The Implosion of The People’s Voice


Last night I read about Sonia Poulton leaving The People’s Voice in what are quite frankly bizarre circumstances so I thought I would share my views. I will be perfectly honest I had my doubts about Sonia Poulton from day one, granted she is a decent journalist but from what I have seen on TPV and read over the past year on twitter she is also a very volatile character. She seems to be a “my way or the highway” type of person, as shown with her sudden departure from TPV over something that seems to have been blown out of proportion and could have been solved internally if dealt with in the correct manner. But with that being said the whole incident has destroyed what little faith I had in left in TPV.

When I first heard of TPV project I was delighted and I truly believed it could be a game changer, to the extent that I travelled from Manchester down to London to explore the possibility of a role at TPV on the Global Phone In show. I have my radio show, I have a twitter account with close to 3000 followers which increases every day and I am also very knowledgeable about many aspects of the manipulation and lies presented to people on a daily basis so I thought I would be a good candidate for the role.  I had a tour around the studio with the other people there that afternoon and then we sat down and had a group session with David Icke and another man who’s name eludes me which lasted for about four hours. It was a good session with many interesting points made but when the session ended I left straight away instead of staying behind for the meet and greet because my natural gut instinct said something is not quite right here.

A week later I got a very brief e-mail from Deanna Amato saying thanks for coming and do keep in touch with the TPV in the future, it was a polite thanks but no thanks. Now this struck me as a little odd because this wasn’t just a turn down for the role of the Global Phone In host this was a turn down for any involvement in the station whatsoever, now if you listen to any of my radio shows or read my blogs you would have thought a person like me would have been right up their street. I sent a return email to Deanna to which she never replied to, nor did anyone else for that matter. Last night I read a blog post which shined some light on why, it seems emails are not a priority1. This is very worrying for me because if you are a TV station called THE PEOPLES VOICE funded by THE PEOPLE then clear and fast communication with these people should be one of the top priorities.

Like pretty much everyone else I have been extremely disappointed with TPV so far, it’s very much a case of goods are not as described. The “channel” itself has been a bit of a shambles to say the least, it has been plagued with constant problems with streaming and sound quality issues and the website is down daily sometimes for hours on end. I have not been impressed with the programmes, they make me feel like I am watching a really bad 90s throwback show not a cutting edge game changing channel, the shows simply lack quality. And in a lot of cases substance too, there has been far too much obscure paranormal and “conspiracy theory” nonsense for my liking. As a truth seeker I try to avoid this, I believe spirituality is important but I also believe there is a lot of bullshit out there that plays on the weaknesses of insecure and vulnerable individuals, there is a man called Mark Passio who did a great talk on this topic which is available on YouTube2.  There is a whole lot of information out there in the form of podcasts and the like that you can listen to without crossing someone’s hand with silver or gold.

I respect the work of David Icke and I would be a liar if I said I haven’t learnt a lot from his books but at the same time I feel the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones do have ulterior motives, I feel for them it is more about selling the next book than bringing around real change. When I met David Icke I got the feeling of meeting David Icke the showman, not David Icke the person. From what Sonia Poulton put in her recent statement giving her reasons for leaving it sounds like we have an Animal Farm type problem at TPV, I found it highly offensive last night when I watched a video of David Icke saying, with venom in his voice I might add, that people are idiots and insane for asking how their money has been spent.

People want change to come and you can read as many books and articles as you like, you can watch TPV all day long but the bottom line is unless people make change happen the change will not come. We mis-use the real currency we have, which is time and attention. What are you SPENDING your time doing and PAYING attention to? A lot of people say they care about the state of the world but their actions on a daily basis tell a different story. The “system” will never collapse as long as you are spending all your time on activities that keep it going. This is why I was surprised when the TPV turned me down for any form of involvement in the channel because I am a person who since May 2012 has not been in the system nor relying on it for survival, I have been spending all my time and paying all my attention on the pursuit of knowledge and trying to spread that knowledge to others, I am a person who does want change and I am willing to give everything to make that happen.

