trying to censor and control the internet and this must not happen.  We need to get together now and get our game plan together, they control us because we allow them to, their power is given to them by us. People are under the illusion that we can’t live without the “system”. NO! It’s the system that can’t survive without us! This is how weak their system is once they are dealing with a conscious, aware population. There are two forces, good or bad, constructive or destructive. A corrupt financial system that enslaves people with debt is evil. Illegal and unjust wars for minerals and oil is evil. Killing innocent men, women and children is evil. Is this what you believe in? Is that what you stand for? It’s time to TAKE A STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIVE IN whilst you still can. It’s time to stop being so unswervingly obedient to authority when you know this authority is wrong. These police out there are hurting innocent, kind, caring individuals.

And at the end of the documentary we come to where we are at today, the awakening. As we have seen in the recent uprisings and unrest in cities all around the world the people are stirring. The cost of living is going up whilst wages are stagnating and the youth are unemployed or stuck in dead end jobs, servants to the system. The problem lies in the fact that we are not designed to follow orders, we are supposed to live free and follow our intuition. Imagine what the world would be like if each person was pursuing their dreams instead of living hand to mouth to pay the bills.

We are living in a day and age where real change is possible with a resource based economy. We are at the crossroads. We must meet the oppression with resistance. The current system is a unsustainable and is a burden to humanity, it’s time to fight back in a peaceful manner. In this section of the documentary we see how human innovation is in the hands of the few for financial gain whilst an artificial scarcity keeps people under control.  We have unprecedented knowledge and technology but this is not used because we live under a system of unequal wealth distribution. We are on the verge of a potential paradise but the majority of us are working long hours for low pay with no job satisfaction. We rely on fossil fuels when there are alternate energy options available, after reading about Nicola Tesla and his genius I strongly believe that free sources of power are being repressed by the powers that be.

We are living in the time of peak oil where it is estimated in the next 50-100 years this source of power will run dry, what will happen then if we don’t change our ways?  The current economic model is based on infinite growth and consumption with finite resources, logic tells us this cannot continue. The Venus Project points this out and is a very interesting concept. It’s a shame that people like Jaque Fresco was at their peak in a time and age when the internet wasn’t available, I’m sure if they was expressing their ideas when this tool was available they would be more widely looked into. He says there are no individual problems but human problems, we need to stop turning a blind eye to suffering and destruction in the name of money. We need to create a new and better way of life.

We need to humanise society and take away the materialistic, destructive elements of society. We have the technology now to make machines work for us, this can free us and give us the chance to explore and discover the true purpose of our existence. Because as I keep expressing we do not think for ourselves, we are indoctrinated with a set of values that are unreal. When a new life is born and brought into this world do you believe that it’s hardwired to buy a BMW and a big house? I don’t think so. These are things it’s developing mind is bombarded with from a young age and so becomes ingrained in the thinking process of the young mind. If we chose to we can create a world of abundance, despite all the gloominess we are living in extraordinary times!

Technology is getting better and better at a faster rate but we rely on 19th Century ideas and concepts, we need to revolutionise the way we think and then we can revolutionise the world. In my opinion we have lost our way and greed has corrupted our souls.  Our institutions are outdated and as our consciousness evolves we are coming to see that. We live in unprecedented times, never before has access to knowledge and other people been so easy. People, who if they broke free from their mind conditioning, would have unique and new ideas. We need to rediscover empathy and to realise we are all one. In the words of Faithless, I am the left eye, you’re the right, would it not be madness to fight? We come one.

We are slowly realising this and we are becoming more empowered. But we do face a battle, freedom on unprecedented levels or continued slavery and servitude. Let’s make life a wonderful adventure not a daily chore until we are old and decrepit waiting for death to take us away. Brutes have indeed risen to power and we need to fight to free the world from their control. Let’s do away with greed, hate and intolerance. Because what other options do we have? As Carl Sagan said, “An organism at war with itself is doomed, we are one planet”.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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