“Lawful” Murder


I am the law. Quote of Judge Dredd, a fictional American law enforcement officer in a violent city of the future where uniformed “Judges” are empowered to arrest, sentence and execute criminals at the scene of the crime. Back to reality, it’s August 4th 2011 and a mini cab in London is stopped and surrounded by armed police. The passenger in the cab Mark Duggan, a man who is unarmed and at that moment in time committing no crime, is shot dead. This sparks riots of mindless looting and destruction that last days in every major city in the UK.

There is a hot debate currently running up and down this country and it goes something like this, Mark Duggan was a known criminal therefore he deserved to be shot dead in a minicab that day. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of that debate because there are plenty enough people doing that already. I just want to ask is this really how brainwashed the people of this country are? It’s quite clear that Mark Duggan was no angel but when does it become acceptable to shoot an innocent man dead and describe it as a lawful killing? If he has committed a crime then take him to court and let justice prevail.  I recently read a book called The End of Evil which says violent enforcement of the law is the ultimate evil and I am inclined to agree with that comment and I highly recommend that you read that book which can be found for free in PDF format online.

If you’re a person who believes shooting a man dead is lawful because you are wearing a badge of authority you need to read some history books and see where that road leads to, primarily read about the lawful killings perpetrated by the Hench men of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. History shows that when you have people acting as judge, jury and executioner with no consequences then you are heading down the wrong path. The message yesterday’s verdict sends is that we are the law and if you step out of line and do not do as we say then we have no problem shooting you dead.

When you have a banking system that is above the law1 and a police force that is above the law, a police force that  is in a position to shoot people dead with no consequences what type of society are you living in? I’ll give you a little clue, Google “Police  Officer Shoots” and see what kind of stories you find. That is the type of society we are transforming into, just have a think about that one.

This article is authored by Lee Cooper

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