We are at a split in the road here on the “alternative media” track, one route leads to alternative media the business, spreading a lot of nonsense with an element of truth but making a whole lot of money out of it. And the other leads to alternative media for real change, unprecedented change that will bring the whole control system down, not just find a way to fit within it. With the knowledge and technology we have today nothing is impossible, there should not be one single poor, hungry, homeless person on this planet. The fact that there is should make each and every one of us ashamed that we aren’t doing everything we can to change this. The truth is the establishment is weak at the moment, it is exposed and it is on the ropes. There are people out there who wish to control and dominate the world and for those who do their research this is plain to see. This may be the end of TPV, or it may not. This is simply one of many bumps in the road for those on the path to real change.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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9 thoughts on “The Implosion of The People’s Voice

  1. So much of your article rings the right alarm bells and to include all the points I agree with would make this response a considerably larger one (and I’m not sure the limits set on comments here). Your point about ulterior motive is something I’ve commented on in the past, and I’ve often said at the end of a good conspiracy is a book, dvd or ticket to buy. I know TPV spent money on studio camera’s, but I’ve seen nothing which hasn’t been done by amateurs with a HD camera on Youtube (and in many cases better) The “live” shows seemed premature at best for a new “channel” and one has to wonder why a Youtube channel wasn’t considered a better delivery mechanism since its free and reaches a larger initial audience.

    There are many important issues in the world. Unfortunately I think theories about transdimensional lizards, Moons that are manufactured and a hybrid species in the royal family make a mockery of them (which I think Icke’s association with the channel will attract). If this was really “The Peoples Voice” we would have people offering many different views, including those in conflict with what David Icke writes and sells books about.

    IF the 400k is reached, then its approaching rapidly to 1million for a station which in my view has offered nothing that cannot be found on Youtube (and often better). I wasn’t a fan of Sonia, but when you look at the quality of the presenters (or in my opinion the lack thereof), I see this as an amateur (and often cringe worthy) production. After writing my article about Icke, I have been “contacted” by individuals who haven’t taken to kindly to asking some straight forward questions and challenging the channel itself. I called it the “People’s Purse” and I don’t think at this stage that’s an unfair name.

  2. Yeah I think they have made the fatal mistake of building something they can’t sustain or fill with enough quality instead of starting small and building up, as it stands TPV is a glorified, not very good, YouTube channel. They should have started small and looked at creating some quality programmes and documentaries instead of live shows of fairly uninteresting people talking to other uninteresting people about things that are already on the internet, we can go down to the pub and do that ourselves with our mates.

    I think they are under the impression that people are just going to keep on feeding it money regardless of what content is the end result, a lot of the “enlightened” people out there are just as blind as the “sheeple” out there.

    The concept was great but to me it has failed, the censorship on forums, the fact internal conflicts have arisen less than 2 months in and the lack of communication with the people who’s voice this is tells me this baby is all about money, not “changing the game”.

    They have invested a hell of a lot of money in expensive equipment, if TPV goes belly up and its all sold off where is that money going?

      • Sour grapes? What for? “Going where the mainstream media wont?” – I’d say the mainstream media have gone all the places TPV has gone. Alternative therapies? There’s plenty of documentaries on that. What about chemtrails? Yep there’s been multiple shows on that. I wouldn’t care but TPV seem to spend time discussing the news stories of the mainstream sources and I believe quoting them. This isn’t going anywhere where the mainstream media doesn’t go and I can name quite a few documentaries where the mainstream media has gone far further than the equivalent show on TPV. All the while more money being asked for, people walking out and a financial report that wasn’t.

        So what then “Michael” is there to be sour about? Youtube has far more alternative media, better still you don’t have to dip into your pocket.

  3. I would like to add, now the dust has settled a little that watching this soap opera play out, TPV which claims to be wanting to ask the difficult questions, is not apparently willing to answer them. I just saw Sonia’s video where she makes allegations of the behaviour of a certain presenter….. Now nobody except those involved know the truth but it will be very interesting if Sonia gets her request of a discussion with members of the TPV – Now that would make interesting viewing.

    Another observation I see is that whilst TPV says be part of the heard not the herd, its got a following of some who will label everyone who dares to question TPV as haters. Even Michael above can’t help himself from the “sour grapes” claim – but yet fail to explain what he meant (if he even knows himself). It seems that there are followers of TPV who believe in free speech and the ideals that TPV lives by…… long as that free speech agrees with them….question TPV and you can expect to get abuse from a “herd” of people.
    “Do it our way or not at all” – seems rather fitting.

  4. I refuse to watch Richie Allen since he said Gareth Icke’s prominence on TPV is not due to nepotism. Give me a break. I understand that David wants to promote his son, and that’s okay with me, but don’t insult me by saying Gareth got his job at TPV because he’s the best indie musician around.

    Speaking of Richie Allen, he is the most obnoxious, mother-crashingly boring presenter I have ever encountered anywhere, and he has opinions on EVERYTHING. Surely there are informed, vibrant, passionate young people around to replace this old fart.

    And there are far better musicians than Gareth Icke.

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