Disturbing The Waters


Yesterday I read an article in the Daily Mail which had the headline “Russell Brand’s dangerous ‘ranting’ is putting young people off voting so parties can ignore them, David Blunkett warns” which I found to be very interesting.

But before we continue and the “Daily Fail” brigade pipe up and decide the rest of this article is no good I’m going to give my views on the Daily Mail. Is it a biased paper? Yes. Is it propaganda aimed primarily at the people of “Middle England”? Yes. But nonetheless information is information regardless of the source so don’t blind or limit yourself with prejudices against sources because ANY source can still be useful. On a daily basis I skim through the websites of all the major UK papers and a few alternative media sites, on every site about 75% of the information is garbage but the other 25% can prove to be useful. You just have to be willing to do the digging instead of relying on other people to tell you what’s happening.

Now what I found remarkable about this article is that it wasn’t reporting on events that had happened but was reporting on the future, to show what I’m talking about here’s an example:

“The ‘rantings’ of celebrities like Russell Brand are encouraging young people to give up on politics, David Blunkett will claim today. The former Labour Home Secretary will take aim at the comedian for undermining democracy by telling people not to bother voting. And he will accuse politicians of wooing older people who are more likely to vote, while imposing deeper cuts on the young who have all but given up on the ballot box.”

The article said that Mr Blunkett would be delivering a lecture on Reconnecting the British People with the Political Process to the Centre For Social Justice. This is the MSM doing their best to isolate people, it is trying isolate those who have lost faith in the political system, which by now, after at least two centuries of lies, should be everyone. They are trying to make you feel foolish if you say you have no faith in politics. Voting is picking between the lesser of two evils. Deep down people know that voting is pointless but they feel that there is no alternative. What is the alternative?

There is no alternative that doesn’t involve rocking the boat and this is something people don’t want to do. Yesterday I wrote how the richest 85 people in the world have £1trillion in wealth between them, the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.5billion combined. This statistic in itself shows us that voting is pointless, in a money driven world those with the money call the shots. It’s not Russell Brand’s dangerous “rantings” that are putting young people off voting. What is putting people off voting is the fact that what Russell says is true and people can clearly see this. Voting for David Cameron to continue to “lead” the country or vote to in Ed Milliband is like deciding if you would prefer to get stabbed in the heart or shot in the head, either way you lose.

It is clear to see that the wealthiest 1% in the world have corrupted everything. They have poisoned the finance system, they have poisoned the political system and they have destroyed the economic system so that everything is rigged in their favour. We are led by the least amongst us. The snakes and the least honorable people run the show. It is time to realise this, it is time to stop hiding away from the facts that are glaringly obvious and right in front of our faces. It’s time to find your anger, find your voice and let it be heard.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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